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Taken by the Dark Elf King : Chapter 20


IT IS LATE BY THE time we return to Blackfire Castle.

After dozing in the sun, I awoke to Arkain covering me in his cloak and lifting me onto the saddle with him. The sun had fully set and he said it would be best to get back now before the creatures in Lastlight woke for their nightly hunts.

He didn’t have to tell me twice.

I barely even stirred as we crossed back into Myrkorvin through the portal. My bones feel like jelly after the time spent on horseback…and riding other things. I smile at the thought.

Is it wrong that I already crave him again?

Sex with Arkain has lit a fire within me, one that I can’t see being snuffed out. Even now as we approach the castle I am thinking if there is enough time for me to unlace his pants and ride his cock before we make it to the stables.

“What are you thinking about?” he whispers in my ear and I shiver. He no doubt smelled the change in my scent.

“If there’s enough time for me to fuck you before someone spots us,” I say, and I feel him laugh behind me.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to having you in my bed every night,” He says and I smile at that.

“That can be arranged, my king.”

As we approach the stable, I notice two guards are waiting there for us. Arkain jumps down first like he did before and then gently sets me on my feet. The faces of the guards are grim.

“What has happened?” Arkain asks as the guards bow.

“A messenger from the east has arrived. He says there is an urgent matter he needs to discuss with you.” I feel Arkain stiffen behind me and he nods before dismissing the guards.

“I’m going to stay out here for a bit,” I say, stroking the mane of the black stallion. “I should like to feed our companion a few apples for how bravely and safely he got us to our destination.”

Arkain nods, his mind obviously on the messenger that waits for him. I pull him down to meet my mouth. “Go see what the messenger wants, I’ll join you in your room tonight.”

He smiles at that and with a peck to my forehead, he turns and walks up the path towards the castle.

I continue to comb out the tangles in the stallion’s mane when I hear the sound of approaching footsteps. I turn to face the open stables only to be met with the harsh glare of Wylan. Great. Nothing could ruin a post-orgasm high like that miserable elf.

“You shouldn’t be out here,” he says, mincing no words.

“And yet, here I am.”

He scoffs and shakes his head. “You know I’ll never respect you. Nor will our people.” He takes a step closer to me and I tentatively back up. There’s something off about him. He’s always been cold to me but this look is more unhinged. “I know how deceptive you light elves can be. I will not allow you to further corrupt our king.”

“I could care less what you think of me,” I say, backing up even further and looking for anything I might use to defend myself. “Arkain’s opinion is the only one that matters to me.”

He laughs at that and shakes his head. “Wait until you aren’t so interesting anymore. From your scent alone I can tell our king has finally sampled what you have to offer. His interest in you will wane within a week.”

His interest in you will wane within a week.

Wylan’s words ring in my ear as I sit at Arkain’s vanity. I am sitting in one of my sheer robes, combing out the tangles in my hair from riding. His room is much larger than mine. With a hearth and a roaring fire, a bed that could easily sleep ten. A room fit for a king. There are very few personal items on display. Only an old portrait of his parents and a map of Myrkorvin. If I am going to be sharing this space, that will have to change.

And despite Wylan’s words, I will be a permanent fixture here.

I smile, remembering that I had walked into a whole host of servants moving my things from the queen’s rooms to here at Arkain’s orders. Wylan’s threat of being temporary loses some of its effect as I watch the last servant hang one of my evening gowns in the royal wardrobe before bidding me a good night.

A few minutes later the great oak door swings open and a disheveled Arkain comes in. I turn in my chair to face him. He pauses, looking at the wardrobe that is bursting with all of my clothes.

“I see they were able to bring all of your things here.” I nod and he comes to stand next to me. “I like seeing you here.”

“If I had known how big your bed was, I would’ve been trying to get in here from the start.” He chuckles at that before taking the comb from my hand and gently brushing out my hair. I sigh and lean back in the chair. This feels almost as good as when he was inside of me. Almost.

I do not want to ruin this moment, but after a day filled with so much truth, I cannot bear keeping anything from him.

