Stolen By A Sinner: Family Tree


A gathering of Mafia dons that was in effect a convocation of the nation’s priesthood of organized crime

“Be kind, have courage, and always believe in a little magic.”


Family Tree

Gabriel Demir

Family Business: Turkish Mafia

Father: Deniz Demir (Deceased)

Mother: Sinem Demir (Deceased)

Grandmother: Alya Demir

Cousin & Best Friend: Emre Demir

Aunt on mother’s side: Ayesenur Altan

Cousin & in charge of Turkey: Eymen Altan

Cousin: Eslem Altan


Lara Nowak

Father: (Unknown)

Mother: Agnieska Nowak (Deceased)

Employer: Tymon Mazur – Head of Polish mafia

Lara’s Guard: Murat Eren


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