The Pucking Wrong Guy: Chapter 26


We stood in the front foyer, still staring at each other with silly, insane grins.

And then…it was like a storm broke.

Ari’s lips crashed against mine, his hand cradling my face. Staring at me soulfully, like I was his biggest dream come true.

I didn’t feel like I deserved it after I had tried to break us. But I wasn’t going to point that out.

He was giving me another chance. I’d spend the rest of my life showing him that wasn’t a mistake.

Ari pulled back and I tried to chase his lips, but he held my head in place. “No more pushing me away. Because I can’t take it. I need you. I’ve been dying without you.”

I opened my mouth to say “yes,” but he placed a finger on my lips. “I need you to really think about it before you agree. Because after this, you’re never going to get another chance. I will not let you go. No matter what. No matter what happens. You will be mine and I will be yours. And that will be the end of our story.”

He continued to hold me with one arm while he reached into his pocket.

“I think this belongs to you,” he murmured, holding it up for me to look at.

“It does,” I responded, no hesitation. Not anymore. And his face was giddy as he slipped it on my finger.

It felt like it belonged there now. It felt, well…perfect.

I stared up at him. And for the first time in weeks, there was no doubt. It was like it had washed away, disappeared like the lipstick stains down the drain. And somehow I knew, it was never going to come back.

He was it for me. Maybe he could be a hero and a villain at the same time, just like I could be.

And maybe it was what worked for us. Maybe it was the only thing that would work when you had someone with so much still to work through like I did.

But at least now I was finally working through it.

“I never want you to let me go,” I told him, staring into those grass green eyes, and seeing my whole future in their depths. “I kept telling you I couldn’t find anything wrong with you even as I fell apart over and over and you were there for me,” I whispered. “And then when I found out everything…I immediately wasn’t there for you. And it’s taken me all this time to realize…there’s still nothing wrong with you. I think you’re perfect just as you are, Ari Lancaster. Perfect for me.”

He closed his eyes, exquisite pain passing over his features. I knew what he was feeling. It hurt how much we loved each other. Your soul wasn’t supposed to exist in another person, yet here we were. Ari had captured mine, and I finally had gotten to a place where I could truly let him have it without any reservations.

Ari lifted me up and my legs wrapped around him. After so many weeks, it felt like I had come home, like I was finally where I belonged. I could picture our souls intertwining, finally breathing again after so long.

“I’m crazy for you,” I whispered, brushing my lips against his as he walked towards our bedroom.

“Right back at you, sunshine.”

He laid me down on the bed, his fingers pushing into my leggings and panties and immediately gliding through my sensitive flesh.

I whimpered, because I’d been so empty without him. We’d been having sex multiple times a day before everything had happened, and living without his particular bit of “enlightenment”…that in itself had been misery.

Ari rubbed against my clit, pressing soft kisses on my lips and my cheeks and my neck until I was melting into the bed, everything inside me wanting him with everything I had.

‘I’ve been dying without this,’ he whispered as he ripped off my clothes frantically until I was laying there, completely bare to his still fully clothed form.

‘Fucking hell,’ he muttered as his eyes danced across my skin. ‘Can’t get over how perfect you are. Can’t believe I lived without this for weeks.’

His fingers slid through my folds, tracing down my seam until he was circling my asshole, the tip of his finger sliding in.

I knew what I wanted then. I wanted to give him the one part of my body that no one else ever had.

‘Take me there,’ I whispered, watching as understanding lit up his gaze. He did a sharp inhale and his gaze went wide.

‘You want me to…’

I nodded and then moaned as his finger pressed in further.

‘Yes. I want you to fuck my ass. Have every part of me. Always.”

‘Fucking hell, sunshine. You don’t have to ask me twice,’ he growled. Ari abruptly flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees on the bed. My legs were shaking as his palm glided up my back before coming back down and massaging my cheeks with both hands.

‘Drop down baby,’ he murmured as his thumbs spread my cheeks wide. I laid there with my face on the soft sheets, my breaths coming out in short gasps. Suddenly, he groaned and slapped my ass before gently massaging the spot that burned. The flat of his tongue licked through my folds, hot and wet, before sliding up to my ass and teasing the hole.

