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Nanny for the Neighbors: Chapter 69


All three men let out low, shocked noises. Six hands grab me, holding me as I convulse. It’s a short, sweet climax that fills me up inside like a bubble, then bursts, sending heat flooding through me. I gasp through it, overwhelmed by its suddenness.

Holy shit. That was unexpected.

Baby,” Cyrus coos, sounding absolutely delighted. “You like this.”

I glare at him as I come back down. All of my insides are tingling. I already want more.

“Move,” I order. Jack and Seb share one last amused look, then resume their slow thrusts. This time, I manage to make it more than one stroke before spontaneously orgasming. The three of us fall into a steady rhythm, my body rocking between them; me on all fours, with Sebastian flat on his back underneath me, and Jack taking my ass doggy style.

It’s an odd position, but it feels surprisingly natural. Primal. Like our bodies know what to do. There’s only one thing missing.

I glance across at Cyrus. He’s kneeling at my side, watching us all with dark eyes. “Please,” I say.

He grins crookedly and slides off the bed, coming to stand in front of me. His erection bobs by my face. It’s flushed and swollen, the tip glistening. My mouth practically waters. I arch my neck to wrap my lips around him, but he pulls away, instead bending down to kiss me. I moan into his mouth as his fingers tangle in my hair. Our tongues dance, hot and passionate. We’re kissing like a couple of teenagers, drowning ourselves in each other, our mouths thudding together in time with Seb and Jack’s thrusts. I can’t get enough of him. I need more. My skin is burning up like I’ve been set on fire. I squirm. I can feel my pussy fluttering desperately around Seb’s shaft, clenching and squeezing with need.

“More,” I rasp, stretching up to try and force more friction. “Please. I can’t handle it.”

“Yeah?” Jack asks, giving my calf a little squeeze. I buck, making Sebastian groan. “How do you want it, honey? Faster? Harder?”

“Just more,” I moan, and he laughs.

“I reckon we can do that.”

All of a sudden, their slow caresses and rolling thrusts speed up. My mouth falls open as pleasure reverberates through my body, and Cy takes advantage of this to push between my open lips. He tastes divine; musky and salty and male. I lunge forward, shoving him so deep that my eyes water. He notices and tries to pull away, but I make a disapproving noise. I don’t mind it. I like it. He could fuck me hoarse for all I care. I want all of my men inside me, as deep as they can get.

He looks down at me, his cheeks flushed. “Fuck,” He breathes. “You look so goddamn incredible, Beth. Your mouth—”

I slip my tongue underneath his shaft, sucking hard, and he shouts, his eyelashes fluttering. His body is already tensing and hardening. I try to suck him harder, to swirl my tongue the way I know he likes, but it’s hard; I can’t help getting distracted by the two men sawing into me.

It feels like Seb and Jack are pounding into the same special, sensitive spot inside of me, alternatively thudding either side of the thin membrane. I can’t stop moaning, my hands fisting at the sheets as my body contorts with pleasure. Sweat dampens my skin. I can feel heat building up inside of me, mounting and growing, until I’m sure I can’t handle it anymore. I need to come. I have to. My belly tightens, and I gasp in a breath, bracing myself for a mind-blowing climax—

But somehow, Cyrus beats me to it.

I jolt in surprise as he throws back his head and shouts. His hot load explodes into my mouth, running down my throat. I reach up to caress his balls, and take him in deep, swallowing down everything he has to give me. Well, I try to, anyway. It’s a Hell of a lot more come than I’m used to. After a few seconds, I start to choke. He pulls out, letting the rest of his release splash over my neck and back, glazing my shivering body.

“What the fuck,” Jack grunts behind me as I kneel, gasping and hot, drenched in his release.

Cyrus scoops up a handful of my hair and tugs my mouth to his. “It’s been a long time,” he mutters between kisses. “What did you expect?” He licks my bottom lip, and I shudder against him. “Sorry,” he murmurs. “Didn’t mean to drown you.”

I snort. There’s a low groan underneath me, and Sebastian’s muscles start to clench. He buries his face in my chest, roaring as he comes. I feel the powerful gush of his release shoot into me, coating my channel.

Fuck,” I swear, riding him harder, milking his climax out of him. His grip on my arms tightens so hard he’ll probably leave bruises, and his face twists in agonised pleasure as I rut into him, desperately forcing every last drop of his seed inside of me.

Eventually, his shuddering body calms, and I feel a soft kiss against my shoulder. “Good girl,” Seb says quietly. “God, you’re so damn sweet, Beth. You’re so sweet.”

I don’t answer. I can’t. I’m balanced right on the precipice. Each one of Jack’s hard, thudding thrusts in my ass is pushing me further and further. I grit my teeth, squeezing my eyes shut, sweat pouring down my back, my whole body straining and tensing—

Jack pounds into my backside one last time, and I lose it. I cry out as my vision flashes. Seb and Cyrus hold me steady as I start to shudder, wracked with pleasure. My core clenches and relaxes in rhythmic waves, sending spasms through my lower stomach. Cyrus bends and sucks one of my tits into his mouth, laving it with his tongue while he pinches the other, and I arch, desperate for breath. My hand flies out and grips Seb’s leg.

It’s too much. With Jack still furiously drilling me from within, it’s like I can’t stop. There’s no relief. I just keep coming, one spike of ecstasy rolling right into the next, two, three, four times.

Jack,” I choke, squeezing my buttocks together. “Please!”

Jack shudders as he explodes inside of me, flooding my ass with heat. The gush of come stretches out my climax even further; right when I think the pleasure will fade, one last wave crashes over me with a vengeance. My mouth falls open. My toes curl. My muscles tense painfully. The men all hold me as I shake uncontrollably. Cyrus starts tugging hungrily at my breasts, groaning, and Jack keeps sliding in and out of me from behind, his strokes slick with his release. I can barely register any of it. I’m hardly in my body. My mind is somewhere quiet and empty, a thrumming plane of pure ecstasy. I sink into the pleasure, letting it swallow me whole.

When I finally come back, I realise I’m lying down. Sebastian is touching my face, and Jack is easing himself out of me, stroking my back. I’m so exhausted, I don’t even bother to roll over. I can feel the three mens’ release seeping out between my legs, mixing with my own wetness and sticking to my thighs.

Jesus. It’s a good thing I don’t really need that birth control. I’d probably have to take a triple dose to handle these three. I close my eyes, lolling against the damp sheets, and sigh, finally relaxing.

“You need a shower,” Seb says over my head.

“Hey,” I protest, and he laughs, picking me up. I let him carry me into the shower and wash me off, cleaning the sweat and come off my skin. After the past week of barely sleeping, I’m almost too tired to stand, but he still manages to coax one last climax out of me, thumbing and tugging at my softening nipples while he massages slowly between my legs. I come with a moan, clinging to him as he holds me up under the rush of steaming water.

When I’m clean, he towels me off and brings me back into his bedroom. Someone has changed his bedsheets. He lays me out gently in the middle of the mattress, and the other men all slump down around me. I stretch out my tired body, my eyes falling shut.

“How do you feel?” Jack asks, pulling me against his chest.

I consider. There’s some soreness, especially in my backside, but it’s fading into a nice warm sensation.

“Good,” I murmur, snuggling into him. “I love you.”

He kisses my cheek. Cyrus curls against my back. Sebastian reaches across and squeezes my hand. “We love you, too.”

Still smiling, I fall asleep in seconds.


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