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Resisting Maxu: Chapter 22

Maxu’s collar sealed to the floor, magnetically binding to the metal buried within. He glared up at his mate as she rose to her knees, still straddling his hips. He didn’t like this, being restrained, but the look of pure excitement lighting her features and making her limbs relaxed was enough to make him shut up and deal with whatever she’d planned.

That and the promise he could take control when she’d had her fun. What position would he put her in? On her knees, ass lifted in the air, perhaps. Maxu licked his lips.

Meg’s dark hair skimmed her chin as she leaned forward and undressed him. Maxu tried to remain annoyed, but the soft gliding of her fingertips over his bare skin as she opened his tunic had his heart racing in an instant.

Eyes widening, his throat hit the metal of his collar when he lifted his head to watch her slide down his body and kneel between his thighs. Though her blue eyes were heavy with lust, he noticed some trepidation. Her hands shook as she picked at the knot cinching his pants together.

Meg’s dark brows knit with determination, and he held his tongue. Her blush lit under her skin, making faint red crawl down over her chest. The color deepened when she worked his pants loose and his cock sprung free.

The widening of her eyes as she knelt naked before him was almost enough to have him tearing off his collar, but then curiosity got the best of him. “Touch me, vahpti.”

A tremulous smile flicked over her features before she bit her lip. His dick twitched at the sight. He’d thought she’d reach out, stroke him maybe, but the air froze in his lungs when she tipped forward, planting her soft palms on the ground for stability. She couldn’t be planning to—

Her tongue darted out and licked the tip of his dick, and Maxu shouted to the ceiling. He panted, shutting his eyes to keep himself collected and bracing for the feeling of her hot mouth touching him again. This wasn’t a normal pleasure. Clecanian females didn’t tend to do this. Sex mostly focused on their enjoyment, since the male would find release regardless.

He scrubbed his hands over his face and peered back down at her as far as he could with the damn collar holding him in place. Her broad grin told him she’d appreciated his reaction. “Enjoying this, female?” he growled, but he couldn’t hold back a small smile. She was just so proud of herself, and he could scent the arousal flooding her core even now.

She leaned down again, this time wrapping a small palm around the base of his shaft. He hissed and his thighs tensed along with his fists. “Not as much as you.” Her mouth was close enough to his shaft that her whispered words buffeted hot air over his oversensitive flesh, making him shiver.

Her small pink tongue licked the underside of his dick from root to tip, and his eyes rolled. “Goddess, help me,” he muttered to himself. It took everything in him to keep his hips from bucking when she took the head of him in her mouth and lowered as far as she could go. He couldn’t look away.

Panting as if he’d just ascended another mountain, he watched, transfixed as Meg sucked upward, leaving a wet glimmer on the parts of his shaft her mouth had been. He wanted to throw the collar off so he could sit up, get a better view, watch as his mate fucked him with her luscious mouth, but she’d asked him to remain in place and right now he knew he’d give her just about anything she asked for.

She was pumping her lips over him now, picking up speed and making his balls tight with the seed aching to be released. His palms flattened against the floor, then fisted, then flattened again. He needed something to hang on to, so he slipped his fingers into the gap between his collar and neck and squeezed the metal.

His abs jumped under her palm as she scraped her nails down his belly. “I’m going to come, beautiful.” His exclamation was half choked warning, half growl.

She sat back, releasing him with a pop. The ache in his dick was an all-out throb now. So close—he was so close.

“Your turn,” she grinned.


Raw power vibrated through the layers of muscle covering Maxu’s magnificent body, but there was a sudden stillness underneath. A flutter of nervousness had her gripping her knees.

He remained in place, two hands clenching his collar so tightly she could see the evidence of bowed metal under his palms. He was sprawled in front of her, his beyond-massive chest roped with muscle, thick thighs tensed, glistening length rigid, and she wanted nothing more than to climb over him and see how difficult it would be to slide the length of his straining cock inside her.

“Are you sure?” His voice was hoarse, clipped. She wondered how much control it took him to ask her yet again, and warmth curled in her chest.

She nodded.

With a creak rather than a click, he undid the metal at his neck and flipped to his knees until he was on all fours. She stared, liquid arousal painting her thighs, excitement making sparks dance in her veins as his eyes slowly turned black again.

She had the faintest urge to run—not from fear but because it looked like he wanted her to. His ravenous dark gaze all but dared her. Slowly, she rose to her feet. He matched her movements, but they felt so much heavier than hers, each of his weighty muscles firm as he straightened.

