Ruthless Saints: Chapter 12


When I have Hailey spread wide before me, I place my hands on her hips and drink in the feel of her skin as I move them up to her hard nipples.

I crawl over her until her legs hang over mine, and then I lick her skin all the way from her sternum to her chin. The taste of her is intoxicating, and it strips me of the last of my control.

I bring a hand to her jaw, and gripping her tightly, I keep her locked in place as my mouth takes hers, rough and hungry, wet and dirty.

I thrust my cock against her clit and up to her abdomen before grinding back down.

“Ah,” the sound explodes from Hailey’s mouth into mine.

Pushing my upper body up into a kneeling position, and taking hold of my cock, I line it with her entrance. I place my hands on her abdomen, my fingers digging into her sides, and as I lock eyes with her, I thrust hard.

Hailey gasps, her body arching as her warmth wraps tightly around me. My lips part, and then my body takes over as I begin to move relentlessly. The sound of our skin slapping mixes with the moans spilling from Hayley.

The faster I move and the deeper I dive, the louder her moans become until I’m chasing a scream from her.

Hailey’s body curls up, and leaning on an elbow, she tries to touch me.

I grab hold of her hand, and shoving it down above her head, I pull completely out of her. Bracing my body over hers, I glare down at her as I move her other arm in place. “Do you want to come?”

“God, yes,” she says breathlessly.

“Then keep your hands there,” I order.

She nods quickly, her face flushed with anticipated pleasure.

Keeping my hold on her wrists, I thrust back inside her, and she instantly clenches around me while letting out a satisfied cry.

I pick up my pace until I’m hammering into her, and I feel my own climax building.

I move my free hand to her neck, and my fingers clamp around her throat. Her pulse flutters against my fingers, and knowing I’m close, I say, “Come, baby.”

Her body strains beneath mine. Her muscles trembling and tightening more with every thrust of my cock. I keep a relentless pace. Her moans grow louder and longer, and then they’re replaced with my name as she screams and begins to convulse.

Her hips swivel as she grinds her pussy down on my cock.

Pleasure zips down my spine, and I pound into her until my own orgasm forces my body down on hers. My cock jerks, and it feels as if my balls are trying to get inside her. My ass clenches and the jerking turns to short, quick thrusts until I lose my strength from the ecstasy pulsing through me.

It takes a moment before I can lift my head, and I flex my fingers around her throat as I let go. Seeing the imprint I’ve left on her skin makes me shower her neck with kisses, and then I manage to ask, “Are you okay?”

Lifting my head, I watch a wide smile blossom on her face as she nods. “Hell yeah, I’m more than okay,” the words come breathlessly.

I have zero intention of pulling out of her and lazily begin to grind my pelvis against hers.

Letting go of her hands, I frame her face with both of mine, and then I press a soft kiss to her mouth. Slowly I deepen it, just wanting to taste her until I’m good to go again.

Between kisses, Hailey asks, “Can I move my arms?”

I nod, and the first place her hands go to are the stars on my collarbones.

“Do the tattoos mean anything, or did you just get them because you liked them.”

I settle my forearms on either side of her head and stare down at her.

The eight-pointed stars mean I’m a high-ranking criminal. There’s a tear on my right arm for every kill, and the double-headed eagle represents power and justice.

“I just liked them,” I lie.

I should tell her the truth while she’s naked beneath me and she can’t run away.

Still… I don’t.

Instead, I seal her mouth with mine, and I kiss her until I’m sure she’s not thinking of any other questions to ask.

My cock hardens again, and pulling out of Hailey, I grab hold of her hips and flip her over onto her stomach. I yank her ass up into the air and then slam back inside the warmth of her pussy.

Taking hold of her arms, I pull them behind her back and grip her wrists tightly with my right hand. Keeping Hailey in place, I take her hard.

She muffles her cries against the bed, and it has me growling, “I want to hear every sound you make.”

She turns her head, her hair haphazardly in her face, her lips wide as she gasps with every thrust.

Unable to resist, I slap her left ass cheek, and it makes her clench tightly around my cock.

“Hot,” she gasps, unable to get anything more out.

I slap her ass again, this time as I thrust inside her, and it makes entering her much more pleasurable.

“Again,” she moans, pressing her ass back against me.

Instead of giving her what she wants, I let go of her wrists and pull her up until her back is flush with my chest. Wrapping my right arm over her breasts, I keep her pinned to me as I reach around her front and slap her pussy.

She lets out a long moan as my mouth finds her pulse, and I suck on her skin as my thrusts slow down until I’m plunging hard and deep inside her. I relish in every inch of her inner walls stroking my cock, and then I pinch her clit between my forefinger and thumb, and I begin to rub her.

With both her hands, she grabs hold of my forearm, and her nails dig into my skin. Her body strains against the grip I have on her.

“Come, Hailey,” I grunt, my own breaths rushing from my lungs.

She shakes her head, strands of her hair sticking to her skin. “Can’t.”

“You can.” I let go of her and turn her onto her back. Lowering myself over her until our bodies are touching from chest to toes, I enter her again. I move my hands down, and parting her with my thumbs, I rub my pelvis against her clit every time I sink in deep.

“Yes,” she whimpers, her fingers finding the hair on the back of my head.

Feeling her breasts rub against my chest and her warm skin touching mine, it pushes me closer to my own release.

I press my palm against her clit, and rub her hard as I resume hammering into her.

Pressing my forehead to hers, I whisper against her mouth, “Come, baby.” I nip at her lips. “Come for me.”  

She tightens her hold around my neck and pushes herself up against me, and then finally, she starts to convulse, a high-pitched scream tearing from her.

My own orgasm chases hers, and I ride it out with my eyes locked on Hailey’s.

