Tears Of Betrayal: Chapter 19


When we walk into Ariana’s apartment, she glances around, then frowning, asks, “Where’s my rug?”

“I wrapped you in it and left it in the car that night,” I explain as I walk to the coffee table and move it into its original position.

“You owe me a rug,” Ariana mutters, and then she heads to her bedroom.

Alexei opens the fridge and, a second later, slams it shut, then he looks around the small space with a frown. “Ariana!”

Opening the bedroom door, she peeks out. “You don’t have to yell. What?”

Alexei waves a hand over the room. “Why do you live in such a small place? Your fridge is empty.”

Ariana gives Alexei a look of warning. “Don’t diss my apartment. You can always go to a hotel. No one’s forcing you to stay here.”

Alexei lets out a huff. “That’s not what I meant. You’re Sergei’s daughter. Didn’t he send you money?”

“Oh.” She takes a step forward and leans her shoulder against the doorjamb. “He does… ahh… did… I used it for my mom’s nursing home.” Then her teeth tug at her bottom lip. “Which I suppose is going to be a problem now that my dad passed away.” With a look of concern, she heads back into the bedroom.

Alexei glances around the living room, and kitchen then mutters, “I’d fucking shit myself if my daughter lived like this.”

I take in the sparse furnishings, which I didn’t notice the night I came for Ariana, and I have to agree, it looks like she’s barely getting by.

Walking to the bedroom, I nudge the door open and step inside. Ariana’s just finishing making the bed, and her gaze snaps to me, then she tries to joke, “Wow, look at us coming full circle. You’re not going to choke me, are you?”

I shut the door, so we’ll have privacy and then lean back against it. Crossing my arms over my chest, I say, “I’ll take care of the nursing home fee.”

Ariana’s spine straightens, and she immediately starts to shake her head. “I’ll call them tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll give me a grace period until this mess has been taken care of, and I can start working again.”

Pushing away from the door, I move forward and only stop when I’m right in front of Ariana, and she’s forced to tilt her head back to look at me. I lift my hand and wrap my fingers around her throat, and then leaning down, I say, “I will take care of the nursing home. Don’t argue with me.”

Defiance sparks in her eyes, and her mouth sets in a stubborn line. “I’m not going to have you pay my expenses. We’re not a couple, Demitri.”

My cock hardens from her feistiness, and I want nothing more than to throw her on the bed and fuck her until she understands she belongs to me.

I’m still going to give her the time she needs, but I also have to make something absolutely clear. The corner of my mouth lifts slowly until I’m smirking at her.

My voice is low with warning for her not to argue as I say, “Malyshka, you’re mine. The time I’m giving you is so you can get used to the idea. But make no mistake, you’re mine, and I will take care of your life, your body, and your fucking expenses.”

Her eyes widen at my words, and I don’t miss the flash of heat.

Ariana fucking loves it when I dominate her. Just as much as I do.

Still, she argues. “I didn’t agree to being in a relationship with you. We said we’d see where this goes.”

I lower my head and slowly brush my nose along her jaw and over her cheek. I feel her pulse quicken beneath my fingertips, and her breaths come faster.

“Feel that, Malyshka?” She swallows hard, and then her lips part. I lock eyes with her. “I can strip you naked, and you wouldn’t stop me.” Her chin lifts a little, her lashes lowering over her eyes that are burning with desire for me. “I can bury my face in your pussy, and all you’ll be able to do is scream my name as I make you come.”

Ariana pushes her body against mine, and grabbing hold of my shoulders, she lifts herself and slams her mouth to mine. She tears into me, my girl wild and needy for me.

I only give her enough to make her moan, and then I break the kiss, and tightening my grip around her neck, I hold her eyes captive. “You. Are. Mine. I fucking saved your life, and it now belongs to me. Do you understand?”

Breathless, she stares at me until she’s able to say, “I can’t commit to anything. Alexei will kill me if I hurt you, and right now, I’m not sure what I feel.”

The fucker had the talk with her.

“I admit there’s an insane attraction between us, but it hasn’t even been two weeks, Demitri.” Her eyes fill with steel as she holds her own in front of me. “I’m not yours until I love you, and that’s going to take more time.”

My muscles tense, and it takes every bit of strength I have to not force her to submit.

 Give her time, Demitri. Back down.

Still, I keep my tight hold on her throat, then say, “The best I can do is to not force a marriage between us. But I will take care of you, and you won’t fight me on it.”

A frown darkens her beautiful features. “Who said anything about a marriage?”

“People like us marry to strengthen alliances. You need the protection and someone to run your father’s businesses. I could easily use it to force you to bend to my will.”

She gives me a glare. “Then why don’t you force me?”

