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Tears Of Salvation: Chapter 2


Sitting at a table, I glance to where Ariana’s hugging Hana. Demitri’s fiancée wanted a party at a club, and what Ariana wants, she gets. Not because she’s entitled, but because Demitri will move heaven and earth for the love of his life.

The corner of my mouth lifts when my eyes land on Demitri, where he’s hovering between Ariana and me. Ariana has him looking like a vampire, so they match for the party. When his gaze flicks to me, I indicate for him to come to the table.

Reaching me, he raises an eyebrow.

“Relax, brother. Enjoy the party with Ariana. I’m fine,” I say to put him at ease.

Shaking his head, Demitri’s mouth lifts a little, and then he walks to Ariana.

I shake my head, knowing he’s not going to listen. It’s ingrained into Demitri’s DNA to protect me, and nothing will change that.

My other business partner, Tristan Hayes, takes a seat at the table. I started a company with him a couple of years back, and he’s basically been running it on his own because I’m too busy taking over the world.

Tristan’s amused eyes land on me, and then he chuckles. “I almost didn’t recognize you. I seriously can’t believe you sat still so Ariana could put makeup on you.”

“Never let it be said, miracles don’t happen,” I mutter.

It’s Ariana’s first birthday with us, and after all the shit she’s been through, I’d fucking dress up as a clown if it would make her happy. She might be Demitri’s fiancée, but she’s also the most important woman in my life, seeing as Demitri and I are inseparable. She makes my friend happy, and at the end of the day, it’s all that matters.

I glance to where Ariana’s greeting more of our friends who have just arrived, and a pair of long legs catch my attention. My gaze follows the woman as she walks to the bar. Tilting my head, my eyes snap up to her face, and then a slight frown forms between my eyebrows. I scan over the VIP area, looking at our friends and acquaintances, and then I glance back to the woman as she takes a sip of the drink she just ordered.

She doesn’t belong up here.

Her makeup matches mine as if we made plans to come as a couple, and the thought is a bit unsettling.

I don’t do the couple thing. Ever.

Casually, turning her head in my direction, her eyes lock with mine, and then all my senses go on high alert. There’s something about her that screams danger.

The predatory look in her eyes.

As if I’m the prey.

I let out a burst of soft laughter at the thought.

Slowly my gaze roams over her body and the revealing dress she’s wearing. I’ll admit she’s fucking hot but still, she has no place being up here.

My eyes stay locked on her with an impassive look as she continues to slowly sip on her wine.

One wrong move and I’ll end you.

The only reason I’m not throwing her out of the club is that I don’t recognize her, so I doubt she’s a threat. She’s probably a socialite who’s trying to mingle with Tristan and Hana’s families.

A hand lands on my shoulder, and when I glance up, it’s to find Demitri staring at the woman by the bar.

“Do you know her?” he asks.

“No.” Looking back to the woman, I add, “I’ll keep an eye on her. Don’t worry. Enjoy the party with Ariana.”

Demitri nods before he heads back to where Ariana’s sitting with Hana. It’s good to see Ariana making friends.

My attention returns to the woman by the bar as she sets down her wine glass. Then she walks to the dance floor, her movements confident and elegant. The dress is cut at the sides of her hips, leaving a fuck-ton of skin on display and giving me and every other man a perfect view of her toned legs.

Even though the beat is fast, the woman begins to dance at a slow sensual pace, and it somehow fits.

Fuck does it fit.

Her movements are smooth, like flowing water, and loaded with sensuality. My skin prickles at the sight of her, and it feels as if she’s dancing for me.

Then her eyes lock on mine, and the corner of my mouth lifts.

Now, this is what I call entertainment.

My friends laugh and party around me. The music makes the air tremble. And all I can do is watch the show this Aphrodite is giving me. As if she’s casting a spell around us.

There’s a moment where my blood rushes faster through my veins at the thought that she doesn’t know who I am. And I don’t know her.

It’s been years since I felt exhilaration.

Getting up, I walk to the bar, and hardly giving the bartender a glance, I order, “Vodka. Stoli.”

“Yes, sir.”

When the bartender slides the tumbler over to me, I take a sip and turn my attention back to the dance floor. While I enjoy the drink, she dances for me, and soon the only thing I can think of is taking her right here.

After more time has passed, I set the tumbler down and walk toward the restrooms. I stop by a vending machine and grab a condom, and then I feel her presence behind me.

She stops next to me, and glancing down at the foil packet, she murmurs, “I hope you’re planning to use that on me.”

The corner of my mouth lifts, and I gesture for her to lead the way. My smile grows into a smirk when she heads to a short hallway overlooking the VIP section and the floor below. It’s only used for Halloween décor. Spiders and cobwebs are wrapped around two pillars, and pumpkins rest on the chrome railing.

It’s public enough to add to the thrill while offering us some privacy.

I follow her past a luminous skeleton, and then she stops in the corner next to one of the pillars. I come up behind her, noticing she’s not much shorter than me. Then again, she’s wearing high heels. Without them, the top of her head would probably only reach beneath my chin.

Placing her hands on the railing, she looks at the dancing crowd below, and then her body begins to move, drawing me back under her spell.

I step closer until her bare back brushes against my shirt. Leaning down, my mouth skims over the shell of her ear as I say, “Your name.”

She shakes her head, keeping her gaze on the people below. “I’m just a party crasher.”

Like I thought.

“You?” she asks.

The corner of my mouth lifts again.

Baby, you don’t want to know who I am.

“The Devil,” I murmur as I let out a breath of air against her ear, which makes her shiver.

“You better fuck like one.”

Christ, I’m starting to think I actually managed to get drunk for once, and I’m hallucinating her. There’s no way she’s real.