This time when we come down from the ecstasy, there’s no smile blossoming on Hailey’s face. Instead, her eyes begin to shimmer, and then she buries her face in my neck.

“Did I hurt you?” I ask, worried I was too rough.

She shakes her head, and her voice sounds small as she says, “Just overwhelmed.”

I shower the side of her head with kisses as I wrap my arms around her.

With Hailey vulnerable in my arms, a new emotion unfurls in my heart. It’s fragile and raw, and the moment I feel her tears on my skin, it shoots its roots right through my soul.





I don’t mean to cry, but with Carson holding me as if I mean more to him than life itself, I can’t keep the tears back.

Still filled with him and his body covering every inch of me, I’ve never been happier. My body is spent, and satisfaction buzzes over my skin.

I lost myself in Carson as he consumed my soul and dominated my body. I have no idea how much time has passed. I don’t care if I’m missing my shift at the bar.

What overwhelmed me was when he whispered ‘come, baby’ to me, and my body listened. Up until then, my body was frustratingly refusing to reach climax. But when he whispered the order, it felt like I came apart at the seams.

I shattered with the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

With his eyes never leaving mine as we found our pleasure, it felt like our souls connected.

Maybe I’m just overemotional from having the best sex of my life, but I can’t stop the words from spilling over my lips, “I love you.”

I’ll probably regret saying it to him once my mind is clear and my hormones aren’t a mess.

Carson moves back, and his eyes find mine. He doesn’t look uncomfortable because of what I just said, but he doesn’t acknowledge it either.

Instead, he pulls out of me, and then he gets up and tugs me off the bed. “Come.”

His fingers weave with mine, and then he leads my shaky legs to the bathroom. He turns on the faucets in the shower, and once the water is warm, we step under the spray. Instead of using a cloth or loofah, Carson squirts body wash onto his hand and works it into a lather. He begins to wash my body, working his way from my shoulders down to between my legs.

I’m sensitive, and as if he knows this, he keeps his touch gentle.

When he reaches for the body wash again, I say, “Let me.” I take the bottle from him and squirt some into my palm.

Starting with his shoulders, I get a good look at his body and the tattoos as my hands glide over his skin.

“I always thought hermits were old men sitting on the porches of their cabins with their hunting rifles, threatening to kill anyone who trespasses on their property,” I say as my fingers trail over his abs.

Lifting my eyes to Carson’s, I smile. “Not hot men with tattoos who are wild in bed.”

He lifts his hand to my face and brushes his thumb over my cheek. “Do you feel better?”

I scrunch my nose. “Sorry for crying all over you.”

Carson’s fingers move to my chin, and then he leans down and presses a tender kiss to my lips. Lifting his head, he asks, “Why did you cry?”

“Any girl would cry after having three orgasms,” I joke, trying to lighten the mood. Carson just stares at me until I admit, “I just felt emotional.”


“Because I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

His hand moves to the side of my neck. “You said you loved me.”


“Ah…” Feeling a little self-conscious, I lower my eyes to his chest, “Throes of passion and all.”

Carson’s thumb presses under my chin, nudging my face back up. When our eyes meet, he asks, “So you didn’t mean it?”

“It’s too early.”

“Says who?”

I shrug. “People.”

“Fuck people.” He steps closer to me, and his eyes capture mine with an intensity I’ll probably never get used to. “Do you love me?”

Do I?

I was lost the two weeks he stayed away from me.

How would I feel if he left me right now?

I’d probably cry myself to death. I won’t recover quickly. I’ll miss him terribly. I’d be lost all over again.

“Yes,” I whisper.


“I’m happy whenever you’re near. I feel safe with you.” I pause as I dig deeper, my gaze remaining locked with his. “I feel you in my soul.”

When he keeps quiet, I say, “Sorry, I’m probably weirding you out.” I turn off the faucets and step out of the shower.

I reach for a towel on the warming rack, and then Carson takes hold of my hips, and he presses a kiss to my shoulder. “I want to hear it.”

I turn to face him. My gaze drifts over his features, and seeing that he’s not uncomfortable at all, I say, “I love you.”

He leans down and captures my mouth in another tender kiss, and then I get a slap on the ass before he reaches for a towel.

“So…” I start to dry myself, “Are you into BDSM stuff?”

Carson chuckles, and his mouth curves up into a devilish grin. “Would you be okay with it?”

“If I get a safe word,” I reply with more bravery than I feel.

“Stars?” he asks.

I begin to nod. “Stars sounds good.”

He chuckles again, and wrapping his hand around the back of my neck, he tugs me closer and presses a kiss to my forehead. “I’m not into BDSM.”

I let out a relieved breath as I follow him out of the bathroom. Carson heads into his walk-in closet, and I follow after him. I glance over all the pairs of black cargo pants, the black shirts, and coats that hang on the left side. On the right are normal-ish clothes, meaning all the grays and whites.

“You don’t like color,” I comment as I glance over the collection of watches, bracelets, and rings that are held on a stand that’s situated in the middle of the closet.

“Color makes you stand out,” he answers while pulling on a pair of cargo pants.

“Well, I hate to break it to you…” I take the shirt he holds out to me and shrug it on, “but you will stand out no matter what you wear.”

“I managed to follow you for five weeks without you knowing,” he reminds me.

“Wait? Five?”

Carson puts on a shirt, then he takes hold of my hand and pulls me out of the closet. “I followed you home the first night we met.”

I tug against his hold so he’ll stop walking. “Really?”

He nods, his eyes sharpening on my face as he checks for my reaction.

“Why didn’t you just walk me home like a normal guy?”

“Because I’m not normal.”

Oh, my introvert.

“That’s one of the reasons I fell for you.”


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