My eyes drift over her face, and I brush my thumb over her soft skin. “Because I want your free will.” Lowering my head, my teeth tug at her bottom lip. “I don’t want to break you. Your feistiness is one hell of a turn-on.”

My tongue darts out, swiping over her lips. “I want your fire.” I plunge inside her mouth, stroking her tongue hard before I pull a little back again. Watching her, I move my other hand to the waistband of her sweatpants, and slipping beneath the fabric, I push my fingers down until I feel the heat of her pussy and how fucking soaked she is for me. I drive a finger inside her to coat my skin with her essence and then rub it over her clit.

Her chest begins to heave as her breaths come faster and her cheeks flush.

I only have to play with her clit for a couple of seconds before her hips begin to move, and she starts grinding herself against my hand.

“Come, Malyshka,” I order.

Her arms dart up, and wrapping them tightly around my neck, her mouth slams against mine as her body begins to convulse, and then I taste her orgasm and drink her moans and whimpers.

When she comes down from the pleasure I allowed her to have, I pull my hand from her sweatpants and bringing my fingers to her mouth, I coat her lips and then suck her taste off them.


The taste of her is like an adrenaline shot to my system, my cock straining against my zipper to get to her.

But this isn’t about pleasure. It’s a show of control.

Taking hold of her arms, I pull them from my neck and take a step away from her.

“Your body already belongs to me. Soon I’ll have your heart. Then your soul.”

Ariana places a hand over her stomach, just taking deep breaths as she stares at me.

“But first, I need to take care of Tao. Don’t leave the apartment. Nikhil will stay with you. You’ll be safe.”

Leaving Ariana in her room, I go back to the living room and say, “Let’s go, Alexei.” I glance at Nikhil. “Nothing happens to Ariana. Protect her with your last breath.”

“Yes, boss,” Nikhil replies while he rises from the couch he was sitting on.

Alexei follows me out the front door, and then only does he ask, “Everything okay?”

“Of course,” I mutter, resisting the urge to bring my fingers to my nose so I can inhale Ariana’s scent.





I barely make it to the bed, and slumping down on the edge of the mattress, I try to gather my bearings that were just steam-rolled by Demitri.

All I can do is breathe through the searing desire still burning inside me. The orgasm was unexpected and mind-blowing, but not enough to satisfy my need for Demitri.

Girl, I don’t think therapy is going to help anymore.

I know I should be angry, but instead, I’m so freaking turned on by how dominant he is.

Yep, I’m a lost cause.

The way he looked at me, all possessive, his features cut out of granite. Swoon.

The part of me that’s still sane says I should be terrified and try to escape while I still can.

But I don’t want to.

It’s pathetic, I know, but all I want to do is hand the pieces of my life over to Demitri and let him take control.

Letting out a sigh, I rise to my feet, and hoping to get some of my old self back, I walk to the bathroom so I can take a bath in my own tub.

I try not to think that Demitri and Alexei are out there killing a man because of me. Instead, I take my time washing my hair and giving myself a facial. I even pluck and tint my eyebrows. Anything to keep busy.

Next, I open my closet, and figuring I’ll have to pack a bag for Russia, I pull a small suitcase from the top shelf and set it down on the bed.

I pack enough clothes for a couple of days, and setting the bag down by the door, I then change out of my bathrobe into a pair of faded, black skinny jeans, a light gray t-shirt, and my favorite ankle boots. I tie my hair in a high ponytail so it will be out of my face, and then I look at my reflection in the mirror.

This is as ready as I’ll ever be for war.

It’s getting late, and opening my bedroom door, I walk to the kitchen. I glance at Nikhil, where he’s sitting on the couch, his eyes locked on me.

“Want some coffee?” I offer.

He nods. “Please.”

While I’m preparing two cups, I ask, “Do you think Demitri and Alexei will be much longer?”

“It depends,” is all he answers.

I bring Nikhil his coffee and then go back to the kitchen to sip on my own beverage.

Not able to fight my thoughts off any longer, they stream back. The grief of losing my father. The hurt and worry because of Yuri’s betrayal. The uncertainty and intensity when it comes to Demitri. It all floods through me like a tsunami.

I have no idea what waits for me in Russia. Up until now, I was still able to distance myself from most of it, but since we left the island, it’s becoming more real by the minute.

Part of me wants to say fuck it all, crawl under my bed and hide there until Demitri has taken care of all my problems.

But there’s a bigger part of me that wants to face off with my brother. I want to look Yuri in the eyes and show him I’m not that easy to dispose of. I want to unleash my anger and hurt on him.

I want to purge myself of all these damn emotions.

I want to stand strong before my enemies so they won’t come after me again.

I just wish I knew how to do that.


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