Lyrical: Chapter 22


Taking my hand, York guides me into the shower cubicle, the warm water cascading over him and plastering his hair against his head. He swipes a hand over his face, pushing his hair up in an adorable mess before easing me under the spray. The water cascades over my body, running in rivulets down my heated skin that flames even more when his fingers follow the flow. He looks down at me, water dripping from his nose and chin as he cups my breast in his hand, squeezing gently. I gasp when he thumbs my nipple, rolling the pad over and over my erect nub.

“You know Zayn and I haven’t…”



His hand stills on my breast as he watches me closely. “I didn’t think he had it in him to hold back once he made his mind up about you. Guy was a loose cannon after that night at Grim’s club..”

“I needed time,” I admit.

“And yet you’re standing naked in a shower with me?” He grins again, his hand stroking over my clavicle and between my breasts as he presses me up against the shower wall. He’s looking smug as fuck.

“Looks that way.”

“So what are we gonna do about it?” York asks, his gaze falling to my breasts and then lower to the neatly trimmed strip of hair covering my mound. I don’t answer, knowing this is a rhetorical question. “Oh, yeah. I’m gonna tickle your pickle… with my tongue.”

My breath catches as he drops before me and presses his nose against my mound, breathing in deep. I look down at him, at his broad shoulders and the length of his strong back. My fingers tangle in his wet hair as I grasp hold of him. This escalated fast.

“Titch, I’ve dreamed about this moment so many fucking times,” he says, looking up at me, his ice-blue eyes sharp with desire, his warm breath caressing my sensitive skin. “I don’t wanna stop, but if that’s what you want…”

“Don’t stop,” I breathe out, wanting to take a leaf out of his book. “Let’s be in the now. I’m sick of thinking about the future.”

York nods his head once, the lust billowing off him as he runs his hands up the backs of my legs. Grasping my arse, he lifts my right leg, hooking it over his shoulder. “I’m gonna savour every fucking second of this, Titch,” he states, then his hungry mouth latches onto my clit, sucking it into his mouth.

I jerk against him as sensation explodes outwards. I’ve never been kissed this way before, let alone fucked by someone’s mouth. Jesus Christ. If I had any sensible thought left in me, it’s gone now, dissolved under his expert lips.


“Damn!” he echoes, his needy voice vibrating against my core. “You taste as sweet as I imagined you would, Titch.”

York ducks lower, lifting his ice-blue eyes to look up at me. I see so much lust in them and that makes me wetter, hotter. I damn near come just by the glazed look in his eyes. With his gaze still locked with mine, he licks me tenderly from my arse, around my core and up to my clit, then back again. Up and down he licks me all the while muttering dirty words that make me weak.

“Beautiful… Pussy… Mine… I love… fucking your pretty… little cunt… with my… tongue.”

My legs begin to tremble, but he holds me steady with every sweep of his tongue, his hands grasp my arse, yanking me against his face as he devours me. I swear to fuck, I’m nothing but a ball of sensation. Every nerve ending alights under his expert mouth.

“York!” I cry out, my head rolling against the tiles, my fingers yanking his hair as my hips jerk against his mouth.

A deep chuckle reverberates through his body into mine only adding to the sensation, heightening it. With my shoulders pressed against the cool tile and the water raining over us both, York slides his tongue straight into my dripping core, alternating with feather light licks around my entrance, to deep dips into my channel. My eyes roll back in my head as I clamp his head to me, making noises I didn’t know I was capable of.

And he loves every second of it.

The sounds he makes turn me on, and I can’t get enough of looking down at him eating me out. Fuck, I spent hours in my youth watching pornos with scenes just like this, and just like then I’m turned on beyond belief. Every part of me is on fire.

I’m both weak and coiled tight.

But this, this is so much better than a porno. It’s my fantasy come true.

“Titch, I’m gonna make you come so hard,” he growls, pressing his thumb against my clit as he pulls away briefly, and slides his finger slowly into my core, watching every nuance on my face as he does. “You’re so fucking tight. I could come right now myself just thinking about slipping my cock inside of you.”

“Oh, God.”

“No, Titch. Say my name.”


“Say my name, Titch,” he repeats. “I wanna hear it release from your beautiful fucking mouth.”

“York,” I pant, smiling inside at his possessive tone. I had no idea.

“That’s much, much better.”

He grins evilly, his pupils blown wide with lust. There’s nothing but a tiny ring of ice-blue around the black as he looks up at me and I look down at him. My core leaks all over his hand as his finger slides in and out, in and out. Not once does he take his eyes off of mine.

“Please,” I hush out.

“Please what, Titch?”

“Please make me come.”

“With fucking pleasure,” he growls before removing his thumb, hooking his finger deep inside of me and assaulting my clit with the flat of his tongue.

He’s relentless.

Expert in his attention.

He’s a fucking god at this.

And me, I’m at his mercy.

