Tempting Auzed: Chapter 16

Zed gripped the back of the couch he was sitting on with all his strength to keep from clutching at her hair as she slipped her mouth over his cock. Her hot tongue licking and sucking at his shaft felt indescribable, and it took much more focus than he had to give to keep from bucking farther into her throat.

When she wrapped her palm around the base of his shaft and began pumping in time with her mouth, he could no longer keep his groans of pleasure in. He needed to pull her away before he came, but he didn’t trust his hands at the moment. “Alex, move away.”

Instead, she moaned around him and increased her devastating rhythm. His head fell back, and his body began to shake. This female was going to be the death of him. She ran one hand up his stomach and chest, then back down, scraping her nails against his oversensitive skin as she did.

No longer able to help himself, he shot his hand down and buried it in her hair, which had come free at some point while they’d been kissing. He tugged gently, forcing her to meet his eyes. Although her mouth on him was pure bliss, he needed to see that she was okay.

When she locked gazes with him and he saw her lids heavy with lust, he broke. He roared to the ceiling as he came, and to his shock, she didn’t move away. She worked his cock with her mouth, sucking him until there was nothing left.

As soon as she released him, he tugged her up and spun her around, then pulled her down so she was sitting on his lap, her back to his front. Wrenching her legs apart so they draped on either side of his thighs, he delved his hand beneath the thick underwear shielding her scent from him. Even through the material, he’d scented her arousal as soon as they’d started kissing.

Sweet and potent, it had drugged him instantly. As he slid a finger over the folds at her entrance, learning how she felt, she squirmed on top of him and rested her head back on his shoulder. He slipped his middle finger into her drenched sex and grew hard again at her choked moans.

He pumped inside as far as he could go and curled his finger, hoping to locate the pleasure center every Clecanian female had buried deep. Her hips rocked gently against his hand and she panted out sighs, but he couldn’t find the bundle of nerves inside that he needed to stroke. “Where is your pleasure center?” he rumbled into her ear as he brought his other hand up to cup her breast.

“My what?” she breathed, covering his hand with her own.

He wiggled his finger deep inside to illustrate his point. She gave a small hoot of surprise. “The knots of nerves that will make you come,” he growled as he nipped her lobe and teased her nipple with his thumb.

“Oh, it’s farther down, but the main one’s on the outside.”

On the outside? She ground her pelvis against the heel of his hand, focusing on one particular area at the top of her lips. Could it be so simple?

He experimented, pumping his finger in and out of her core while rocking his palm against the small nub outside until she was shaking with need. The scent of her arousal built, and he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck, inhaling every bit of her he could and promising that next time they did this, his face would be buried between her soft thighs. He peered down her writhing body, drinking in the sight of her small, round breasts and dark, rosy, brown nipples. A soft area of her low belly trembled as her hips twitched in time with his movements. He pressed her mouth to his ear, needing to hear her cries more loudly.

Her body grew taut and still, her breathing stopped altogether. Even her tight core around his finger clenched. And then she was coming, her loud moans echoed in Zed’s ears, and he couldn’t get enough. He didn’t want this to stop. Didn’t want her to go back to her room and leave him alone again. He kept the pressure of his hand firm and still until her cries faded into soft pants against his ear.

Removing his hand from her soaked underwear, his clouded mind raced to think of anything that might get her to linger here with his arms wrapped around her, her body plastered to his. She squirmed in his grip, and he tightened it. Dipping his head to her shoulder, he inhaled a final time, then forced his arms to open.

But she didn’t leave. Heat spread through his hammering chest as she turned in place and straddled him again. He was sure he looked as confused as he felt from her grin and raised brow. Placing a soft palm on either side of his face, she pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, then his forehead, then his lips. Zed’s lids went heavy. When she peered back at him, she asked, “So how do you like real kissing?”

A wide smile spread over his face, and he barked out a loud laugh. Her eyes caught on his smile, and her own grin widened in answer. “Well, you’re really smiling for the first time, so I assume you liked it.”

Liked it? It was the most wonderful thing he’d ever experienced. Being face-to-face like that. Mouth-to-mouth. It was so intimate and so raw. “I did.”

She crossed her wrists behind his neck and leveled a sarcastic look on him. “You are a man of many words, aren’t you?”

Auzed wished he had something more to say, but he couldn’t think clearly. Contentment radiated through him to just be holding her close like this. As if his soul recognized he was lost for words, a purr suddenly rumbled through his chest.

