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Tempted By The Devil: Chapter 38


I’m sitting on the couch when I hear Vittoria’s heels clicking on the stairs.

Getting up, I walk to the foot of the stairs, and I glance up at her.

My woman looks breathtaking in the blue silk gown, and with the makeup accentuating her beautiful features, she’s a fucking wet dream.

I step closer and hold my hand out to her. A smile lights up her face as her fingers wrap around mine, and when she stops on the last step, her eyes are filled with love.

I tug her against my chest and wrap my other arm around her lower back to pin her to me. Lowering my head to her ear, I take a deep breath of her floral scent.

My words are a low growl filled with desire for my wife. “You take my breath away, mia piccola tentatrice.”

Lifting her hands to my clean-shaven jaw, she looks at me as if I’m her entire world, and I’ve never felt more powerful.

She presses a soft kiss to my lips, then whispers, “I love you, il mio diavolo.”

I grin against her mouth when I hear her call me her devil. She’s not wrong. I’ll fucking raise hell for her.

Weaving our fingers together, I tug her away from the stairs, and we head out of the house, where Tiny and Big Ricky are waiting by the SUV.

They both grin from ear to ear when they see us, and Tiny says, “You look beautiful, Tori.”

“Thank you,” she chuckles.

I tug her away from the SUV, and she gives me a confused look, but it quickly turns to surprise when I open the passenger door to the Lamborgini.

As she climbs inside, I say, “Tiny and Big Ricky will follow us in the SUV.”

She nods before glancing around the interior of the luxurious sports car.

I shut the door and nod at my men as I walk around the front of the Lamborgini, then unbuttoning my suit jacket, I slide behind the steering wheel.

I make sure Vittoria’s safety belt is secure before pulling on my own. Starting the engine, I grin when it roars to life.

Christ, I love the sound.

“Ready?” I ask as I wink at my wife.

Excitedly, her head bobs up and down, and as I place my hand on the back of her headrest to reverse the car, she lets out an unexpected moan.

My eyes flick to hers, and seeing the desire on her face as she tugs her bottom lip between her teeth, I almost change my mind about going out.

“If you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to fuck you right here in the car,” I warn her.

She places her hand on my thigh and brush her fingers against the outline of my hard cock. “Then you have to stop looking so hot.”

I let out a predatory chuckle, and shifting the gear into drive, the Lamborgini roars as I steer it toward the gates.

Even though the car is built for racing, I keep to the speed limit so we don’t lose Big Ricky and Tiny in the early evening traffic.

“Where are we going?” Vittoria asks while the little temptress keeps stroking her pinky against my sensitive cock.

“Baby, if you don’t stop, I’m going to come before we reach our destination,” I warn her while grabbing her hand and moving it toward my knee. “Bad girl.”

She lets out a chuckle and turns her attention to the scenery outside.

“I’m taking you out to dinner,” I answer her question.

“At Piccola Sicilia?”

I nod as I turn up one of the main streets in Long Island.

I’ve closed my restaurant for the evening so I can have a candle-lit dinner with my wife.

When I bring the Lamborgini to a stop outside Piccola Sicilia, I turn off the engine and unbuckle the safety belt. “Wait for me to open your door.”


I check the rearview mirror and wait until Big Ricky and Tiny have scanned the area before I climb out of the vehicle. Walking around the front, I glance around me to make sure it’s safe.

I open the door, and taking Vittoria’s hand, I pull her out of her seat and grip her against my side. When we walk into the restaurant, her smile widens as she glances at the empty tables. “It’s only us?”

“Yes. I wanted you all to myself,” I murmur.

Reaching the candle-lit table, I pull out a chair for her. I had Eddie prepare everything for tonight.

Our chairs are next to each other, and we have a view of Lake Ronkonkoma in the distance.

I sit down beside Vittoria, and I smile at my wife.

She glances at where Tiny and Big Ricky have their own table before giving me all her attention. “This is lovely.”

“A special night for my special girl,” I murmur right before a server brings a bottle of wine to the table.

“Evening, Mr. Rizzo…Mrs. Rizzo. May I pour?” he asks.

I nod and watch as he fills our glasses to the half mark.

When he leaves us alone, I take hold of Vittoria’s hand and just stare at her while I sip my wine.

Her smile keeps growing until she chuckles, “If you keep staring at me like that, I’m going to spontaneously combust.”

I let out a burst of laughter and rub my thumb over the back of her hand. “Serves you right for almost making me combust in the car.”

She gives me a sheepish grin, which only makes me love her more.

Tilting my head, I relax in the chair. “We haven’t talked about it yet, but I wanted to know what you plan to do with your inheritance when it pays out.”

Her eyebrows draw together. “You know about it?”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “I know everything, baby.”

She playfully rolls her eyes at me, then says, “I don’t know. Initially, I was going to use the money to get away from Giorgio.” She shrugs. “I’ll probably just leave it in my bank account.”

“If you want, I can help you invest the money?”

She nods, looking a little relieved. “I’d appreciate it.”

My thumb keeps brushing over her soft skin. “What do you want to do with your father’s house?”

