Tears Of Salvation: Chapter 18


Standing in the bathroom, I stare at my reflection as I replay this morning in my mind.

We’re engaged.

Thank God.

Isabella might not have said she loved me, but the fact that she accepted the proposal means more to me. The alliance has been formed, and there’s no getting out of it. Not in our world.

Which means she’s mine.

The Princess of Terror is mine.

The goddess of mischief and chaos is mine.

Even if Isabella’s memory returns, there’s no going back on the promise we made on that cliff. It’s alleviated some of the pressure I’ve been feeling, and now I can fucking focus on Sonia and St. Monarch’s.

Tomorrow we have to start planning the attack, and I’ll find out who’s really on my side.

But for tonight, I have only one plan.

The thought has the corner of my mouth lifting in a predatory smile. I walk to the door and opening it, my eyes instantly go to where Isabella’s rubbing lotion on her hands while walking to her side of the bed.

She glances up and watches as I stalk toward her. Then, lowering her hands, she lifts her chin, her eyes locking with mine.

When I reach her, I lift a hand to her throat, and then I slam my mouth down on hers.

This time there’s no holding back.

This time I’m taking what I’ve wanted since I got to fuck her five months ago.

My tongue drives into Isabella’s mouth, and I fucking devour her. It’s reckless and dirty, just like the world we live in. Wrapping my other arm around her, I yank her body against mine as my teeth tug at her bottom lip.

I pull back an inch, and my eyes capture hers. “I’m going to fuck you.”

“After all the build-up, you better be good,” she sasses me.

I let out a chuckle that sounds more like a warning as I grab hold of her shirt, yanking it over her head. I grip her hips, pushing her back onto the bed, and then I crawl over her, my eyes locking on her breasts.

The scar from the bullet she took draws my attention, and leaning forward, I press a kiss against it. I brush my lips over her nipple, then another kiss to the scar on her shoulder.

Moving to her mouth, my lips nip at hers as I thrust my hand inside her leggings. I cover her pussy with my palm, letting out a satisfied moan while my tongue dives into her mouth.

I part her and rub a finger over her clit, and then I push inside her heat. “Fucking finally,” I growl before my teeth tug at her bottom lip.

Isabella brings her hands to the sides of my neck, and as I let the kiss spiral out of control, her palms roam down my chest and abs.

I begin to rub my palm against her clit, loving how wet she is for me. Freeing her mouth, I push my finger deeper, and then I trail biting kisses down the column of her throat to her breasts.

My teeth feast on Isabella’s nipples until they’re pebbled, and her moans tell me how much she’s loving it.

Pulling my hand from between her legs, I bring it to my face and inhale her scent deeply before sucking my finger into my mouth. The taste of her bursts on my tongue, and it makes everything but this moment fade.

Moving down her body, I grab hold of her leggings and yank the fabric down her legs. Placing my hands on Isabella’s tanned thighs, I spread her wide, and then I bury my face between her legs, drinking her wetness while spearing her with my tongue.

Isabella’s hips buck up, and she rubs herself harder against my mouth as moans begin to spill over her lips. I eat her out until her thighs clench around my shoulders, and her body convulses.

Not having the patience to step out of my sweatpants, I grab a condom from the bedside drawer, and freeing my cock, I roll the fucking latex on as fast as I can.

I take hold of Isabella’s thighs, and opening her wider, I move between her legs. I grip hold of my cock and position myself at her opening. Only then do I lock eyes with her again as I take hold of her hip and thrust hard inside her, burying myself to the hilt.

Isabella gasps, and lifting her hands to her hair, she grips fistfuls as her back arches and her inner walls clench around me. “Oh, God. Alexei.”

My lips curve up, and then I pull out to the last inch before slamming back inside her.

I lower my eyes to her breasts, rising and falling with her quick breaths. “So fucking beautiful,” I breathe, and then I begin to move, fucking fast and hard, taking her the way I’ve been dying to.

The sound of our skin slapping and how wet she is for me fills the air, and it makes me drive harder into her.

“Mother of God,” she moans. “Yes.”

I watch as goosebumps break out over Isabella’s skin, hardening her nipples even more. She lets go of her hair and covering her breasts with her hands, she begins to massage them before moving her palms down her body.

Christ. So fucking erotic.

While my cock strokes her pussy relentlessly, I quickly grow addicted to the sound of her moans and cries, and each one makes my thrusts become more forceful until it feels as if we’re becoming one.

I move my hands to Isabella’s sides, and she instantly reaches down, grabbing hold of my wrists. Her feverish eyes lock with mine, and then she fucking whimpers as if she’s begging me to tear her apart.