‘You’re going to fucking kill me, sunshine. Look at how sexy you are,’ he growled as he moved away. A second later, I heard the soft click of a bottle opening before his lubed finger returned to my hole, pushing inside and rubbing around. His tongue returned to my core, sliding in and out as his fingers stretched my puckered flesh. He continued to work my clit, and my body stayed relaxed even as he pushed another finger into my hole. It was an entirely different sensation than when he fucked my vagina. The sensations were ten times more intense.

My hips were arching back against his fingers, before he abruptly pulled them out. Warm wet lube dripped down my crack and he dragged his fingers through it, spreading it around.

‘What a fucking good girl,’ he growled as he worked on stretching my tight ring of muscle.

The sensations he was giving me were driving me insane, and I was crying out with every pass. I glanced back, my eyes widening as I watched him spread the oil all over his cock. I wanted to watch him jerk off one day. The hotness of it might make me pass out.

Ari slid his dick through my crack and I shuddered, anticipating what was about to happen. I felt his thick head pressing against my opening, and then pushed.

You can’t really imagine what it’s going to feel like to have a huge pierced cock in your ass but…it was incredible.

I buried my face into the mattress, arching my hips back against him as he worked himself deeper, little by little as he gave me time to adjust.

‘Look at you, you’re taking my cock so good. What a perfect fucking ass. Take a little bit more, sunshine. Just a little more,’ he pleaded before he slid all the way in. A yelp burst out of me and he rubbed my spine, soothing away my nervous energy.

I thought I felt filled to the brim when his dick was in my other hole, but having it inside me like this? I couldn’t think, I could barely breathe…fuck…all I could do was feel.

There was a reason that I’d never been able to do this with anyone else. The intimacy of it was completely overpowering. Having him deep inside of me was the most intense thing I’d ever experienced. He truly owned me.

‘Tell me you’re mine,’ he ordered as he fucked me gently, his long strokes slowly speeding up as I thrust my hips back against him. One arm went around my throat and he was lifting me back until my body was arched, my head cushioned against his shoulder, as I stared up at him.

‘I’m yours. I’m yours. I’m yours,’ I chanted as his other hand moved from my hip to my clit and he played with it, gently circling and rubbing.

‘Tell me you’ll never leave me,’ he ordered as his thrusts sped up.

‘Never. I promise,” I gasped.

‘Good girl,’ he purred as his fingers dipped into my core, fucking me with the same rhythm as the push and pull of his dick in my ass.

My vision was blurry, and I realized it was because there were tears streaming down my face, the euphoria of everything breaking me open. I felt closer to him in that moment than I’d ever thought possible. And what was building inside of me was a stronger sensation than I’d ever experienced, like lightning running through my veins.

‘Fuck, your ass is choking me,’ he said through gritted teeth as he rutted into me. ‘Come for me, sunshine. Give me what I want, because I’m so close, and I’m not coming without you.’

He fucked into me harder, and that little extra bite of pain sent me soaring, the edges of my vision darkening until there was just a pinprick of light visible as every single nerve ending in my body exploded with pleasure.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” were the last things I heard as the world faded around me.

I didn’t realize I’d passed out until I woke up lying next to him under the cool sheets. He was propped up on one arm, his gaze grazing my skin, his finger trailing down my side. I moaned and moved, realizing how achy I felt. Which was expected when you let a nine inch rod up your ass.

‘How long have I been out?’ I murmured dreamily, stretching languidly. It had been so long since I’d felt any…peace.

And that was all I felt right then. That and overwhelming, starry eyed, obsessed love.

‘Thirty minutes or so,’ he said. “Just enough for me to clean the both of us up.”

I nodded, not feeling concerned about it at all. Everything inside of me knew that I was safe with him.

Plus, we were already married, so there wasn’t much else he could do to surprise me.

“I’m fucking exhausted,” he admitted. “But I’m scared to close my eyes. I’m scared this is all going to be a dream and I’m going to wake up with you still hating me.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. Because even after everything he had done, I had so much to apologize for too.

“I couldn’t love you like you deserved when I hated myself so much,” I admitted. And it was the truth. Hating yourself was hard work. It was hard to find room for anything else.

“And how’s that going?” he murmured, his finger moving to my cheek as he softly brushed against my skin.

