Spark of the Everflame: The Realms of Emarion

Lumnos, Realm of Light and Shadow

A light which burns, while shadows bite

Their eyes of blue haunt day and night

Fortos, Realm of Force and Valor

With eyes and swords enrobed in red

They’ll mend you whole or strike you dead

Faunos, Realm of Beast and Brute

Fur and feathers, beasts that crawl

Their yellow eyes control them all

Arboros, Realm of Root and Thorn

Eyes of moss bring nature’s scorn

The prettiest flowers have poison thorns

Ignios, Realm of Sand and Flame

Flame in spirit, flame in sight

The desert holds their fiery might

Umbros, Realm of Mind and Secret

Irises black, with hearts to match

A kiss, and soon your mind they’ll snatch

Meros, Realm of Sea and Sky

A gaze to match the vengeful seas

In water deep, they’ll drown your pleas

Sophos, Realm of Thought and Spark

The cunning spark of wisdom true

Rose eyes will be the death of you

Montios, Realm of Stone and Ice

Violet stone to match their gaze

Beware their ice at end of days


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