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Owned By A Sinner: Epilogue 2


Two months later…

James’ cry echoes through the penthouse.

Groaning, I throw my leg from the bed, trying to gather the strength to get up.

Liam takes hold of my hip and pulls me back onto the bed. “Stay, baby. I’ve got this.”

“You’re the best,” I mumble. I feel the mattress dip as he gets up.

Prying my eyes open, I watch as he turns on the nightlamp we got for the cradle. Reaching inside, he gently picks up our baby, then cradles him against his chest. “Is my boy hungry?” He lays James down on the bed and checks his diaper. “Yes, definitely hungry,”

I pull myself up against the pillows, then Liam lays James, who’s got a red line running down his forehead from all the crying, in my arms. While our son latches on, Liam leaves the bedroom.

I blink a couple of times to rid my eyes of the scratchy sensation, then stare down at James eagerly sucking me dry.

Just as the thirst hits, Liam comes back with a bottle of water. He uncaps it and hands it to me.

Only after I’ve drank half do I smile at my husband. “Go to sleep. I’ve got this.”

“I’ll wait until he’s had enough.” Reaching beneath the covers, Liam brushes his hand up and down my leg, his eyes on James.

It’s three in the morning. We’re both dead tired.

Still, how lucky am I?

I have the best husband in the world sitting next to me. Our healthy son in my arms. No worries besides when I’ll have my next nap.

Life is insanely good.

James makes fussing noises, and instantly Liam’s lips curve up, his eyes filled with adoration.

When James frees my nipple, Liam takes him from me, and standing up, he picks up a towel, placing it against his shoulder before gently burping our son.

“I’m jealous,” I mutter as I cover myself. “I don’t know how you burp him.”

“Rub. Pat. Rub. Pat,” Liam teases me. James lets out a loud one, then makes a gurgling sound that melts my heart.

Liam moves him into a cradling position, slowly rocking him.

Taking in the sight of my husband and son, who are entirely in love with each other, my heart feels full.

When James drifts off to sleep, his little hands open, his lips parted, Liam presses a kiss to his forehead. “Sweet dreams, my boy.” He lays him in the cradle, then turns off the light.

I snuggle down into my pillow, but the moment Liam climbs back in bed, he takes hold of my hips, and pulls my butt against his pelvis.

Feeling his hardness, I mumble, “Sleep.”

He pulls my leggings and panties down. “You can sleep. Don’t mind me.”

I let out a chuckle, which turns to a moan as he thrusts inside me. “I’ve changed my mind. Fuck me.”

Liam presses a kiss to my neck, his chest pressed against my back, then asks, “When can we have another baby?”

His body rocks mine with hard thrusts, making it impossible to talk. When my orgasm hits, I smother my cries against the pillow.

Liam jerks inside me, his teeth sinking into my shoulder to smother his groan.

We lie still for a moment, then he asks, “When?”

“As soon as James is on solids.”

He kisses my shoulder, then murmurs, “Good.” When he pulls out of me, he turns me onto my back, pressing a kiss to my mouth. Caressing my cheek with his fingers, he murmurs, “I love you, baby.”

“Another kiss,” I demand playfully, now wide awake.

This time when his mouth takes mine, he deepens it. It doesn’t take long before Liam thrusts inside me again.

“I love you,” I breathe against his lips.

So much.

Just when I think I can’t love the man any more than I already do, he does something that makes me fall in love even deeper.

“Mine,” he groans, his arms wrapping me tightly to his chest as he makes love to me.





Two years later…

“Liam, have you seen Lily’s bag?” Kiara calls from upstairs.

Just then, James decides to turn his box of toys over, sending them spilling across the floor.

“Have you checked the nursery?” I yell, crouching to pick up the toys.

“Not here.”

James grabs two cars and makes a run for the foyer. “Our bedroom?”

“Already checked. Not there.”

Climbing to my feet, I walk to the stairs, stopping to grab hold of James. Throwing him over my shoulder, he lets out a bark of laughter, then proceeds to drive his cars up and down my back.

I find Kiara in the nursery, with Lily, our newborn daughter, cradled in her arms. Glancing around the room, I walk to the side of the cradle and pick up the bag.

“Oops.” My wife just shrugs at me.

I give her a playful glare. “If it was a snake, I’d be sucking the venom out of you.”

“Hmm… kinky,” she teases me.

“Don’t want to be late for Grammy,” I say, which has James’ head popping up.

He places his hands on my shoulders, the cars digging into me. “I want Grammy.”

Tara’s babysitting for us so we can get some alone time. Since Lily’s birth, she’s been helping out once a month so we can have time to focus on ourselves for a couple of hours.

At first, we spent our date nights worrying about the kids, but now we have a tradition of going out for dinner.

“Let’s go,” Kiara says, walking out of the room. “I’m in the mood for a fish platter.”

“We can share,” I mention as I follow after her.

“Wrrroom-wrroooooooom.” James’ spit hits my neck as the cars crash on my other shoulder, but I’m at the point where I don’t even care anymore. 

After handling Kiara’s morning sickness and a fuck ton of diapers, a little spit is nothing.

We leave the penthouse, and the moment the elevator doors slide open, James excitedly yells, “Declan!”

I hand my son to Declan, who grins. “I like your cars, little man.”

“Watch out,” Kiara warns. “Lately, they’re weapons.”

“I’m tough.”

Kiara helps Declan bundle the kids into their car seats while I place the bag in the trunk. Sliding behind the steering wheel, I wait for Kiara to climb in, and watch Declan and his team pile into their SUV.

As I steer us out of the basement, I pick up Kiara’s hand and press a kiss to her skin, then place it on my thigh.

“I want Grammy,” James shouts.

“Ten minutes, my boy,” I murmur.

This is our life now. Kids. Family. Date nights. Sex at midnight before one of the kids wakes up. Running the mafia and Byrne Enterprises.

Stopping at a red light, I look at my wife. “I love you, baby.”

“And me,” James chuckles.

“Yes, Daddy loves you and Lily too,” I laugh.

Kiara leans over and presses a quick kiss to my jaw. “And we love you.”

Mine. The whole lot of them.



The End.


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