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Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 29


Hearing Gabriel tell me I belong to him, something unfurls deep in my soul. It gives my emotions wings, making them soar impossibly high.

He’s my boss and a dangerous man. Still, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to belong to him.

Instead of hurting me like Tymon did, Gabriel has shown me pleasure. It’s the sweetest torture I’ve ever experienced.

When he made me orgasm and my body was numb from all the pleasure, I wanted to cry. It was so intense I lost control of all my senses.

I could only see him. Feel him. Taste him. Smell him.

There was only Gabriel, and it felt like I was touching heaven.

It looks like awe fills his eyes as he stares at me. “I’m taking you as my reward.”


“Not claiming your virginity tonight.”

Out of curiosity, I ask, “Why didn’t you?”

A smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth. “You won’t be able to take me. It would hurt too much.”

I glance down at the wet stain on his sweatpants over his manhood. “Did you at least enjoy it?”

“Very much.” There’s a teasing tone to his voice, “You can see the proof.”

My lips curve up. “That makes me happy.”

“You love pleasing me,” he states.

I lift my eyes to his. “Yes.” I live for it.

His hands move down, over my collarbones, until he cups my breasts. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Ödülüm.”

No one has ever said that to me, and hearing the words from Gabriel, makes me think it could actually be true.

Maybe I’m not as plain-looking as I thought.

Curiously, I ask, “What does the word mean?”

“My reward.” His palms massage me until there’s a tightening in my abdomen. With his eyes locked on mine, I feel him harden beneath me, then he warns me, “If I don’t leave now, I’m going to lose control.”

I lean into his touch, but he lowers his hands to my hips, picks me up, and sets me down next to him. Rising to his feet, he stands in front of me, buttoning my shirt.

When he’s done, he nods toward the bed. “Get in.”

I climb beneath the covers, my eyes never leaving him.

Gabriel braces a hand next to my head, and leaning down, he presses a tender kiss to my lips. I feel it all the way to my toes.

Straightening up, he mutters, “Sleep before I change my mind and fuck you.”

I blink, intrigued because I find his dirty words hot.

I find everything about him hot.

I watch as he leaves my bedroom, pulling the door shut, and then I’m left with my thoughts and all the new emotions I’ve discovered.

Not once did I think something like this would happen between Gabriel and me. We’re worlds apart. He’s the head of the Turkish mafia, a powerful man, and I’m just a maid.

I sure didn’t feel like a maid tonight.

My infatuation with him might be growing out of control, but I never thought he’d actually return my feelings. I don’t know much about relationships, but I know it takes two people.

And tonight, Gabriel treated me like a woman he desired. He looked at me as if I was really beautiful to him. He kissed me as if he couldn’t get enough of me.

He orgasmed.

God, it felt incredible to feel his hardness against me. I couldn’t move fast enough, and there was an aching yearning to have him inside me.

I stare up at the ceiling, relishing in how amazing everything felt. When he kissed me, I became totally absorbed by him. When he touched me, my body melted.

Sharing such an intense connection with another person fills me with awe.

I belong to him.

With a wide smile on my face, I turn onto my side and switch off the light. I snuggle into my pillow, reliving every touch until I feel like laughing from all the happiness.

I belong to Gabriel Demir.



I watch as the list of guests for Alya Hanim’s birthday party grows until it fills an entire page.

That’s a lot of people.

“I think that’s everyone,” she murmurs as she reads through the names. “Gabriel’s family on his mother’s side will arrive the day after tomorrow. We need to make sure the guestrooms are ready.”


“How long will they stay?” Nisa asks, irritation lacing her words.

Alya Hanim lets out a sigh. “A week. Can you at least try to hide how much you despise them?”

“I can’t promise anything. The second they start ordering me around as if they’re royalty and I’m nothing but a peasant, I might forget I’m a lady and slap them.”

Cautiously I say, “They don’t sound like nice people.”

“They’re not,” Nisa huffs. “You just stay with me while they’re here.”

Evet,” Alya Hanim agrees. “Let Nisa deal with them.”

I nod, then ask, “Which guestrooms should we prepare?”

Before I can get my answer, Gabriel walks into the sitting room. “Selam,” he murmurs.

My heart starts beating faster at the sight of him, and my cheeks flush when I remember what we did last night.

“I have to miss breakfast,” he tells us. “Emre’s already at work.” After pressing a kiss to his grandmother’s temple, he turns his attention to me. “Give me a moment, Lara.”

I get up from the chair and place my hand over my stomach to contain the butterflies as I follow him to his study.

He shuts the door behind us and lets his eyes drift over my face. “How do you feel after last night?”

“Good.” I give him a tentative smile. “Did you sleep well?”

He shakes his head as he takes a step closer to me. “Thoughts of you kept me awake.”

My smile widens. “Me too.”

Gabriel wraps an arm around my lower back and slowly lowers his head until his mouth brushes against mine. It’s nothing like last night, but it still makes tingles spread through my body.

It makes me feel special.

When he lifts his head, his eyes caress my face. “The doctor is here to give you the implant. Are you ready?”

Even though I feel anxious, I nod.

“Wait here,” Gabriel instructs. He leaves the office, and minutes later, returns with the older man. “You remember Dr. Bayram, right?”

I nod, too nervous to smile.

Gabriel gestures for the doctor to get to work. I glance toward the window, hearing as the doctor moves closer. Gabriel comes to stand on my right, and giving me an encouraging smile, he takes hold of my hand.

Suddenly I feel a prick as if I’m getting an injection, but the sensation passes. I glance at my left arm, then the doctor says, “All done.”

“Thank you,” Gabriel murmurs to the doctor. “You may leave.”

Dr. Bayram lets himself out of the office as Gabriel pulls me into a hug. “Thank you for doing this for me.”

A smile curves my lips. “You’re welcome.”

“I need to leave for work,” he says as he pulls back.

“I hope you have a good day.”

“I doubt I will,” he mutters as he steps away from me and opens the door. “I’ll be busy until the birthday party. I don’t want you to worry if you don’t see me.”

“Okay.” I love that he’s reassuring me after the special night we shared, and it makes my heart expand with affection.

He gestures for me to walk, and we leave the office together. At the top of the staircase, his fingers brush against mine before he takes the stairs down to the front door.

I stand and stare after Gabriel, still finding it hard to believe how much things have changed between us.

I return to the sitting room, and when I take a seat, Nisa asks, “What did Gabriel want to see you about?”

Oh crap.

Thinking quick, I lie, “He had questions about my past.”

Alya Hanim shakes her head. “I hate that Mazur got away.”

Allah Allah. There will be no talk of that man while we’re planning your birthday party,” Nisa exclaims.

Alya Hanim picks up the guest list again. “Right, where were we.”

“Which rooms should we prepare for the family?” I remind her.

“The three on the first floor in the east wing. That way, they won’t be near you and Nisa, and I can keep an eye on them.”

Nodding, I say, “I’ll get everything ready today.”

With a lot of work to do, we go our separate ways. While I’m changing the sheets and airing out the rooms, Nisa is in the kitchen baking up a storm.

This will be the first birthday party I get to attend, and thinking I don’t have a gift for Alya Hanim, my teeth worry on my bottom lip.

Gabriel said I’m allowed to come and go as I please, but I still feel like I should ask his permission.

Maybe he’ll be home before I fall asleep, then I’ll ask him.


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