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Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 50


After I took a short break of one day, Emre and I have been working our asses off to get the repairs done to Vengeance from the attack.

All the renovations have been completed for Retribution. I also released the staff who used to work for Mazur, giving them each enough money to start a new life. Lara was happy to hear this.

With everything back to normal, the women have been shopping like crazy. My grandmother redid her entire wardrobe, filling it with colors, and they’ve bought enough clothes for Agnieska to last her two lifetimes.

Walking into the house, I hear Nisa say, “Slower, Agnieska Hanim! You don’t have to clean everything in an hour.”

“Don’t snap at her,” Murat mutters, and in a gentler tone, he continues, “Agnieska, I think it’s time for a break. Take a walk in the garden with me.”

“I wasn’t snapping,” Nisa huffs.

My eyebrow pops up, and I head toward them. Just as I come down the hallway, Agnieska and Murat exit one of the sitting rooms, his hand on her lower back.

“What’s happening here?” I ask, my eyes searching Agnieska’s face for any sign of fear or panic. Not seeing any, I relax.

“Nothing,” Murat answers.

“The question was directed at Agnieska,” I mutter. Locking eyes with her, I ask, “Are you comfortable with Murat?”

She nods quickly. “Yes, Gabriel.”

I turn my attention to Murat. “Don’t push her into doing anything she doesn’t want.”

“I’ll never do that.”

When I nod, they continue to walk toward the side doors as I stare after them. It’s clear as fucking day that Murat is interested in Agnieska even though he’s ten years younger than her.

I let out a chuckle, shaking my head, then the realization hits that Agnieska is only four years my senior.

Holy fuck.

It makes me realize how much younger than me, Lara is. Sixteen years. It’s never even crossed my mind until now.

Doesn’t change a fucking thing.

Like Luca said the other day, ‘Age is just a number.’

Taking the stairs up, I hear laughter coming from the east wing. When I walk into my grandmother’s private sitting room, I find her and Lara knitting.

“He used to run around without pants, his adorable bottom on display for the world to see.”

Babaanne,” I mutter, realizing she’s telling Lara about my childhood.

“Oh, you’re home early,” Lara comments, a wide smile on her face and laughter dancing in her eyes.

“Work isn’t so busy anymore.” I press a kiss to my grandmother’s forehead, then walk to Lara, placing my hand on her shoulder. “Finish what you’re doing.”

“I’m done,” she says quickly, shoving the needles and wool into a basket.

I notice what they’re knitting, and my eyebrow lifts. “Are you seriously knitting baby shoes?”

“Yes,” Babaanne answers, then she gives me a triumphant smile. “Lara said it’s only a matter of time before I’ll get to hold my great-grandchild.”

“Is that so?” I shrug. “If Lara says so, who am I to argue.”

My words make my grandmother’s smile grow.

Lara gets up, and I take her hand. I pull her to our bedroom, and when I shut the door, I pin her with a questioning look. “Babies?”

She nervously tucks hair behind her ear, then explains, “Your grandmother wants a great-grandchild, and I couldn’t bear to tell her no. I said you have to agree as well, but that I’m okay with it.” She gives me a pleading look. “The news made her so happy, Aşkım.”

Tugging her against my chest, I stare at her until her teeth worry on her bottom lip. “You want to give me children?”

Lara doesn’t hesitate to nod.

A smile curves my lips, and I place my hand over her abdomen. “I’d like to see you pregnant with my child.”

The nervous tension leaves her, relief filling her eyes. “I’d like that too.”

“But first, there’s your twenty-third birthday next month. I have a surprise planned for you. After that, we can talk about having the implant removed.”


Wrapping my arms around her, I press a kiss to her mouth. Her lips eagerly part, and time slips away as I show her how much I love her until her lips are swollen and we’re both breathless.

She rests her cheek against my chest, and I just hold her, so thankful I didn’t accidentally kill the women I want to spend the rest of my life with.

“I need to help Nisa prepare dinner,” she murmurs.

“Okay.” I free her from my arms, and I walk with her to the kitchen. 

Emre’s sitting at the kitchen table, shoving Baklava into his mouth.

“When will you find a nice woman to settle down with?” Nisa asks.

“Never,” he mutters around a mouthful. “I plan on becoming the most eligible bachelor in Seattle now that Gabriel’s off the market.”

Allah Allah,” Nisa exclaims, throwing her hands in the air.

It’s good to see my cousin at home, getting some well-deserved rest.

I grab a slice of Baklava, and popping it into my mouth, I leave Lara with Nisa and go look for Murat and Agnieska to make sure she’s okay.

I find them by Babaanne’s rose garden just as Murat picks one to give to Agnieska. She takes it with a blushing face.

Hating to disrupt their moment, I say, “Murat, give me a moment alone with her.”

He gives her arm a squeeze, then moves out of hearing distance, still keeping an eye on her. I scowl at the man who’s quickly becoming possessive of Agnieska, before turning my attention to her.

“How are you holding up?” I ask.

“Much better.” She still struggles to meet my eyes, but she doesn’t look as terrified anymore.

“Are the therapy sessions helping?”

“Yes.” She nods quickly, glances at me, then looks at the rose.

“Are you really comfortable with Murat?”

“Yes.” This time she holds my eyes for a couple of seconds longer. “He’s… gentle and makes me feel safe.”

“Good. I’m happy to hear that.”

A nervous smile tugs at her mouth.

“I have something I’d like to ask you.” Again she glances up at me, giving me a nod to continue. I clear my throat. “Will you give me your blessing to marry your daughter?”

Her eyes widen, then emotions crash through them, and she sucks in a quivering breath. “You want to marry Lara?”

My heart starts to beat faster, and I feel a trickle of nervousness that she might not give me her blessing.

Clearing my throat again, I answer, “Yes. I love her with all my heart. I’ll keep her safe and put her happiness first.”

Agnieska looks down again, then a tear spirals over her cheek. “You have my blessing.”

Slowly, I lift my arm, and placing my hand on her shoulder, I give it a squeeze. “Thank you. It means a lot to me.”

She shakes her head, swallowing hard. “Thank you.”


“Saving us.”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “You’re welcome.” I glance at Murat, gesturing that he can come back.

When he jogs toward us, I let out a chuckle.

Yep, the man has it bad.

The moment he sees how emotional Agnieska is, he wraps an arm around her. “Are you okay?”

She nods quickly, then explains, “The happiness is overwhelming.”

Leaving them to continue their walk, I head back to the kitchen. I feel better now that I know Murat’s there to take care of Agnieska. 

I sneak up behind Lara as she sets a tray down on the counter and wrap my arms around her. She startles and lets out a chuckle before leaning back against me.

I press a kiss to the side of her neck, then spin her around. Lifting her off her feet, I hoist her over my shoulder.

Allah Allah! We’re busy with food,” Nisa chastises me.

Hungry for something else, I mutter, “I’m kidnapping Lara.”

“She’s already yours,” Nisa calls after us as I carry a laughing Lara out of the kitchen. “Don’t be late for dinner!”

I take my woman to our bedroom and feast on her body until the early morning hours.


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