Merciless Saints: Chapter 21


After lunch, Alexei glances between Damien and me, saying, “Come with me.”

We follow him to my father’s study, and there’s a sad twinge as I take a seat at the desk where my father spent most of his time whenever he was home.

Alexei opens a laptop and turns it so both Damien and I can see the screen, then he says, “The finances look good.”

My eyes dart over the figures and pointing toward the total amount, I ask, “Is that how much I… we have?”

Alexei smirks. “Yes. One point five billion. That’s not taking into account the diamonds your father has in the vault.”

“Did you get the code to the vault?” I ask.

Alexei shakes his head. “I had to break in. We’ll need to get a new vault.” He gets up to retrieve a small wooden case, and when he opens it, my gaze drifts over the sparkling diamonds. Alexei gestures to the largest one. “I have a buyer. He’ll pay fifty million for this one.”

My eyes dart up to Alexei’s as it begins to set in that I’ll be okay financially. More than okay.

“Thank you, Alexei,” I murmur as I glance down at the diamonds.

“Of course,” he murmurs. “This is what family is for.”

“How do you know what’s fake and what’s real?” Damien asks as he leans closer.

I use a pair of tweezers to pick up the largest diamond and hold it closer for him to inspect, then I explain. “There are a couple of ways. Personally, I prefer the sandpaper test. If you rub a fake diamond on it, it will be scratched, where it won’t do any harm to the real thing.”

Damien nods as Alexei closes the case and places it back in the vault. When he takes a seat again, Damien asks, “What do you know about the smuggling routes?”

“There are a couple. None by land. By air, it’s fairly easy as Africa doesn’t have strict border controls. Our biggest problem will be dealing with the rebels.” Alexei’s gaze settles on me. “It won’t be safe for you to go.”

I instantly frown. “I know it won’t be safe, but if I don’t take a stand, I’ll never be taken seriously in this business.”

“We’ll talk about it later,” Damien mutters, and then he changes the subject by asking, “The men are arriving tomorrow morning, right?”

“Yes, we’ll leave for Italy as soon as they’re here.”

Damien rises to his feet. “We have a lot to prepare before we leave.”

“Demitri will make sure the jet is fueled and ready,” Alexei says, and when he rises to his feet as well, I do the same.

I watch as the men leave, anger starting to simmer in my chest.

I won’t sit on the sidelines while Damien makes the runs. I refuse to.

I walk out of the office and grab hold of Damien’s arm before he can take the stairs down with Alexei. He turns to me with a questioning gaze.

I wait until Alexei’s gone, then say, “You will not do the runs without me. I told you I won’t be some docile wife that sits with my hands folded at home.”

Damien’s eyes sharpen on my face, and he takes a threatening step closer to me. “The rebels aren’t the Blancos, Princess. They’re barbaric. If they get their hands on you, they’ll use you before torturing you. For weeks if not months. I will not risk you.”

“I can fight,” I hiss at him.

Damien moves fast, and before I can think to fend him off, he shoves me back against the wall, and pressing his body against mine, he growls, “Fight me off.”

I try to squirm out of his hold, but Damien uses more strength than I’m used to, keeping me pinned. As my breaths speed up, he moves a hand between my legs and cups me hard.

With his face an inch from mine, he growls, “I can take you right here, and you won’t be able to stop me. How will you stop a whole group of savages?”

My body relaxes in his hold, and then I whisper, “I’ll have you.” I let out a breath, my eyes not leaving his. “You’ll never let anything happen to me.”

Damien slackens his grip, and then his mouth crashes against mine. The kiss is bruising and controlling, a punishment for arguing with him. He ravages my lips and tongue until they’re tingling from all the friction before his mouth moves down my throat.

Breathless, I say, “I’ll always be safest at your side. Don’t leave me behind.”

Damien grabs hold of my thighs and lifts me against his body. The moment I wrap my legs around him, he carries me back to our bedroom. He kicks the door shut behind us and walks us to the bed, where he drops me.

My heartbeat speeds up as he rips my boots and pants off, and I try to prepare myself for his intensity. Damien doesn’t even bother taking off his clothes. He just unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. After freeing his cock, he yanks my legs apart and enters me hard.

He’s relentless as he takes me, and it doesn’t take long before we’re both breathless from our orgasms seizing our bodies.

My body’s still convulsing when Damien wraps his hand around my neck and yanks my face closer to his. “I will not put you in a position where another man can take what’s mine. You will not be present during negotiations with the rebels. Don’t fight me on this.”

I will. I’ll find a way to convince him. Maybe not this moment but definitely before the next run.

