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Lyrical: Chapter 5


Motherfucking cunt! I will rip his heart out and gut the bastard for laying his hands on her.

I’ll fucking kill him.

I’ll kill the cunt.

I don’t care who he is. I don’t fucking care!

My fingers close around his throat and I squeeze, willing to get a bullet in my brain. In fact, I welcome it. Death doesn’t scare me. What’s happening inside my goddamn chest, that fucking scares me. I was done with her.


Except now I’m not.

Her passion, her anger, her fear, her rage, it cut me deep and I’m fucking bleeding from the wounds. I’m bleeding out like a motherfucking soldier ripped apart in the crossfire of some fucking war he never wanted to be a part of.

It pours out of me. My blood drips from every goddamn pore.

She slayed me. Slayed us with one motherfucking dance.

She punched her fists into my chest and wrapped her fingers around my heart and squeezed. She’s reignited feelings that I’ve long since buried.

Right there in front of me, she just danced for her goddamn life and I saw her clearly for the first time since returning.

I saw her.


My Kid.

She was afraid, angry, and utterly fucking breathtaking.

And now this dick, this fucking prick, put his hands on her.

No! No fucking way!

Not again.

Not again.


The only person who has the right to touch her is us. She’s fucking ours.


Our Pen.

Our lucky penny…

You’re wrong. She doesn’t belong to the Breakers. She belongs to HIM.

To Jeb.


I squeeze tighter and wait for death.


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