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Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 9


Still reeling from one hundred percent believing Gabriel was going to kill me, I slump onto my butt.

What just happened?

I wrap an arm around my tender waist, my breaths coming too fast, my heart hammering against my ribs.

God, that was close.

Gasping, I try to grasp the fact that I’ll be working for Gabriel.

It’s a way out. At least I’m alive.

I’ll work hard, so he doesn’t regret sparing me.

So far, everything is different here. They give me three meals a day, where we only got dinner at Tymon’s.

Gabriel is scary as hell. With Tymon, I at least knew when to expect a slap, a whipping, a broken arm or ribs.

I’m confused, struggling to keep control of my emotions while still healing from the gunshot wounds and whipping to my back.

Everything is different. I’ve been dropped into a world where I don’t know the rules.

Murat, the man who’s been guarding me, comes into the room. Quickly, I climb to my feet, the long dress swooshing around my legs. I’ve never worn anything so colorful.

When Murat comes right at me, I move backward until I bump into the bedside table.

“Relax, I’m taking off the shackle,” he mutters.

On guard for any sudden movements from him, I watch as he crouches in front of me and unlocks the shackle. The metal falls away from my ankle.

Before the thought can cross my mind, he says, “If you try to run, I’ll shoot you. Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be fine.”

I nod quickly while he straightens up again.

Murat locks eyes with me. “I’ll watch your every move, so don’t try anything.”

I nod again.

“You’re not allowed near the east wing of the house.”

Good. Rules. I need to know them so I won’t get in trouble.

“You are not allowed to talk or look at Mrs. Demir.”

Gabriel’s married? Not that it matters. I’ll stay away from her if that’s what they want.

“Just do a good job. Okay?”

I nod, still unable to process what’s happening.

“Gather the clothes and follow me,” Murat instructs.

I do as I’m told, and with my arms filled with the nightgowns, dresses, and underwear I was given, I follow Murat out of the place I’ve been held the past week, which seems to be at the back of a large property.

I glance around, taking in all the beauty. The garden is nothing short of a paradise.

Gosh, it’s breathtaking.

My eyes devour the colorful roses, the greenery, the huge pool, and the rocks where water happily splashes down into the pool.

With sweat beading on my forehead from moving so much, only a week after I’ve been shot, I step into the mansion.

It looks nothing like Tymon’s home.

I find myself being led through a living room. There is a gorgeous red tapestry against the main wall. Dark blue couches and an inviting fireplace make the space feel warm.

There are potted plants everywhere. All the walls are a sandstone color.

When we enter a grand foyer where a stunning chandelier sparkles in the sunlight shining in from the floor to ceiling windows, I notice a staircase. We turn right toward the west wing before I can take in anything else.

Down a hallway, Murat opens a door, then gestures for me to walk inside.

I glance at the large bed with peach bedding and curtains. There are closets lining the one wall and another door that leads to an en suite bathroom which I can see through the open doorway.

“This will be your bedroom. Stay here until I come to get you.”

My lips part and my eyes widen with shock.

Before I can ask Murat if he’s sure this is my room, he shuts the door behind him.

This isn’t the maids’ quarters.


I don’t want to get in trouble before I’ve even had the chance to show Gabriel I’m a good worker.

I stand dead still with the clothes in my arms, my heart pounding a mile a minute, my midsection aching.

What do I do?

I look around again, this time taking in the plush white carpet that looks soft enough to sleep on. There are nightstands on either side of the bed, two rectangular mirrors against the walls, with two lights hanging from the ceiling. It looks warm but modern. There’s also a small round table with two armchairs by the window and a TV mounted on the wall.

It’s unlike any room I’ve ever lived in.

The door opens again, and I let out a breath of relief when Murat steps back inside. A frown forms on his forehead. “Why are you still standing there?”

Nervously, I glance around the room, then say, “I think you brought me to the wrong room. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Murat stares at me for a while. “This will be your room for as long as you work here.”

Again my lips part with shock. “Really? Are you sure?”

Murat nods his head, and I don’t miss how the corner of his mouth lifts as if he’s struggling not to laugh at me. “Put down the clothes so I can take you to Nisa Hanim.”

I quickly set them down on the bed and nervously wipe my hands on my dress as I follow Murat out of the room. I’m taken to a five-star kitchen where Nisa is busy wiping down the marble countertops.

As soon as I can start working, I’ll probably feel better. I might still be weak, but I’ll just have to push through, so Gabriel won’t want to get rid of me.

Nisa crosses her arms and stares me up and down until I feel the need to wrap my arms around myself.

Pointing a finger at me, she says, “You’ll do everything I say.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She shakes her head. “You’ll call me Nisa Hanim.”

Hanim is your last name?” I ask.

This time she scowls at me. “No. Hanim means Ms. You’ll call me Ms. Nisa the Turkish way.”

“Oh. Okay.” I glance around the clean kitchen, wondering if I should just get to work or whether I have to wait for her to tell me what to do.

 It’s hard being in a new house. Working for Tymon, I at least had a routine. I knew where everything was and what was expected of me.

This is all strange and confusing. It feels like I’ve been dumped into the twilight zone.

Nisa’s features soften, then a tentative smile graces her lips. “Let me show you where everything is.”

Relief washes through me. “That would be great. Thank you.”

I follow Nisa from cupboard to cupboard, learning where everything goes. The laundry is done in a room that’s separate from the kitchen, and I can still smell the dryer sheets. Lilies and linen. The familiar scent helps ease my nerves.

I stay close to Nisa as she shows me the whole west wing of the mansion. There’s a formal sitting room, TV room, entertainment area, four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and a study.

All the bedrooms are decorated in light colors, except for Gabriel’s room. The dark gray tones fit his demeanor. It definitely looked like a man’s room, and honestly, I felt uncomfortable setting foot inside it. 

When we head back to the kitchen, I ask, “Is there anything I can do now?”

Nisa shakes her head. “You can go to your room and settle in until it’s time for dinner.”

I stop dead in my tracks. “But… won’t I get in trouble?”

I’d love to get some rest to soothe the ache in my midsection, but I can’t see how that can even be an option. I have to work to prove my worth.

She turns to face me, a slight frown forming on her forehead. Her thick black hair is braided down her back, and even though she’s in her fifties, it hasn’t dimmed her beauty.

“Why do you ask that?”

Having forgotten Gabriel’s last name, I try to remember it. Unable to, I murmur respectfully, “The boss said I have to work, and I don’t want to give him any reason to punish me.”

I’m in enough pain as it is.

Nisa’s frown darkens. “Just do as I say, and you’ll be fine. You’re still recovering from your wounds. Go to your room, settle in, and get some rest. I’ll call you when it’s time for dinner.”

Not wanting to argue and feeling a little relieved, I nod. When I turn around, Murat’s waiting to escort me back to the bedroom.

“Oh, I’ll bring you fresh towels and toiletries after I’ve taken the afternoon tea to Alya Hanim.”

I nod again, assuming Alya Hanim is Gabriel’s wife.

Crap, this is all too confusing.


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