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The Pucking Wrong Guy: Epilogue


A night out with the boys in D Town…only beat by a night out with my girl.

Walker had said he had something really important to say to the “circle of trust.” So here we were—Lincoln and I checking our phones every few minutes to make sure our ladies were still together at my house.

“I have some exciting news!” Walker said as soon as we’d ordered our wings.

“Give it to us, Disney,” I drawled as I stuffed some chips and queso in my mouth. This place was the bomb.

Lincoln went for a chip and I stabbed him with a fork. “I ordered all of this for myself. I’ve got months to make up for.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” he snarled, going to dip his chip again in my nectar of the gods.

“I will stab you again. And then you won’t be able to hold your stick. Of any kind.”

“Monroe will hold my stick,” Lincoln said cockily, and I pretended to throw up.

“I’m going to be a daddy,” Walker suddenly announced proudly.

I choked on my chip, hacking and coughing while Lincoln stared at the two of us like we were embarrassing him.

“Sorry. What was that? Are we talking about sex kinks right now? Because I need to prepare myself before I think about some puck bunny calling you “daddy.”” Lincoln scooped up some queso while I was trying to breathe.

“No, I mean a real dad,” Walker grinned, neither of them seeming to care at all that I’d almost CHOKED TO DEATH!

“Okay…Walker. And are you adopting? Because I haven’t seen any ladies around, and I know you were taught better than to not double wrap when it comes to those stage five clingers.”

“It’s a new thing. But you’ll meet her soon,” Walker said happily.

“So you got a one night stand pregnant?” I asked, still very confused.

“Naw. She’s the love of my life.”

Lincoln and I glanced at each other, twin grins on our faces. Because we were big fans of true love nowadays.

“What’s her name? Is she excited about the baby?” Lincoln asked as he reached for one of my chips. I smacked his hand away. I did not share queso and chips. Not even with my bestie.

I forgot all about my monopoly of the chip tray though, with Walker’s next words.

“She will be excited,” he mused as he snagged one of my chips and started happily munching on it.

His chewing took fucking forever as Lincoln and I just stared at him incredulously. Finally, he was done.

He grinned at us both and said… “When she finds out…”


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