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Tears Of Betrayal: Chapter 14


It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to look at Ariana’s body. As her cheeks flush a deeper red, I take a step back and slowly let my eyes drift over every exposed inch of her.

I drink in the sight of her soft skin that I felt rubbing against me a moment ago. Her breasts are just the perfect size for her body, and a toned stomach leads the way down to the valley between her legs.

So fucking beautiful.

Christ, she was a tight fit. I felt every stroke deep in my balls.

Ariana grabs the body wash and then turns her back to me, which only makes a wide smile spread over my face.

“Fuck, you have a sexy ass,” I say, the imprints of my hands still on her skin from holding her up.

“Ah… thanks,” she mumbles, clearly awkward now that the moment has passed.

Did I plan on fucking her? Not today.

Do I regret it? Hell fucking no.

Yes, the timing sucks, but when she looked at me with those big hazel eyes of hers, there was no way I could stop myself.

Ariana washes the suds from her body, and then she opens the shower door, grabs a towel, and darts out of the bathroom.

I let out a chuckle as I reach for the body wash. Looking down, my cock is still semi-erect. If she had stayed, I’d have her back up against that wall in a matter of seconds.

Even though the orgasm was one of the best I’ve ever had, I’m not satisfied.

I want more.

I want to tie Ariana to the bed and fuck her until she weeps for her release.

I want her coming on my face.

I want to thrust into that mouth of hers until she chokes on me.

I want to claim her over and over until there’s no doubt between us that she’s mine.


My movements slow, and I search through my thoughts and emotions.

Yes, I’m attracted to her.

Yes, I loved every second of fucking her.

But mine?

I turn off the water, and stepping out of the shower, I grab a towel and dry myself. After I’m dressed in my usual cargo pants and a t-shirt, I sit down on the corner of the bed.

Do I feel protective of her?


Would I be okay with another man touching her?

There’s a burst of possessiveness and anger in my chest that makes the answer clear as day.

Fuck. No. I’ll kill whoever lays a hand on her.

Okay, chill. Ariana has a lot to deal with right now.

I’m going to have to take it down a notch, or at least try to. Overwhelming her might just send her running.

Who am I kidding, she’s already running.

Slowly the corner of my mouth begins to lift because the chase is going to be exhilarating, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

Rising to my feet, I leave my bedroom. The door to Ariana’s room is shut, and it only makes my smile grow wider.

I head straight for the security room and check the monitor for Ariana’s room.

She’s pacing near the closet, only wearing one of my shirts.

Fuck she looks sexy in my clothes.

‘What did I do?’ She stops walking and then covers her face with her hands, and letting out a groan she repeats, ‘What did I do?’ Suddenly she drops her hands and stomps her feet while letting out another frustrated groan. ‘You begged him to fuck you.’ She pulls a self-pitying face. ‘How am I going to look him in the eyes?’

Slumping down on the bed, I hear her mutter, ‘Girl, you can be damn glad you have an IUD.’

Fuck, I didn’t even think of a condom.

Then again, I wasn’t thinking at all. There was only the need to be inside Ariana.  

‘He probably thinks you’re a hussy now. It doesn’t matter that he’s only the second guy you’ve ever slept with.’ She lets out a long sigh, but then she lifts her head and smiles. ‘And the first to make me orgasm… damn, it was so good.’

Hearing how inexperienced she is, I feel a twinge of guilt for not being gentler with her, but then she says, ‘Hot damn,’ she falls back on the bed and lets out a happy shriek, ‘Demitri blew my mind.’ She darts back up and goes to the closet to put on a pair of sweatpants. ‘Screw it. That was the best sex of my life, and I’m going to own it.’

When she leaves the bedroom, I sit down on the chair and take a deep breath. My eyes follow Ariana from monitor to monitor.

The way she moves is mesmerizing, and everything about her calls to me.

It’s only been a week.

Still, can you let her go when the time comes?

My eyes narrow on the screen as I begin to shake my head.


I’ve seen her at her worst. She’s pissed me off to no end. We’ve fought. Still, none of that did anything to stop me from being attracted to her.

If anything, it only made me want her more.





I keep alternating between feeling awkward and grinning like an idiot until guilt creeps in and douses all the other emotions.

Dad’s dead.

Standing in the kitchen while I wait for the coffee pot, I close my eyes as the sharp sting of grief floods back.

“My dad died, and I have sex with Demitri? What kind of person does that make me?” I whisper to myself.

“It makes you human,” Demitri suddenly answers, and my eyes fly open. “You’ve had a lot of shit to deal with, Ariana. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Says the man who just fucked me sideways to Sunday.

I quickly turn my back to Demitri and focus on the dark brown liquid filling the coffee pot.

Deep breaths.

Demitri places his hands on my shoulders, and I keep dead still as his chest presses into my back. When I feel his breath skimming over my ear, it makes goosebumps spread over my skin.

“Do you regret it?” he asks, his voice so low I feel it vibrating through me.

I shake my head and answer honestly, “The timing just sucked.”

Demitri forces me to turn around, and when our eyes lock, it hits me once again. I just had sex with the hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on.

And I loved it.

My stomach tightens with nerves, and then I ask, “Do you regret it?”

His irises turn dark, and the predatory look returns, making me weak in the knees. “I only regret that I don’t have you tied to a bed right now so I can fuck you until I own every one of your cries and moans.”


There’s a flush of heat in my abdomen, and my stomach explodes into a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

Demitri leans down and presses a tender kiss to my lips. As he pulls back, my eyes search his face as I try to figure out what’s happening between us.

His mouth tugs into a grin. “Take all the time you need. I’ll do my thing, and you do yours.”

“What do you mean by you’ll do your thing?”

He gives me a look that promises nothing good for me. “I’m going to chase, and you’re probably going to run.”

Dear, God.

He leans into me again, and my eyes flutter shut from how amazing it feels when his mouth brushes along my jaw. “But I get that you’re not in a good place. I won’t force anything on you.” He pulls back, and when I open my eyes, he continues, “You’re safe with me.”

Emotions whirl in my chest, and then a new one joins the chaos. Affection.

“Before you start chasing and I start running,” I say, forcing a smile to my lips, “can I…” I hesitate for a moment, but because it’s the one thing I need most, I push through, “will you just hold me for a minute.”

Demitri doesn’t hesitate and tugs me against his chest. His arms wrap tightly around me, and then I feel his breaths warming the top of my head.

Slowly, I turn my cheek, and then I listen to his steady heartbeat.

I shove all my fear, my confusion, and my uncertain feelings for Demitri aside and let the sorrow pour back into my heart.

For one minute, I allow myself to be weak.

I close my eyes, and grabbing hold of his sides, I fist the fabric of his shirt.

Flashes of my past begin to bombard me.

Me running to Dad and him catching me.

Dad giving me a proud smile.

Dad hugging me whenever we had to say goodbye.

I’m only twenty-three, and I’ve lost my father, and my mother has no memory of me. I have no other family besides Yuri.

I’m practically alone.

I feel alone.

And lost.

Before the tears come, I pull away from Demitri, but he takes one look at my face then yanks me back to him. It’s all it takes for my walls to crumble to dust at my feet.

Just like my life has.


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