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Taken By A Sinner: Chapter 46


One month later…

Now that Theresa has graduated, there’s no stopping the woman. She’s already written one screenplay and has just started with another.

“I’m not happy,” I complain while scowling at the laptop on her lap. During the entire flight, she has not stopped typing on the damn thing.

“Why?” she mumbles, too deep in her work to even glance up.

“Theresa!” I snap.

“What?” Startled, her eyes fly to mine. “Are we landing?”

“Woman, have you listened to a word I said?”

She blinks at me.

“I’m. Not. Happy,” I spell it out for her.

Confusion flutters over her face. “Why?”

I give the cock-blocking device a death glare, then order, “Stop working and give me attention.”

Laughter bubbles over her lips, then she dares to shake her head at me. “I’m almost done with this scene.” She cranes her neck to glance out the window as if she’ll be able to see where the fuck on the planet we are.

With an incredulous expression on my face, I watch as the little minx starts typing again.

Enough is enough.

Darting up from my seat, I snatch the laptop off her lap, shut the damn thing, and drop it on the table. Placing my hands on the armrests on either side of her, I lean down and corner her with a dark look. “You will give me attention. Right now.”

“Geez, bossy much?” she teases me, not a speck of fear in her eyes.

“I’ll finance your first film,” I start to negotiate.

Tess’ eyebrow pops up. “And what do I have to do in return?”

I glance down at the blue balls hidden behind the fabric of my suit pants. “Isn’t it fucking obvious?” Straightening up, I unbuckle my belt, and tugging the zipper down, I free my aching cock.

Tess licks her lips, her eyes filling with desire. “What kind of finance are we looking at? Will there be a limit to how much I’m allowed to spend?”

“Depends on how good the blowjob is, baby,” I murmur, my voice thick with lust.

Her fingers wrap around the base, and she strokes me once. “I’ll have to give it my all then.”

Jesus, it feels so good having her hand on me.

“And then some,” I mutter. Just like when we first met, this woman still drives me insane. No matter how many times I get lost in her body, it’s never enough. My hunger for her is insatiable.

Tess leans forward in her seat, her tongue darts out, and she licks the beading pre-cum off. Her fingers tighten their grip on me as her lips close around the aching head.

My head falls back, my eyes closing as her warmth wraps around me, making goosebumps spread over my skin.

“Fuck, baby,” I groan. “That’s right, take me deep.” My fingers twist in her hair, and gripping fistfuls, I start to thrust, pushing myself deeper into her throat. “Jesus.” There’s a satisfying rumble in my chest. Needing to come more than I need my next breath, my hips move faster and faster until I’m fucking my wife’s mouth with a relentless pace.

Glancing down, it’s to see her watching me with hooded eyes, desire making her look like a temptress. Her lips are swollen around the girth of my cock from all the friction, and it only has me thrusting deeper until her throat clamps around me, trying to force me back out. “Christé mou. Theresa,” I groan just before an orgasm tightens my muscles and shoots through me.

I watch as she swallows every drop, her throat working it down, only adding to more pleasure around the sensitive head of my cock. “Jesus, that’s so good,” I praise her, my voice hoarse from the ecstasy.

When she starts to pull back, she licks every inch of me clean, her eyes never leaving mine. Once she sits back, giving me a triumphant look, she says, “That’s going to cost you a couple of million.”

With a satisfied smirk on my face, I tuck my cock away, then lean down, claiming her swollen lips in a searing kiss. My tongue savors the taste of me in her mouth before I break the kiss, saying, “For that blowjob, you can name your price.”

Tess chuckles against my lips. “You’re going to regret saying that.”


“We’re landing in ten minutes,” the hostess interrupts us.

I glance up to where she’s standing by the curtain between the cabin and kitchen, and when I see her burning cheeks, I know she heard us or maybe even saw Tess blowing me.

Not giving a single fuck, I nod so she’ll go back into the kitchen again.

I take my seat and strap myself in while Tess secures the laptop in one of the compartments. When she sits down and fastens her seat belt, she grins at me. “I can’t wait to land.”

“You looking forward to our honeymoon?” I ask, even though I know the answer.

She nods excitedly. “It’s long overdue.”

“You’ll be training as well,” I inform her.

Instantly, her face falls. “What kind of training?”

“Fighting and how to fire a gun.”

Tess crosses her arms over her breasts, making her cleavage deepen where it’s peeking from her silk blouse. “I’ll have you know I’m quite good at firing a gun.”

“Is that so?” I chuckle. “We’re not talking water pistols, babe.”

With the confidence of a queen, she lifts an eyebrow, then says, “Who do you think killed the guy who shot James?”

“What?” The word bursts from me as surprise ripples through me.

No way. Seriously?

“That’s right. Me. I might have emptied the entire clip, but I still managed to kill him.”

Holy shit.

My mouth curves up, and if we weren’t starting our descent, I’d get on my knees and show my wife how proud I am of her. “My queen,” I murmur, “you’re just full of surprises.”

“Bet your ass I am,” she snips, basking in her victory.

“I’m proud of you,” I praise her. “Once we’ve checked into St. Monarch’s, I’ll show you just how proud.”

A smile spreads over her face. “Can’t wait.”

As soon as the private jet has touched down, and we take the steps down to the tarmac, Tess’ face just about sparkles with excitement.

“I didn’t get to see anything the last time I was here.”

Lifting her hand to my mouth, I press a kiss to the back of it. “I know, baby. I’ll fix that.”

It’s only been a month since we lost our parents, but slowly it’s getting better, though it will take a lot of time before the bitter sting of grief eases to something more bearable.

The drive to St. Monarch’s goes by fast because Tess keeps pointing at the scenic views passing us by. Seeing her happy after all the shit acts as a soothing balm to my soul.

This woman is life to me.

I might have suffered huge losses this year, but I’ve gained the most precious thing I never knew I needed until I laid eyes on her – my reason for existing. To have her love me. Me.

It means everything to me.


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