He stilled and studied her bewildered reaction. Slowly she slid a hand down to his chest and flattened her palm over his heart. A smile curled her lips as she felt the vibration on her hand. She gave him a tentative grin. “Is that a happy sound?”

He nodded, but a spike of unease tempered his mood. Zed couldn’t remember the last time he’d purred. And he certainly couldn’t remember it ever happening with a female.

“Uh-oh.” She let out a sigh and scratched her nails through the hair at his nape. “You’re getting all stiff again.”

Zed’s lips twitched, and he looked pointedly into his lap, where he was indeed hard.

With a gentle laugh, she tossed her hair back. “Yeah, that too. But I meant your demeanor.” Her warm gaze grew serious as she ran her palms over his shoulders. “I’m not telling you to become a different person or anything, but just for a few days, can you try to relax? Go with the flow?”

The arguments rising in his throat deflated when she pressed another soft kiss to his lips.

“We could do that more,” she urged through her grin.

Fingers sinking into the flesh of her hips, he tried to think. But she was right. Holding her and talking to her and kissing her felt incredible. Much better than the frustrating distance he’d been trying and failing to keep. So far, he’d been helpless against her charm. What was the point in continuing to fight?

He trailed his finger up her naked spine and almost groaned at the flush that suddenly darkened her chest and cheeks. Relaxing his guard around her until they went back to Tremanta might mean he’d need to go lock himself up in a dungeon underground for a few weeks until he could purge her from his system, but if their last hour together was any indication, it’d be worth it.

Alex stared at him, her eyes assessing and waiting for his response. In lieu of voicing his assent, he pulled her down for another kiss. His scalp tingled with awareness as she sighed and melted against him, draping her arms over his shoulders.

The only frustration that lingered in his dazed, contented mind was that he had to wait for her to recover before pleasuring her again.


Alex stretched her arms overhead while lying in bed. The soft illumination from the ceiling lighting told her it was morning. Legs itching to leap out of bed and find Auzed, she forced herself to remain put.

He was still a bit skittish, even after their amazing night, and she didn’t want to push him. Although she’d been ready to go all the way with him last night after their chat, he’d kept his caresses soft and more or less innocent, never touching her breasts or slipping his hands back under her panties.

And then when he’d decided it was time for bed, he’d bid her good night with a toe-curling kiss and left her on her own. She’d quickly ignored her initial instinct of hurt. Just because he didn’t want to cuddle up in bed didn’t mean he was blowing her off.

She replayed their night together in her mind and had to bite her lip. Ooh, that man knew how to touch and kiss and lick. It still shocked her that although not inexperienced, he’d never been with a human. Never kissed and hadn’t even known what a clit was, and yet…damn, he’d picked up on what to do quick.

How good would he be in bed if that was his pregame performance? She shivered under the covers. Without any of the normal morning dawdling, she sped to the bathroom, readied for the day, and dashed to the lift. Smoothing her hair, she commanded the lift to lower and marveled at how hard her heart was thrumming in her chest.

Her focus immediately zeroed in on Auzed’s large form in the kitchen. To her surprise, Wilson was there too. She sat on the counter in front of Auzed, whose back was turned. Alex quieted her steps as she heard him carrying on a one-sided conversation with Wilson.

“Like I said, a civil understanding is all I ask.”

Wilson let out a shrill squeaky honk and zoomed in a circle before settling. Her little trunk spewed toots and trumpets as if she were arguing back.

Auzed’s shoulders slumped, and he released a frustrated breath. Before he could speak again, Wilson noticed Alex approaching and glided over to greet her.

“She’s your bonded human, I understand, but that doesn’t make me an enemy…” His words trailed off as he spun, intending on facing Wilson but finding Alex instead.

“Heeeyyy,” Alex sung with a sly grin. “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout?”

A pale flush stole over Auzed’s face, and he straightened. “Wilson and I were just having a conversation about boundaries after I found her tearing up one of my new shirts for her nest today.”

Alex winced and shot an accusatory glance at Wilson. The tuey looked back at her with wide, innocent eyes, and Alex folded, scratching her behind the ears. Lowering Wilson to the floor, she approached Auzed’s turned back and wondered if his openness to her touching him had carried through from yesterday.

Tentatively, she ran her hand up the smooth fabric of his shirt and felt the firm muscles of his back bounce under her touch. Gone still, he let out a low hum.

“Personally, I wouldn’t think it the worst thing in the world if you had all your shirts destroyed.”

