Nightbane: Chapter 64


Oro let her go. Out of shock, or disgust, or because he was finally listening to her, she didn’t know.

You will kill one of them. That much is certain.

Screams sounded from the battleground; power rippled through the air. Out of nowhere, more dreks appeared, screeching. Arrows shot through the sky, and the creatures fell, but there were too many. They picked Skylings off, one by one. She watched helplessly as more Skylings dropped from the sky, limp or in pieces.

Death, so much useless death. Pain and blood painted the island. It made her remember what she had done. What she had done—

Her voice was trembling. “If I go with you, will you leave? Will you stop the attack?” she asked.

No,” Oro said, the word a plea.

Grim’s answer was immediate. “Yes.”

He held his hand out, the same way he had countless times before, and the echoes of it reverberated in her mind.

Isla reached for Grim’s hand. She was a monster, just like him. She needed to get away from Oro and this island. She looked at Lynx, and Grim said, “Don’t worry, he’s coming too.” She watched her leopard vanish.

“Don’t,” Oro said. His voice broke on the word. She knew he wouldn’t let her go. He didn’t understand; he didn’t know about the prophecy. He would think there was another way.

So before Grim could portal them to Nightshade, she turned and said, “I love you, Oro.” She closed her eyes tightly. Felt tears sweep down. She took Grim’s hand. “But I love him too.”

And, because of his flair, he knew it was true.


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