Rambler: Chapter 10

Phoenix paced in the room, muttering to herself, “Claiming, and my dad saying odd stuff. Like he knew this? Knew what?” She stopped and kicked the bed in frustration, her foot hit it too hard. “Owww!” She sat down on the bed and took her shoe off to rub her big toe. “I come here and find a dad that did not seem to care, then I meet him… Rambler.” She shivered at just saying his name. That kiss was what had done it. She knew of sex, knew about dating and kissing, but not something like he’d made her feel with just his mouth.

She stilled. Yes, she had felt small rushes before like ever since she turned sixteen. Like at the sight of men who were like truly hot. But they never looked at her so she didn’t know how much further the feeling could ever go. But that kiss? Wow.

Afraid of thinking about it too much, she stood up again. To try to get back on track with finding her mom. That’s what she came here for in the first place. Not because of some man who…She again, remembered the taste of him. But damn, the man made her so mad sometimes. Then at times, he puzzled her a lot. Then saying she was gonna be his woman. His? How did that work? Claiming, they all called it. Well, she had been the ruler of her life since she was… she paused. Since the day, her mother disappeared.

The door opened and there stood the very person she couldn’t stop thinking about.

Rambler came in quietly then paused to look down at her feet. “Why are you only wearing one shoe?”

Blinking rapidly, she stared down and her cheeks heated. “I stubbed my toe.”

“Before or after you took your shoe off?” He strode across the room and grabbed her, sitting down on the bed with her in his lap.

It all happened so fast, Phoenix didn’t even realize it had happened. Until she felt his hard lap underneath her “What are you doing?” she asked.

He raised her foot up and gazed at her toe. “It looks a little red.” Then he went quiet for a full minute. “Damn, you have the daintiest feet I have ever seen.” He grinned. “They…” He then grabbed her other foot and pushed her shoe off. “…Are so damned cute.”

“Cute?” she asked. “My feet aren’t cute! No one has ever said that before.”

He took her injured foot in a gentle grasp and stroked lightly over her sore toe. “Well, they are and I bet the rest of you is too.”

Her throat swelled up instantly at the low sound of his voice. “Rambler… what is it that you are doing?”

He raised his intense gaze at her. “Doing?”

“Yes! That scene in the main room. The way you are acting now. Please explain it to me?”

He stood her up. “I want you for myself. I want to taste you.”

Gulping at his tone and his words, she turned around to face him. “B-but I just met you 2 days ago?”

He slowly nodded. “True. But…” He sighed.” It is what it is.” He gazed up at her. “Do you trust me?”

Phoenix cocked her head at him. “Not with my car keys.”

He blinked in surprise then he laughed. “Okay, good point.”

She bit at her lip to keep the smile at bay. His laugh did things to her, like made her tingle all over. “So, this claiming thing…”

He stopped chuckling. “It means like we are together exclusively. Permanently in the eyes of MC law.”

“MC law?” She shook her head. “Like marriage?”

He slowly nodded.

Scared at this possibility, she backed up a little. “I-I don’t know about…” She couldn’t seem to say anything to this.

He stood to face her. “If I show you what we could be together. What we could feel, then will you at least think about it?”

“What does that mean?” She stomped her foot. “I just don’t get it!”

He came closer. “You will. Just trust me, alright?”

She bit at her lip and could only nod.

Reaching out, Rambler grabbed her blouse, raising it up over her head. Then he tossed it on the chair.

Staring at him, she watched for his revulsion as that blouse had a high neck like all her blouses.

He stared at her bra. “I’m going to undress you sweetness. Please relax.”

Swallowing heavily, she nodded.

He unsnapped her jeans and rolled her jeans down as he himself lowered to the floor with them. He paused, “Step out of them, Bea.”

She almost missed the name he called her. Bea? But then she did what he said.

He wrapped his large hand around her calf then his other hand reached for her thigh. “Damn…” He let out a sigh.

Trembling, Phoenix had no idea what was happening.

Raising, his hands up, he slipped his finger into her lace panties.

Gasping, she tried to step away.

He tugged her back. “Let go, baby. Just let me show you?”

Nodding, she kept silent, she didn’t know if she could speak at all really.

He slipped his finger in and stroked her folds. “Wet, you see?” he raised his finger to his lips and sucked it in.

Her eyes widened at him.

“Mmmm,” he growled low and slowly stood up. Maneuvering her to the bed, he stopped and reached around to unsnap her bar.

Shivering at the cool air that hit her nipples, she took a deep breath.

