Roommate Wars: Chapter 31


“Jackson! You said sex wasn’t a part of the dating agreement.”

I looked down at her as I carried her into my bedroom. “Get your head out of the gutter, Hot Stuff. I’m taking you to your favorite place in the apartment.”

She glanced inside my room and rolled her eyes. “I’ve heard that line before.”

“Have you not crawled into my bed in the middle of the night not once, but twice?”

She sighed. “Yes, but—”

“And both times did you not enjoy said bed with relish?”

Her lips pursed. “The first time a little too much.”

I set her on the edge of the mattress before grabbing the TV remote off the nightstand. “Don’t worry, Elise, I won’t touch you. Unless you want me to?” I lifted an eyebrow suggestively.

She threw a pillow at my head. “Find something good on TV.”

“Sure.” I reached back, pulled my shirt over my head, and tossed it aside. At her stunned look, I said, “What? I’m getting comfortable. I don’t sleep in a shirt, and this is my bed.” I grinned at her flustered expression.

“You’re seducing me,” she said accusingly.

I leaned back onto the pillow, crossing my legs at the ankle as I flipped through the channel menu. “My seduction techniques are more subtle than this. You’d never know it once I started.”

“That sounds alarming. Are you a spy or a lover?”

I shifted so my chest was facing her and continued to scroll. “I believe in subtlety.”

“Right, like ordering four dinners and three desserts? Real subtle, Jackson.”

I glanced over. “Feel free to get comfortable. You don’t need to wear that stuffy T-shirt. You can take it off. I promise I won’t touch.”

“Unlike some people”—she glared at my chest—“I don’t sleep without a top. Stop trying to get me to do bad things.”

“I’d never do that… Oh, here’s a good one.” I stopped on an R-rated romantic comedy and looked at her innocently. “It’s perfect for us.”

She growled and covered her head with a pillow. “This is extortion,” came her muffled words.

“You’re free to walk out anytime.” I faced the TV and got more comfortable. What Elise didn’t realize was that I’d wait forever for her.

Something hit me in the side of the head a second before I realized it was the pillow that had been covering her face and that Elise was on top of me, grabbing the sides of my head with her small but strong hands. “You win,” she said and mauled my mouth with delicate, plundering lips.

I tossed the remote and flipped her onto her back. “Took you long enough.”

“You planned this!” She grabbed my face and started kissing me—on my mouth, on my cheeks, then back to my mouth.

“Enough teasing, Hot Stuff.” I pulled her hands above her head and kissed her like I’d wanted to from the start, slow and steady and with a ton of bottled-up sexual energy I’d been containing since we met.

After a moment of drugging kisses that had my head spinning, I leaned back. “This okay?” It was always good to check. We joked, but I really wasn’t in a rush, though my dick might disagree.

“No,” she said and tugged at the shorts I’d been wearing around the house and that said dick was straining against. “Take them off right now, Jackson.”

I leaned back, admiring her. “I love a strong woman.” I slung my legs over the side of the bed and shucked my shorts faster than it took for her to run her fingers through her mussed hair. “Done. What else?”

She glared at my boxers. “The rest of it too.”

“Before you’ve even removed a stitch?”


I grinned and watched her as I removed my boxer briefs. I wasn’t modest, but she certainly was if her blush was any indication. “You doing okay there, Hot Stuff?”

She leaned forward and stroked my cock, and lightning bolts went off in my head.

“Whoa.” I wiggled out of her reach and moved so that my waist was between her thighs. “Let’s hold off on that for a minute.” I slid my hands under her shirt and rolled it up on the bottom, watching her as I did. “You have soft skin.”

“No, I don’t,” she said, her words light and airy and distracted.

“You do.” I kissed her stomach and then one rib at a time, running my fingers across her belly to her side, then back up again. “Very soft.”

Her head tipped back, and she absently gripped my biceps as I inched her top higher to reveal small, firm breasts. She’d changed into a sports bra at some point, which I carefully moved out of the way.

“But these are the softest part.” I kissed her nipple, running my tongue over her areola, then pushed her breast up and sucked gently, licking. “And you taste amazing.”

“How does a person taste good?” she said breathily.

I looked up until she focused on me. “Everything about you is to my taste, Elise.”

She studied me for a beat, and I wondered if she understood my meaning. “You already know I like the way you smell,” she said. “There’s a reason I wear your clothes to bed, and it isn’t because I don’t have any. I could borrow from Sophia if I needed to.”

“Really?” I’d never considered why she still wore my clothes. Figured it was a convenience thing, or that she didn’t want to spend the money. And I didn’t mind because it was sexy as hell.

She nodded, her expression serious.

That acknowledgement sent my heart racing. I scooted up and kissed her. Then I ran my hands down her sides and lifted the shirt over her head, along with the sports bra.

For a second, she was tangled in the clothes and giggling at the bra caught on her arm, and then it was gone and there was nothing between us. I stilled and enjoyed the feel of her skin against mine. I could die a happy man right now.

And then Elise grabbed my dick.

I groaned. “What did I say about that?”

She was grinning. “I forgot.”

I slid the boxers she was wearing down her legs—and the woman wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I looked at her with a heated gaze. “You’ve been naked this entire time?”

She blinked. “Not naked; I was wearing your boxers.”

“But you always wear underwear underneath.”

“Do I?” Her look was mischievous.

My mouth gaped. “The one time I asked you if you wore anything underneath the boxers, you said you did.”

She grinned. “White lie.”

I let out a slow breath. Calm down, Townsend, or you’ll unman yourself in front of the woman you love.


I loved Elise. And she’d freak out if I told her. I wasn’t the only commitment-phobe in this duo.

She was kissing me lightly down my chest, which would quickly speed up the unmanning process if I didn’t stop it soon.

I scooted down and eased her legs apart before kissing up her thigh. “My turn.” Before she could reply, I was already tonguing her beauty. “Tastes good here too, Hot Stuff.”

“Don’t talk while you do that!” she snapped, gripping my head and holding me there.

I pressed my palm lightly to her chest because she was getting feisty, and fingered her nipple while I tongued her, hitting a sensitive spot. She started moaning and rocking into my mouth.

I did not move.

Not one centimeter.

I’d found a good spot, and I was no dummy. I would stay there forever and pass out from carpal tunnel tongue before I budged.

A minute or two later, Elise saved me from a hospital visit by grabbing my hair and crying out her release.

I moved up, kissing her as I went, while her breathing returned to normal.

The dazed look in her eyes cleared. “My turn.”


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