She thinks for a moment, then replies, “I don’t want to sell it.”

“You don’t have to.” My eyes drift over her face. “You can rent it out or just leave it empty.”

She turns her hand over beneath mine and weaves her fingers with mine. “I’ll think about it.”

The server brings us our appetizers, and while we enjoy the seared scallops, I feel calm for the first time this week.

Vittoria pats the corners of her mouth with her napkin, then asks, “How many children would you like to have?”

I grin at her as I answer, “As many as you want. I’m at your service twenty-four-seven.”

Laughter bursts from her, and I drink in the magical sound.

We enjoy the rest of our meal, and after the dishes are cleared from the table, I remove the tiny velvet box from the breast pocket of my jacket and get up from the chair.

Vittoria gives me a questioning look until I sink down on one knee before her.

“I know I’m doing this all backward, but…” I open the box to reveal the diamond ring to her, “The moment I laid eyes on you, I fell irrevocably in love for the first time in my life. You cast a spell over me, and I just had to have you. I wanted to wake up to your beautiful face for the rest of my life. I wanted to own every ounce of your innocence. I wanted you more than anything.”

I suck in a deep breath as I take hold of her left hand, and brushing my thumb over her wedding ring, I continue, “You’re the light in my life, Vittoria. Mia raggio di sole. Without you, there is only darkness.”

She uses her free hand to wipe a tear from her cheek as she gives me a trembling smile.

“I know I could’ve done things differently when I forced you to marry me, but the risk of losing you kept me from thinking clearly. I don’t regret it, and I’d do it again.”

She lets out a chuckle and shakes her head at me.

Taking the diamond ring from the box, I hold it in front of her left hand. “I vow to love and honor you all the days of my life, Vittoria.”

She slips off her chair and kneels in front of me as tears spiral down her cheeks. Looking deep into my eyes, she says, “I vow to love and honor you all the days of my life, Angelo.”

With a smile spreading over my lips, I frame her face and press my mouth to hers.

Applause erupts from Tiny and Big Ricky before Tiny lets out a whistle.





As I glance around the Cathedral, I let out a sigh.

All the pews around us are empty. Not because Angelo forbade anyone to sit near us, the parishioners are all just too scared to come close to us.

While Father Parisi gives a sermon about weathering storms in life, Tiny nods off for the fourth time.

Nudging my elbow against his arm, he sits up straighter and tries to blink the sleep away.

I focus on the sermon again, but I can feel the other parishioners stealing glances at us. Where it would’ve bothered me a month ago, I no longer care. Angelo is my husband, and I’m proud to have him by my side.

I hear Big Ricky murmur something to Angelo, then they chuckle softly.

Scowling at them, I mutter, “Shhh…behave!”

They both shut their mouths and give me innocent expressions. I shake my head at them while I struggle to keep from smiling.

Angelo leans closer until I feel his breath on my ear, “It’s a turn-on when you act all bossy. Maybe I can take you into the confession booth and confess my sins?”

I place my hand on his thigh and press my lips together as I fight the smile. “Hush.”

Tiny keeps nodding off, and eventually, I leave him be.

Father Parisi says, “May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

I form the sign of the cross and murmur, “Amen.”

Angelo and Big Ricky quickly copy my actions.

“The Mass is ended. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

“Thanks be to God,” I respond to Father Parisi’s words.

“Finally,” Tiny sighs next to me. “I don’t know what they put in the AC, but it knocks me out every Sunday.” He gets up with the rest of us, then says, “Time for coffee and muffins.”

“I swear it’s the only reason you come with me,” I tease him while Angelo takes hold of my hand.

All the parishioners wait for us to file out of the pew and keep a safe distance behind us.

“Grab a muffin, Tiny. We’re not staying for coffee hour. I don’t think the parishioners’ nerves will last another hour with Angelo here.”

“We should stay to fuck with them,” Big Ricky chuckles.

Giving him a scowl, I whisper, “No cursing!”

Looking regretful, he apologizes, “Sorry, Tori.”

“Let’s head home,” Angelo says before he covers his mouth to hide a yawn.

“Can we come over for lunch?” Tiny asks after he’s swiped two muffins from the coffee table. “We have to finish watching Two Weeks Notice.”

I glance up at Angelo as we leave the Cathedral. “I prepared everything to make a roast with crispy potatoes, sweetcorn, and…”

“Please, boss,” Tiny begs.

“Fine,” Angelo mutters, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Yes!” Tiny grins from ear to ear as he opens the backdoor of the SUV.

I climb into the vehicle, and when Angelo scoots in beside me, I lean my head against his shoulder. Lifting his arm, he wraps it around me and presses a kiss to my hair.

While Big Ricky drives us home, Angelo’s finger brushes over the diamond sparkling on my ring finger, and my thoughts return to our date.

It was perfect and emotional.

I rub my cheek against Angelo’s chest and let out a happy sigh.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.

“What are you thinking?” Angelo asks.

“How happy I am.” I tilt my head back to look up at him. “And how most of my hopes and dreams came true.”

“Yeah?” He lowers his head and presses a soft kiss to my mouth.

“Yeah,” I breathe against his lips.


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