“It’s a work in progress. Maybe it will always be a work in progress. Maybe I’ll always have some sort of sadness or self-loathing trying to suck me in. It’s just…I’m not going to let it anymore. I deserve better than that. You deserve better than that.”

“I stand by my opinion that I’ve always thought you were perfect, no matter what.” He seemed fascinated by the answering tear that slid down my cheek.

“And I love you for that, but I’m ready to see what I—we can be like without me constantly getting in the way.”

“I’m here for you no matter what. But I want you to know that I’ve fallen in love with every part of you. There’s nothing you could do or say or be…that I wouldn’t still want.”

Was it possible to die from happiness? Because when he said those sorts of things, he meant them. He really saw something inside me that I never could.

He really was my soulmate.

Just then, my stomach growled, and he snorted before sitting up. My gaze got caught on those incredible abs of his, and I worked on controlling my drool.

That was my husband.

Crap. That was the first time I’d really said that in my head. I’d been too scared of it.

The feeling was great. Better than great. Magical.

Ari Lancaster was mine in every way possible and there was nothing anyone could do about it. It was like I had stumbled upon my own personal miracle.

Mrs. Lancaster.

I also liked the sound of that.

“What’s in that pretty head of yours, baby?” Ari said as he slid off the bed. I was about to answer…but something gold caught my eye.

On his dick.

“What the—” I leaned forward, sure my eyes were playing tricks. Was that a ring attached to the tip of cock? And not just a ring…the smooth gold of it really resembled a…

“Like my wedding ring?” he said proudly, swinging his dick around like a fucking helicopter. “Got it on our wedding night. Seemed fitting, don’t you think?” He thrusted his hips forward so I could get a better look.

“You have a wedding ring pierced through the tip of your cock,” I said slowly, because really, it wasn’t something you saw everyday. Or ever, actually.

“Yep. Now I’ve always got my ring with me. And judging by the way you were just screaming as I fucked your perfect little asshole…it feels good too. I got the “pleasure for her” ring, so I’ll have to leave a good review.”

I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh, or jump him. Something about it was weirdly hot, even when he swung it around like an elephant’s trunk.

Still fascinated, and utterly bemused by what he’d done, I reached out and brushed my fingers across the smooth tip.

He groaned and thrust into my hand. “Fuck, baby. I need to feed you, and we aren’t going anywhere if you keep staring and touching my dick like it’s the fucking holy grail.”

I leaned forward and dragged my tongue along the pierced shaft. “I think I’ve decided that I’m hungry for something else,” I purred as I licked into his pierced slit. “I want to see if that ring feels as good down my throat.”

His whole body shivered and a smooth, sly grin crossed his beautiful lips.

“I have a better idea, sunshine. I think we both should eat.”

He flopped on the bed and within seconds had me straddling his face as his tongue fucked into me.

Well then, I thought, staring down at the pierced masterpiece in front of me, the gold of the wedding ring glinting in the sun streaming in from the window.

Time to feast.


She’d fallen asleep with me still inside her, and somehow she was still sleeping, even though I was fully hard…again. There was a blissed out expression on her face as I obsessively stared at her though, like she only felt complete like this too.

I was in heaven. This was how I always wanted it to be. Us together. Connected. Forever.

From the moment I’d laid eyes on Blake as a young boy, I’d known she was it. There was an unexplainable pull, an undeniable force that drew me to her. She was my very own kryptonite, and once I’d made that decision that I couldn’t live without her, I’d also made her the only person that could actually destroy me.

I couldn’t live without her.

And once I had that firmly established in my personal values, every step after that had been not only necessary…but the only step I could take.

I would have never let her go.

Leaving the Cobras midseason—yeah, that was never going to happen. When I made a commitment, I went all in.

Letting her divorce me? Also, never going to happen.

But I had needed a “come to Jesus” moment, where Blake realized she was just as in this as I was. That she couldn’t let go either.

And that…had required a little push.

So I’d hired an actress to pose as a divorce attorney, and I’d had a friend put together fake papers that had no legal validity. She could have signed those fucking things a million times and she still would have been married to me. If she had for some reason requested to take them to the courthouse herself…I had a plant in there too that would’ve pretended it was all real.