When the needy whimper slips over my lips, Alexei’s eyes darken until they’re black.

He moves over me, and bracing a forearm beside my head, his mouth nips at mine as he pushes a hand between us. His fingers begin to work my clit expertly while he keeps powering into me as if he’ll die if he had to slow down for a second.

The way he fucks me makes me feel drunk, causing shivers of pleasure to race over my skin. My mind is blank, all my focus on Alexei as he claims my body.

My hands find his shoulders, and drinking in the feel of his muscled back as he moves, I dig my nails into his skin.

Our eyes lock again, and the possessiveness shining from Alexei’s makes me feel wanted, protected, loved.

“Alexei,” I whisper breathlessly, my abdomen tightening with need.

He pinches my clit, and it makes my body come apart at the seams. The orgasm’s intense, seizing my body until it feels as if I’m convulsing.

“Fuck,” Alexei growls. “Fuck, your pussy clamps so tight around my cock when you come.”

As the orgasm tears through me, my lips part in a silent cry because there’s no way I can even get out a sound.

Alexei’s chest presses against mine, and his mouth is so close to mine we’re breathing the same air. Pleasure keeps crashing through my body as Alexei keeps filling me, and when I finally start to come down from the high, his thrusts become more forceful. My body jerks from how hard he takes me, and it makes my orgasm rush back with the intensity of a tidal wave.

I can only gasp for air as my eyes remain glued to Alexei’s, then he lets out a satisfied moan as his body jerks hard against mine, ecstasy washing over his features.

“Fuck, baby.” His arms wrap around me, squashing me to his body as he rides his orgasm. I press kisses to the side of his neck until his thrusts slow down to a lazy pace.

Lifting his head, his eyes find mine as he slowly fills me one last time. “Mine. A fucking goddess belongs to me.”

My lips curve up as I shake my head, and framing his jaw with my palms, I say, “No, a god belongs to me.”

A proud smile forms on his face, and then he presses a possessive kiss to my swollen lips.

Alexei slowly pulls out of me, and moving away from my body, he gets up to take care of the condom.

I push myself up and scoot off the bed. Ignoring my clothes on the floor, I walk to the windows and stare into the dark night.

The light in the room turns off, and glancing over my shoulder, I hear Alexei say, “I don’t want anyone seeing you naked.”

“Hmm… so you’re not into sharing?”

“Fuck no,” he grumbles as he comes to stand behind me, wrapping his arms around me.

I lean my head back against his shoulder, and then he lifts his right hand to cover my left breast. He moves his other hand down, palming me between my legs, and it makes me chuckle. “Okay, so no sharing.”

“Unless you want me going on a killing spree,” he warns.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, enjoying the feel of Alexei’s solid chest behind me.

He presses a kiss to my shoulder, then says, “I need to make arrangements for the engagement party.”

“Engagement party?” I ask, and turning around, I wrap my arms around his neck.

His hands grab hold of my ass, and he lets out a rumbling moan. Gripping me tighter, he tugs me closer, squashing my breasts to his chest.

“Of course,” he answers my question, his voice deep and predatory. “I’m going to tell the whole fucking world you’re mine.”

“I love this possessive side of you,” I admit. “It’s a turn-on.”

“Give me ten minutes, and I’ll take care of that turn-on,” he says playfully.

Raising on my toes, I press a kiss to his jaw, then I say, “Do you want me to take care of the arrangements for the party?”

Alexei shakes his head, his hands gripping my ass tighter. “Don’t worry about it.”

I bring a hand to his face, trailing my fingers over his stubble. “You have a lot on your plate right now. I want to help take the edge off.”

Alexei begins to move slow and sensually, and my body automatically follows his lead as we sway. “Okay. I’ll handle the invites, and you can take care of everything else.”

“What color scheme do you want?” I ask, my voice low as desire for this man trickles through my veins.

“Black and silver.”

“I like those colors,” I whisper, and then Alexei begins to lean down, our eyes never breaking contact.

“What do you want as an engagement present?” he murmurs, his breath fanning over my lips.

“A motorcycle,” the answer comes easily.

Alexei grins at me. “And?”

I think for a moment. “A gun.”

He lets out a chuckle as he moves a hand to my front, and then his middle finger slowly starts to tease my clit.

“What do you want?” I ask, intimacy weaving a spell around us.

“You naked every night.”

He pushes a finger inside me, and a moan spills over my lips, then I breathe, “And?”

“You by my side forever.”

As Alexei’s mouth takes mine, my heart fills with warmth, and it slowly spreads through my body.

Today I made the right decision when I agreed to marry Alexei.

I have no regrets.


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