His head lowered and he took one into her mouth, while his fingers teased the other one.

Gasping at the hot feel of his velvety tongue on her nipple, she shook all over. “Ohhh.”

He murmured, “Mm-hmm…” As he kept playing with her breasts.

Phoenix felt like she had just been lit on fucking fire. The man’s hands wandered over her skin as he licked and sucked on both nipples. Her legs started to shake.

He stopped.

Her body reacted like a life sustenance had been taken away from her. She whimpered.

He chuckled as he gazed into her eyes. “I like that sound.” He then lowered her panties and she stepped out of them.

Now she was stark naked. She felt insecure instantly when she realized it.

He held her steady and lowered her to the bed.

Lying down, she wondered how he knew where all her sensitive spots were when she hadn’t even know herself.

He then went wild, kissing every inch of her skin and caressing her with his hands. He acted like she was a feast for him and he couldn’t seem to get enough. Growling low, he slipped one finger into her.

Gasping, her hips rose on their own. She felt a need building in her, like a hunger but she couldn’t identify what she needed.

Rambler lowered his body and then dragged hers to the edge of the bed. He spread her thighs then his mouth latched on to her lady bits.

She almost rose up off the bed. “Oh, no!”

Rambler chuckled and the rumble of it vibrated through her body. He did not stop, he licked, sucked and pumped his finger into her.

Panting for air, she tossed her head back and forth as something built in her, something fierce. It felt like fire but electric. It built and built. She couldn’t think and she couldn’t breathe, as she peaked some cliff and her body arched up off the bed as she screamed out, “Rambler!” Her body exploded and she saw colors behind her eyes. Something gushed out from between her thigh, something warm and hot. She felt suddenly like she was floating in hot velvet or something.

Rambler sucked it all up, like he was drinking from her.

Her eyes rolled up as her body trembled fiercely. “Oh pleeeaaasssse…”

Finally, after her quaking settled, he raised his face up. “Fucking delicious, just like I thought.”

With her heart pounding and her head spinning, she asked, “What the hell was that?”

Rambler stood up. “My taste of heaven and I was right too.”

She let out a long satisfied sigh. Her body felt heavy and lazy now, she couldn’t seem to move at all. “Right?”

Nodding, Rambler grinned as he licked his lips. “You are mine.”

Finally sitting up on her elbows, she stared at him. “How can you know that?”

He tugged his shirt up and off. “For one, I could do that all over again, several times in a row, just to taste you. Now, I’m addicted.”

Staring, she took in the ink he wore. She saw the symbol that had been on their patches, the same one on the patch she had with her all these years, except the symbol was a full one with a skull. Her eyes remained on him, as he took his boots off then his jeans.

Smiling at her, he left his boxers on and grabbed her, scooting her up along the bed.

“W-what now?” she asked.

“We just sleep now.”

“B-but…” She knew men did more than this when they had sex, she’d seen a few images herself on the net. “What about you?”

He tugged her close. “Me?”

“Yes…like don’t men need to umm…”

He chuckled into her ear. “We aren’t doing that yet.”

She frowned. “But I thought that was the whole point?”

“Maybe, but… I want it to be special…” He sighed. “Look, I’m going to be making a trip.”

Her body stiffened. “Where?”

He was silent.

“Where Rambler, and you can’t lie, remember?”

“To get justice for Mac.”

Her eyes widened as she sat up and stared down at him. “To where this Odin is? Oh, no!”

“Oh, yes.” He grabbed her up and embraced her with large arms. “Look…I lost my brother 12 years back. I never knew who killed him. We had our guess with Odin and his men, but until we knew for sure, we couldn’t go after him without proof. We can now.”

Tears filled her eyes. “Because I told you who did it,” she said it with a cold realization. “So then you claim me, knowing you were going out to—to…”

“Bea, please. I won’t be alone. Hunter, Raven, Sinner and six other brothers are going with me. Then there is one more thing. Burr…” His voice lowered. “He was the man to wrap that rope around your neck and leave you for dead. You’re my woman now. I have to do this.”

Tears rolled down Phoenix’s cheeks. “I-I understand…” Though she refused to really. How could he get her so attached to him so fast then announce he was going out and possibly could lose his life in a battle with these madmen?

Phoenix tried to settle in and enjoy the warmth of his body as he caressed her hair. She wanted to imprint every minute of tonight into her brain. Tears rolled from her eyes as she decided, she wouldn’t be here when he got back.

She had her own plans.


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