Meg took a step away. Maxu grinned, his purr roaring to life. She smirked, then took another step. His thumbs skimmed over the tips of his fingers, and he crouched ever so slightly.

Not knowing exactly where she was running to, she spun. In less than a second, he’d caught her around the waist, flipped her onto his shoulder, and stalked to the sunken area of strange bedding.

Falling to his knees, he flipped her off his shoulder and pried her thighs apart. His fingers tightened on the rounded bit of her lower belly as his thumb pressed inside her opening and swept up until it firmly slipped over her clit, already slick with her arousal. The pressure was too concentrated, and she twitched.

Slowly, Maxu lowered to his elbows, his hot breath ghosting over the flesh of her thighs as he moved in. Despite everything that had just happened, heat raced to her cheeks. The direction of his gaze—not to mention his ever-lowering mouth—was undeniable.

Meg’s breath trembled out of her. She’d only experienced this twice in her life. Both times had been at her insistence. Neither time had been good. A moment of doubt cooled her lust. This wasn’t something men actually liked, not really. Her thighs began to close. Maxu’s growl reverberated through the room as his palms slapped down against her inner thighs. She let out a hiss at the pain of the light sting.

His mouth descended on her, and all doubts fizzled away. His tongue delved into her core deeper than she’d thought possible. He stilled, and she held her breath, waiting to see if he’d pull away or make a funny face. Nothing could have prepared her for the purr that rumbled all the way from his chest to his tongue to her entrance.

A yelp, embarrassing in its volume, echoed through the room. She fell back against the sloped curve of the bed and gave in when her knees opened wider. Her body shook, breasts quivering, as he pulsed a finger inside her and rocked the flat, thick part of his vibrating tongue over her clit.

The tops of his wide shoulders hit the backs of her thighs as he squirmed to get closer, ragged groans mingling with his purr. One of his hands came up to squeeze her breast and pinch at her nipple. She rocked her clit against his mouth in time with the warm vibrating swipes of his tongue and couldn’t hold back the words bubbling up in her throat.

“Yes, Maxu. Please…that feels so good—” A cry broke free from her chest as his answering groan sent her crashing over the edge.

He remained in place, sliding his fingers through her come and lapping gently at her clit until the absent rocking of her hips subsided. Maxu raised his head, his wild gaze roving over her sweaty skin and spread thighs.

She whimpered weakly as he first licked his lips, rolling them together as though savoring the last morsels of a dessert, then lifted the fingers he’d buried in her and sucked them clean.

Just like that, the embers simmering in her belly blazed back to life. Without a word, he rolled her onto her stomach, then lifted her hips until she was on her knees. Electricity sparked over her skin at the commanding way he forced his thigh between hers and spread her knees wide. His heavy palm gripped the meat of her ass. “I was right,” he rasped. “You get pink everywhere.”

Meg peered over her shoulder, and her breaths grew heavy. His wide chest rose and fell quickly, his firm abs constricting on every exhale. Matching his black eyes, mussed sections of his dark hair fell over his forehead. Heat pulsed deep inside her core at his insatiable perusal of her body.  

His fingers curled around her waist, and the thick head of his dick pressed against her entrance. He held her in place there, though her sex trembled at the sensation of the tip of his cock splitting her wide. Gaze meeting hers, he ran a worshipful hand over the curve of her spine, his shaft pulsing. Meg attempted to wiggle her hips and bury him deeper, but his palm flattened on the small of her back, pinning her in place. “Please, Maxu,” she begged. This was torture.

“Are you ready for your mate to fill you, vahpti?” He punctuated his question by pushing into her a bit more, then groaned at her answering moans.  

Inch by inch, he filled her. Meg pressed her face into the pillows and tried not to notice the slight pain that came along with the glorious stretching. When he was buried deep, his damp chest came down over her back.

“Fuck, Meg.” He slipped one hand between her thighs, and the other wrapped around her shoulders, his mouth pressed to her ear. “You have a magnificent cunt. Hot and tight. Delicious.”

Meg preened, stretching her back against his chest like a contented cat. Her neck arched toward his mouth, reveling in his dirty praise.

His fingers slipped in light circles around her clit, applying just the right amount of pressure to make her wet and gasping. Maxu began moving inside her, sliding in and out slowly at first, but gaining speed with each one of her breathy moans. Powerful quads slapped against the backs of her thighs, forcing her forward until she collapsed onto her stomach, his devilish fingers still working even though his hand was trapped between the bed and her hips.

