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Tears Of Betrayal: Epilogue


Four years later…

“Just look at that cock,” I say proudly, pointing at my newborn son’s penis. “He takes after me.”

Alexei frowns as he stares down at Viktor, who we named after my father. “Brother, you are aware it’s not even an inch long?”

“Of course, it’s going to fucking grow,” I mutter. “But it’s a good start.”

“I swear to God. I asked you to change his diaper, not leave him lying naked,” Ariana snaps at us.

“It’s good for him to get fresh air on his ass,” I argue. The next minute Viktor goes off like a fucking sprinkler system, spraying both Alexei and me.

We both stand frozen, and then Ariana cracks up laughing.

Slowly Alexei turns to face me, a disgruntled look on his face. “So much for protecting me.”

I let out a burst of incredulous laughter. “Against a newborn? You’re shitting me, right?”

Ariana laughs harder, sitting down in the rocking chair. “God, best… ever.”

Alexei glances down at the wet stripe on his chest, then shakes his head. “He’s got good aim.”

“Yes, he got all your vital organs,” I agree.

Ariana gets up from the chair and, pushing us both out of the way, she begins to put a fresh diaper on Viktor, then picking him up, she cradles him. Once again, the sight of her holding our son robs me of my breath.

Alexei walks out of the room to change his shirt.

Ariana smiles down at Viktor, and there’s so much love on her face it looks like she’s going to burst from being unable to contain it all.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whisper, in total awe of my wife.

Her eyes dart up to mine. “I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks. I’ve worn the same sweatpants for three days now, and I’m sleep-deprived.”

“Still, you’ve never been more beautiful to me.” I move in next to her and press a kiss to her temple, and then I stare at the life we created together.

“Half of me and half of you,” she murmurs. “How did we make something so amazing?”

“Once he’s asleep, I can show you,” I tease her.

She lets out a chuckle and then rolls her eyes at me. “You’re not getting any until I’ve at least had a chance to shower.”

I take Viktor from Ariana, then grin at her. “Go shower.”

With a smile, she leaves the room, and then I look down at our son. I stare into his eyes, and again there’s a shift in my chest.

I’m a father.

I lean down and press a kiss to his forehead. Taking a deep breath of his scent, I close my eyes. Love overwhelms me for this tiny human being that changed my life as much as his mother did.

When I lift my head, it’s to see Ariana standing in the doorway, watching us.

“You’re so handsome,” she murmurs.

“Yeah? With a wet shirt and the beard I’m growing because I haven’t shaved in two weeks?”

“Still, you’ve never been more handsome to me.”


The End.


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