He turned in place, half his mouth lifted in a grin. “Is that right?”

Tilting her head up at him, she tugged at his pale-green, form-fitting shirt. “This one is atrocious.” She wrapped a palm around his neck and pulled him down for a brief kiss, breaking to say, “You should definitely give it to Wilson.”

When she kissed him again, he remained stiff for only a few seconds before groaning and returning her kiss but then stepped away. “As much as I’d love to, we have to leave for the opening ceremony soon.” He handed her another piece of pink bread, and she huffed out a disappointed breath.

“Mmm. This is getting better,” she said through a mouthful after trying a bite.

He looked pleased by her compliment but said nothing, only sipped on his beverage and eyed her with an odd intensity.

“This is, like, a game, right? But also an important tradition. So what should I be wearing? Fancy? Casual?”

“Somewhere in the middle, I’d say. I can help you choose something after you eat.”

Should I bring it up? I shouldn’t bring it up. I’m gonna bring it up. “Oh, are you okay going into my room, then?” He raised a brow at her, clearly not understanding her subtlety. “I thought maybe Clecanians didn’t go into other people’s rooms, since you didn’t join me last night and all.”

His brows drew together, and he studied her while taking a long drink.

“I mean, it’s probably for the best that you didn’t. Might’ve led to…more, and I need to see that doc before we go any further.”

Auzed’s confusion morphed into concern in an instant. “Are you unwell?”

She stifled a grin. “No, I just would need to get birth control. Fingers crossed it works faster than the stuff on Earth.” She let out an awkward chuckle.

Like a shot, his gaze grew heated. In a low rumble, he asked, “You wanted me in your bed last night?”

“I was thinking a good cuddle, but…” She shivered at his tone, and heat pooled in her belly. “I wouldn’t have kicked you out.”

“You needn’t see the doctor. I’m dormant.” The briefest growl broke from his lips before he could stop it, as if he’d just realized something infuriating. “That is, unless you’d like to be dormant in case you meet someone else.”

Would I like to be dormant? Eyes widening, she blurted, “Do you mean you’re on birth control? For men?”

He rested his fists on the table between them. “Yes. I told you, I cannot marry while holding my current position, so I ensure I’m dormant.”

Alex threw up her hands and laughed. “Then why didn’t we do more last night?” His jaw was still angrily tensed. It took her a second to understand why. “And no. I don’t need to be dormant as long as you are.”

As soon as the words had left her lips, he let out a large breath he’d been holding.

“So why didn’t you come into my room?” she tried a little more insistently. A brief flare of uncertainty flickered to life. What if he regretted fooling around with her? Or what if he’d gotten all he needed and didn’t want to cuddle?

As if he couldn’t figure out how else to put it, he hiked his shoulders and said, “It’s not what’s done.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “This again. Apparently blow jobs aren’t done either, but you seemed to like that. And kissing.”

“Blow job?”

She clicked her tongue and dropped her gaze pointedly in the direction of his lap.

“Ah. I can learn to live with that.”

She almost missed the smirk as he hid his lips behind his glass. “I’ll bet you can.” She laughed. “So, what isn’t done exactly? Sex in a bed, or cuddling in a bed?”

“Cuddling,” he said matter-of-factly. “We wouldn’t share a room with our partners for long after pleasing them. It never occurred to me you’d want me to stay. Especially since you hadn’t had enough time to recover yet.”

Alex tipped her head. “No offense, you were really good and all, solid A-plus from me, but…you didn’t exactly break me. What did I have to recover from?”

“From the penetration and orgasm,” he said, as if it were obvious. “I know it’d be only a short while compared to the recovery time you’d need after sex, but you still came.” A sudden look of worry passed over his features. “You did, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I did,” she confirmed quickly. “But I don’t need any recovery time from having an orgasm.” Alex made a face, the mere thought of it unpleasant. She wondered if all Clecanians required time between orgasms or just the women. They were kind of like human men in that regard. Only able to orgasm once, then needing to recuperate. “Do you need recovery time?”

“No.” Auzed tightened his fists even more as he stared at her, except this time, he definitely wasn’t upset.

Feeling daring, she rose. “Oh well, Auzzy.” She pouted and shrugged while sauntering to the lift. “Guess you missed your chance, huh? Gotta get ready for the games.”

Wide eyes narrowing, his lips curled into a wicked grin and his gaze darkened. As the lift levitated toward the ceiling, she gave him a flirtatious little wave.


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