His knees pivoted her legs farther apart as he pounded into her. The pulsing of her heart echoed through her body and emerged in her core as a deep throb growing hotter and hotter each time he buried himself in her.

Heavy and slick with sweat and the warm moisture in the air, his chest weighed her down, while his arm clamped around her shoulders kept her held in place. She’d never experienced anything close to this. Not just the mind-numbing electricity of her climax building even now, but the connection of it. The way Maxu was all out fucking her from behind but still somehow managing to make her feel like he was treasuring the moment.

In her mind, sex had always been either depraved or wholesome. Shameful or virtuous. No in between. But this was both. It was dirty, tender, rough, and attentive all at once. Meg breathed out strangled yeses on every one of Maxu’s thrusts.

His mouth pressed against her temple, nose burying in her hair, and he inhaled, releasing a loud purr. Her toes curled as the vibration of that sound pulsed from his cock to the walls of her core.

The yeses were gone, her breath trapped in her lungs as she waited for the crest of her orgasm to break over her.

“That’s right, vahpti. Come. Come all over me.” His harsh, hissed words against her skin were more than she could handle, and she came. She cried out, head going dizzy from lack of oxygen.

A proud, vicious growl built in volume as his thrusts grew deeper and more frantic. Meg was still trembling from the intensity of her climax, and his powerful, driving hips only elongated her cries until he slammed into her, shoving her collarbones against his forearm, and roared into the empty room.

She was too hot, too oversensitive to feel his semen filling her, but she noticed the tickle of it as it dripped out from her clenching sex. Maxu’s lips trailed kisses over her shoulder between panted breaths. He kept himself buried inside her but shifted, pushing his upper body up so he could continue his progress down the center of her spine.

“Don’t,” she breathed. “I’m all sweaty.”

A rumbled chuckle was her only warning before he gripped her hips and licked a long line up her spine to her neck. His nose nuzzled her ear, and he exhaled a hot “Mmm.”

Meg flushed with pleasure even as she teased, “You’re so weird.”

When Maxu slipped out of her, she tried to rise, but he pressed her back down with a firm hand to her lower back, then sauntered away, muscular ass flexing with each step. When he’d disappeared into the bathroom alcove, she frantically attempted to smooth her tangled hair and wipe at her face to remove any rogue makeup.

“I like you rumpled.”

Meg let out a short shriek and flailed onto her back. He’d been quieter than death on his approach.

He grinned down at her as her cheeks heated, then took a knee before her clenched thighs. With a single raised brow directed her way, she opened her legs. He took his time wiping away his seed from her ass and her pubic bone where it had dribbled, then tossed the cloth away.

Sitting back on his heels, he just stared at her for a moment. Sex was over, the haze of lust that lowered inhibitions and modesty gone with it. Now she was just…naked. Sprawled out before him for his clear-headed inspection. She wanted to shove her legs back together, but she forced herself not to, biting her lip again instead.

His stare went on for so long that she finally broke, sitting up so she could curl her knees into her chest. “What are you doing?”

His brows furrowed angrily, but he didn’t try to stop her. “Searing your body into my mind so I can think of you when I fuck myself later tonight.”

Warmth and a tendril of hurt curled together in her belly at his words, until she remembered that Clecanian couples didn’t normally share rooms. He probably expected her to return to her own bed.

She smiled tentatively. “I could stay too…if you wanted.”

“You mean sleep here? With me?” His expression hadn’t shifted.

Meg squeezed her knees to her chest more tightly. “I mean, I can go if you’d rather. I just thought—”

She squealed as he dove, tackling her flat to the bed.

Hours later, Meg awoke to the faint trickling of water. The bright moon shone in through the open balcony, casting cool shadows over Maxu’s sculpted cheeks. She was lying on her stomach, her preferred position for sleeping, and he was next to her, half his body draped over her back.

Their skin was covered in either sweat or condensation from the air. She didn’t know which, and she didn’t care. His thick bicep stretched across her upper back, while his tree trunk of a thigh weighed down her ass.

She shifted her arm a fraction, and he grunted, pulling her under the side of his body more tightly and resting his chin against her forehead. Meg fell back asleep with a grin on her face and the sexiest man she’d ever met holding on to her for dear life.


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