“Wylan cornered me in the stables,” I say, and Arkain freezes mid-brush.

“What did he say to you?” His voice is like chipped ice.

“Just that no one here will respect me, that I am only a passing fancy of yours, and that I will not be successful in corrupting you.” I shrug. “Beyond that, he was his normal, miserable self.”

“He should know better than to speak to you like that. I’ll deal with him.” He pauses and resumes untangling my hair. “I’ve never shared a room with a female before. Never let one into this room before, for that matter. To say that you are nothing more than—”

“Arkain, I know how you feel about me,” I interrupt, extremely pleased at knowing I am the only female who’s ever been in here. “As for Wylan, he was just trying to scare me. Which I hate to admit, but being alone out there in nothing more than a cloak, it did work.”

Gritting his teeth, he sets the comb down and crosses over to the desk in the corner. Pulling out one of the drawers he rummages around before pulling something slender out. Walking back over to me, he places the object in my hand.

“What is this?”

“A knife. Have you ever used one before?” I shake my head and he takes my arm, turning us so that my back is pressed against his front as we stare at ourselves in the large mirror. He takes my hand and moves my thumb until I feel a small button. Pressing it, the blade swings out and glints in the candlelight.

“This is small enough you can slip it in your shoe or keep it in your pocket. I want you to have it on you if I am not around. Promise me.”

I gulp but say, “I promise.”

“Now I’ll show you how to use it. Grip it tightly and then punch your hand forward. You want to strike, not slash.” Guiding my hand with his, he practices with me over and over. I thrust my arm out fifty times, each one earning his praise. Once I have done it to his liking he closes the knife and sets it down on the vanity.

“But Arkain, you know I cannot kill someone,” I say. To care for a dark elf is one thing…to become one is something I do not think I’ll ever be able to do.

“A stab with this shouldn’t prove fatal unless you get them right through the heart.” He grins at me, showing those sharp fangs. “I’ll kill anyone who thinks of touching you, Elvie.”

That sends a hot shiver down my spine while moisture pools between my legs. It should be abhorrent to me, but I have to admit Arkain’s willingness to kill for me is quite arousing.

Arkain goes to undress and I slip off my sheer robe, leaving me naked and glowing in the firelight. Crawling onto the bed on all fours, the black satin sheets are cool against my naked skin. Arkain reemerges a few moments later dressed only in a pair of loose pants. His muscular torso is on full display, with a few raised white scars along his ribs and chest. My warrior king. My monster.

I smile and wink at him before rolling onto my back.

“What are you doing?” His voice is like gravel, arousal turning his masculine scent even spicier.

I drop my knees and spread my legs so that he can see all of me. From the foot of the bed, his eyes narrow in on my pussy. From his spot he should be able to see how wet I am. Not to mention scent it.

“Are you not sore?”

I smile and shake my head, motioning for him to crawl up the bed. Once he does and is looming above me I wind my arms around his neck. My blunt fingers tangle in his long length of black hair. It shifts through my fingers like black silk.

My legs come around his waist and using all of my strength and the element of surprise I roll us until Arkain is the one on his back. He gives a short laugh before it breaks off in a groan as I reach back to free him from his pants.

“I want to be on top this time,” I say, finally freeing him and shuffling back to straddle his thighs, before taking him into my hand.

“Anything you want, my little elf.”

“Hmmm,” I moan, rising up on my knees and positioning the head of his hard cock at my entrance. “This is all I want right now..”

I drag him through my wet folds over and over again. Slipping him barely inside of me and then pulling him out. His groans and growls only encourage me to keep playing. I go to put him inside me again when his clawed hand snags me at my waist, stilling any of my movements.

“Why do you torture me, Elvie?” His red eyes are glowing with lust. Wild and unfocused. His grip tightens on my waist and I know he’s about to flip me on my back.

That won’t do. I was serious about being on top.

“This is just my way of corrupting you further.” Before he has a chance to respond, I drop my hips, sheathing him completely inside of me. His growl rattles the map on the wall. His claws circle around my nipple, his eyes growing even more unfocused. And then I begin to move.


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