Placing my hands on her curvy hips, my body begins to move in sync with hers. I relish in the feel of her smooth skin as my palms slip beneath the glittering black fabric, and then satisfaction roars through me.

Fuck, her ass is perfect.

My party crasher leans back against me, her head resting on my left shoulder as she keeps dancing. Glancing down, I have a perfect view of her cleavage and part of her toned stomach.

She’s nothing short of a dream.

A fucking fantasy.

With the railing giving us some privacy, I move my left hand to her pussy, and I almost groan when my fingers brush against the thin silk covering the intense heat coming from between her legs.

Soon my lungs are filled with a decadent explosion of flowers, vanilla, and something earthy. I’ve never smelled anything like her before, and it’s intoxicating.

As I begin to rub her clit through the silk, she moves her hands to my thighs.

Our dance takes on a life of its own, and I’m so fucking focused on her, I barely hear the music. Her palm covers my hard as steel cock, and through the fabric of my suit pants, she strokes me like a fucking expert, making my heartbeat speed up.

Fuck, yes.

I’m pretty sure I’m about to have my mind blown in a way that won’t have me forgetting her any time soon.





He’s everything I’ve been craving.

The Devil.

God, I hope so.

He knows what he’s doing as he rubs my clit until I’m seconds away from shattering with pleasure. Exhilaration floods me as if I’m riding my motorcycle at top speed. As if I’m leaping from building top to building top, or I’m almost caught while freeing slaves.

The rush of adrenaline makes me lightheaded, my body craving the pleasure I know he can give me.

It’s moments like this that keep me sane. They’re scarce, and I lose myself entirely in the intensity building between us.

I barely take in the moving bodies below as his cologne’s woodsy scent, smoky and sultry, envelops me.

Through the fabric of his pants, I’m pleased to feel how well-endowed he is.

Our bodies move as one as he dances in perfect sync with me.

God, he feels incredible behind me. Unlike any other man I’ve been with. The power coming off him in waves calls to the strength surging through me.

My devil moves his hands, and he brushes my palm away from his cock. I feel as he unzips his pants, and he takes a moment to sheath himself with the condom.

My blood rushes in my ears as the anticipation in me reaches breaking point, and then he pushes the dress away from my ass, and I feel his cock brush against my heated skin.

Resting my hands on the railing again, I spread my legs and lift myself onto the tip of my toes to give him better access.

He doesn’t waste time and moving my g-string to the side, he positions his impressive head at my entrance. He surges into me with a long, hard thrust that makes my body bow forward from how good it feels.

Mother of God. Yes.

A satisfied moan escapes me as he fills me completely.

He takes me the same way I’ve been dancing for him, slow and torturously. I feel every inch of him as he pulls out and thrusts back inside me.

My fingers curl around the chrome railing, my sight blurring until all I see are the flashing lights. My mind goes blank, all my worries forgotten in this blissful moment of lust and ecstasy.

I grind my ass back against him as he enters me again, and shivers of pleasure rush over my skin.

The silence between us. The anonymity. The intensity. It all turns me on like I’ve never been turned on before.

It’s the perfect thrill.

He moves his left hand back to my clit, and the way he rubs the sensitive bundle of nerves makes me unravel at the speed of light. Not even I have been able to touch myself like this. It’s as if he knows exactly what to do to make me come apart at the seams.

God, it’s a pity this is only a hook-up.

Closing my eyes, I lean my head back against his shoulder, and then I feel his other hand’s fingers skim over my neck and down to my cleavage.

“So fucking beautiful,” he breathes against my jaw. “Are you real?”

Turning my face toward him, I answer honestly, “No.”

I’m only the real me when I’m risking my life to free those who’ve been stolen by my mother. Anything else is an act to divert everyone’s attention, so I won’t be found out.

Our eyes lock, and our breaths mingle as he slams harder inside me. Sighs and moans begin to spill from my lips, mixing with the beat of the music pulsing around us.

His muscled chest is solid against my back, and the power radiating from his body as he fucks me makes me feel drunk.

So good. God, so good.

He pinches my clit, and it instantly sends me spiraling with pleasure as an orgasm crashes through my body. Every muscle in my body tenses as I begin to convulse.

His lips brush over the sensitive skin beneath my ear. “Christ, milk my cock.”

My body listens to his order, and my inner walls clench hard around his impressive girth, drawing a deep groan from him.

Pleasure keeps hitting me in paralyzing waves until there’s a real threat I’ll sink to the ground from my legs going numb.

Wrapping his left arm around my waist, he holds me pinned to him as his pace becomes forceful. I have to tighten my grip on the railing because it makes my orgasm so much more intense.

By the time he finds his own release, I’m struggling to take a breath of air, my body nothing more than spasms of bliss.

His thrusts slow down, and gradually the pleasure ebbs away. The music returns. My sight focuses on the VIP section on the other side of the club. I become aware of the fine coat of sweat covering my body.

Then he pulls out, and after tucking his cock back into his pants, he straightens my g-string and dress.

I keep still as he presses a kiss to the side of my neck, and then his knuckles brush down my back before he walks away.

Slowly, I turn my head, and I watch as he makes his way to the restrooms, his strides filled with power and confidence.

There goes the best sex of my life.

I take a moment to find my composure and to make sure my dress covers everything it should. When I’m sure my legs won’t give way beneath me, I walk toward the stairs, and without glancing back, I make my way to the exit.

With every step, I still feel him between my legs, and his aftershave clings to my skin.

Outside the club, I only wait a minute for the chauffeur to bring the limousine. Once I’m sitting in the back, and we’re heading to the hotel, a smile forms around my lips.

That was everything I needed.

The craving in me has been satisfied. It will help me get through the next six weeks of social events and fundraisers hosted here and in Europe before I can return home and to my role of saving lives.


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