Damien must see the defiance on my face because his features turn to granite as he bites out,
“Your life is not your own anymore, Princess. You belong to me, and it’s time you realize that. When I say no, it’s not negotiable.”

“Everything’s negotiable,” I murmur. “Everything but death.”

Damien’s eyes narrow on mine before he pulls out of me. I watch him walk to the bathroom, his tense posture telling me he’s raging mad.

Instead of giving him time to calm down, I go after him. “I’m not some fragile princess, Damien. I can handle a gun just as well as you. Not every fight will result in hand-to-hand combat. I’ll be armed to the teeth during the runs.”

He gives me a sideways glance as he braces his hands on the counter by the sink.

I move closer and place my hand on his back, leaning into him. “I’ll show you when we attack the Blancos. Let me prove to you I can hold my own.”

Damien stares long and hard at me before he grumbles, “If you do a single thing wrong, this discussion is over, and you will do as I say.”

At least he’s giving me a chance. I nod as I agree, “That’s all I ask. Just give me a chance.”

He lifts his hand, and wrapping it around the back of my neck, he pulls me against his body. I feel his breath in my hair before his lips skim over my ear and jaw. “I won’t lose you,” he whispers.

“You won’t,” I assure him.





Somehow Alexei managed to get plans of the Blanco’s villa. After his six men arrived, all Russian of course, we gather around the dining room table, studying the best way to attack.

“We’re ten people. We should split into two groups. One attacks from the front while the other breaches from behind,” Alexei says, gesturing on the map.

“I’ll take the back,” I say. “With Winter and three men. We can use this entrance to gain entry to the house.”

“Then Demitri and I will attack from the front. We need to move fast. We can’t risk using explosives.” He glances around the room. “Everyone knows how to pick a lock?” He’s met with a chorus of grunts, then Alexei says, “Check your weapons before we head out.” He glances between Winter and me as we check our Heckler and Kochs. “You’re sure she can shoot?”

Winter’s been in a fighting mood since yesterday, and before she can say something to Alexei, I take hold of the back of her neck.

“Yes,” I mutter. “She’s good.”

I notice how every man’s eyes lock on Winter, and I quickly pull her against my side. “Keep your eyes off my wife.”

They instantly look everywhere but at her, and then she fucking chuckles.

God, help me with this woman.

“Time to hunt,” Alexei says, a smile tugging at his mouth. “Let’s go.”

We all file out of the dining room, and Winter breaks free from me. I follow her to the kitchen and watch as she hugs Dana goodbye.

When I see the worry on the housekeeper’s face, I say, “I’ll bring her back. Alive.”

Dana nods at me. “Please. She’s all I have.”

They hug one more time before Winter returns to my side, and then we walk out of the house toward the private jet. It will take us three hours to get to Italy with our plane, so at least it’s a short trip.

Once we board, I pull Winter to the back and away from the other men. I push her down in the seat in the corner and sit down next to her.

“You’re possessive,” she mutters.

“Get used to it,” I grumble as I strap her in. I put on my own seat belt, then take hold of her hand and weave my fingers through hers.

She leans closer to me, and I tilt my head as she whispers. “I like it. If we were alone on the plane, I’d get on my knees to show you how much.”

Slowly, I turn my face to hers until our eyes meet. Winter reaches over the armrest with her other hand and presses her palm against my cock. She squeezes me as a tempting smile tugs at her mouth.

I grab hold of her hand and push down harder as I grumble, “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

With a seductive chuckle, she pulls back and settles into her chair.

“My fearless love,” I murmur, the corner of my mouth curving up.

She leans closer again and presses a kiss to my lips. “Always remember that.”

Shaking my head, I tighten my hold on her hand, and as we begin to take off, silence descends over the cabin.

When we near Italy, I murmur, “Never leave my side.”

Winter lets out a huff. “I know.”

I turn my eyes to hers. “Not even to go to the restroom. I mean it.”

She narrows her gaze on me. “You expect me to tell you every time I need to pee?”

“Yes,” I grumble. “The Cotroni’s might be allies, but it doesn’t mean I trust them.”

“Is there anyone you trust with my safety?” she asks.

“There was,” I mutter, but stop myself in time from bringing up Cillian. Instead, I say, “My brother and Alexei. That’s it. No one else gets near you.”

When the plane starts its descent, I murmur, “Wait for the other men to leave first. We’ll exit last.”


I let go of Winter’s hand and pull my gun from behind my back. I check the clip and glancing at her, I instruct, “Check your weapon.” I wait until she’s ready, and rising to my feet, I pull her up. “Behind me.”

God, I should’ve left her at home.



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