There’d been a million contingencies I’d had set up, but they all had one end goal…to get her back.

To help her to see that we were necessary to each other’s existence.

I’d been waiting at a coffee shop around the corner until she left for her shoot. I’d followed her there, making sure she was alright, dying when she fell and I couldn’t help her up. I’d followed her home, watching her on the house “security” cameras I’d installed for the rest of the day.

Watching as she’d destroyed her scale and actually eaten. I was sure there was more that happened in the bathroom that I couldn’t see. But for once, it felt like maybe they were all good things.

Watching her with the fake lawyer.


Even knowing it was fake, I’d had all the emotions watching the feed. Offering her money had even been a part of the plan, because I’d realized one of her hangups was all the money the Shepfields had—or pretended to have—and the way they’d shoved it down her throat, forcing her to be someone she wasn’t. I’d known she would say no, even though I would literally give her all my earthly possessions to make her happy.

I saw when it finally clicked, when she realized that she couldn’t live without me either. She had raced to her car…

But of course, I’d snuck in and removed one of its gaskets after her shoot…so she couldn’t go anywhere.

Linc’s idea, strangely enough.

Using the app I had reinstalled on her phone, I saw when she ordered an Uber. I’d logged into the account and canceled her ride so it didn’t get there before I did.

I’d had a plan for everything. It may have sounded extreme. But I knew my girl. I knew she had to really feel it, she had to feel how much our relationship meant to her. She had to really let go of all the shit that had been holding her back, and come to the decision that she was all in. No matter what.

I was still struggling to believe she was really here though, that I was inside of her, my cock snuggled in her perfect warmth. I’d had moments of doubt, wondering if I really would have to kidnap her away to make her see reason.

Thank fuck it hadn’t come to that.

I definitely would have done it. Linc had sent me the site for the cuffs…

“Ari,” she murmured dreamily, and I brushed a kiss against her lips, because…why not. She was perfection.

I couldn’t help but start to move, the ring making my tip so sensitive I could orgasm almost instantly if I let myself.

She stirred again, and I really wanted to see those gorgeous eyes of hers, even if she could use some more sleep.

“Baby, let me fuck you,” I purred, and her eyes slowly blinked open as I lazily thrusted in and out of her. I’d never get enough. I knew that.

“Feels so good,” she whispered as I rolled my body, expertly keeping us connected because I was an awesome sex god, until I was laying on my back and she was staring down at me. Her hair was kissing the skin on my chest as she bounced on top of me. I watched, fascinated, as my cock stretched her pink, wet pussy, sucking me in, swallowing every inch as I thrust into her, unable to stop myself from taking over.

“Touch yourself, sunshine,” I murmured, groaning as she obediently slid her hands across her dusty pink nipples, tugging on them as she stared down at me like my darkest fantasy come to life. I played with her clit while she played with her glorious breasts, and I was so close to coming, it physically hurt.

“Please come for me, sweetheart,” I begged as she fucked herself faster on my shaft, withdrawing all the way to the tip before slamming back down. It was so fucking good. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, the feel of her was outrageous. I was more convinced than ever that she was made just for me.

I was on the edge of dying when she started to come, a rosy blush spreading across her skin, soft gasps falling from her lush mouth.


I pulled myself out of her, flipping her to her back as I fucked my hand. In just a second I was coming, my cum coating her smooth skin. I stared at it for a second, admiring it as I took a mental picture, before I spread it all over her stomach and her breasts, softly licking at her nipple before I spread more cum on her chest.

There. All better.

I decide right then and there to coat her in my cum every day. I couldn’t stitch us together, so this seemed like a good alternative.

“Ari, I love you,” she whispered, another tear slipping down her skin.

I licked it up, wanting every part of her I could get.

The way she said it was different now, like she’d finally found her peace with it—the fact that she’d found her soulmate at ten, and that I’d made sure we were reunited. I’d do anything to keep us together forever.

“I love you so much it hurts,” I told her, and it was the truth. Our love was a living, breathing, painful thing.

Because having someone else own your soul was always going to be a painful, beautiful experience.

One I wouldn’t trade for anything.

One I would fight for with my very last breath.

And finally, I knew Blake was going to fight for it too.


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