My legs begin to shake in earnest now as though my body knows what’s about to happen and isn’t ready for the onslaught of such pleasure. I feel the orgasm building in my core as my muscles tighten around his finger. Up and up I go, rising high with the impending orgasm. I let myself ride the wave, moaning with the intensity of pleasure building inside of me. That waves crests and my spine stiffens, my hips jerk against York’s face.

“Look at me, Titch!” York orders against my core.

My head snaps down as my eyes meet his. The fire in them is unmistakable and a wicked smile lifts up his lips as he lifts my other leg around his shoulders and his finger presses against that secret spot inside of me.

“Come on my face. Now!” he orders, sucking both my clit and my pussy lips into his mouth.

I come.

Fuck, do I come.


Screaming York’s name.

My whole body shudders.

I clench around him.

My thighs clamp around his head.

My core weeps.

My opening spasms as he pulls his finger free and replaces it with his tongue.

He laps at me, swallowing down my cum.

He holds me up until I’m spent.

As my orgasm ebbs away, he lowers me gently to the floor on shaky legs.

“Do you know what you do to me, Titch? Do you know what you’ve done?” he mumbles against my skin as he climbs up slowly, kissing every inch of me as he does so. He kisses my hip bones. His lips slide across my abdomen. He tongues my belly button, the tip swirling there, imitating how he tongued my pussy. He runs his teeth against the underside of my rib cage. His hands grasp my tits, squeezing tightly, before he pinches my nipples and his mouth closes over one then the other.

I moan, still riding the tail-end of my orgasm.

“What do I do to you, York?” I ask breathlessly as my fingers tangle in his hair, and my chest heaves. I feel weak. Satiated. Loved. I always assumed this kind of sexual act is all about lust, but what he just did, that was so much more than that.

“You make me want to be a better man. I was blinded for too long. Now I can see fucking clearly.”

Pinning his forearms against the tiles either side of my head he presses his hips against mine, his rock hard cock pressing against my stomach. He leans his forehead against mine, and brushes his lips against my mouth, his tongue parting them gently. I can taste myself on his lips and fire lights within me once again. My hands rove over his skin, clasping his muscular back, his firm arse, before I slide my hand between us and fist his cock. He groans into my mouth as I palm his dick up and down.

“Jesus Christ,” he groans.

“Not Jesus, just me, just Titch,” I reply, smiling against his mouth as he bites down on my bottom lip when the pad of my thumb runs over his slit. I trace the thick vein that runs from the base of his cock to the tip.

“Fuck, Titch,” he groans, his teeth pulling on my lip before he releases it with a pop and drops his head back under the flow of water. I watch in awe as his Adam’s apple bobs up and down and I cup his balls, massaging them gently. His nipples peak, and I can’t help it, I capture one in my mouth, sucking on the point. A rumble vibrates up his throat, and his dick grows in my hand. He’s bigger than I remember.

“Your turn,” I say, a smile creeping over my face as my teeth scrape over the skin of his chest, and my tongue traces the branches of his tattoo. I pump his dick and massage his balls until he’s panting, his lips parting with every breath.

“You’re killing me, Titch,” he grinds out, cupping the back of my neck as he guides my lips back to his nipple, evidently loving the sensation just as much as I enjoy pleasuring him this way.

My lips slide across his chest and capture his other nipple which I lick and tease, all the while pumping him in my hand. He groans, his hands sliding over my hair, my neck, and my shoulders. I feel the slight pressure from his hands, and I know exactly what he wants because I have every intention of giving it to him.

Slowly, I move downwards, kissing my way across his abs and down his happy trail. On my knees, I squeeze him a little tighter, forcing him to focus his attention on me. It’s the perfect view as my eyes lift up from the head of his stunning cock, to his glorious chest before finally resting on his beautiful face as he looks down at me. His hair has fallen forward, and a river of water runs from the end as he reaches for my face, his fingers smoothing over my cheek.

“Is this where you tickle my pickle?” he asks roughly, swallowing hard.

I grin, then ever so softly lick the bulbous head of his cock keeping my gaze pinned on him. I’ve never sucked anyone off before, but I’ve watched enough pornos to get a good idea of what to do. With a confidence I didn’t know I possessed, my lips close over the tip of his cock, my tongue swirling around the ridge. His taste explodes on my tongue, and there’s a hint of something salty that makes me groan around him. There’s no questioning his excitement.

“Fuck!” York exclaims, bringing his other hand down so that he can cup my face firmly and guide me lower onto his cock. I adjust my position and take him further into my mouth as his fingers curl into my hair. With my hand twisting up and down the base of his cock, I take him in as far as I can, then draw back to suck on the head of his cock gently before repeating the action over again. Unlike the pornos I’ve watched, he doesn’t fuck my mouth until I gag, he simply guides me, allowing me to establish my own rhythm. He thickens in my mouth and when his legs begin to shake and his arse tightens with each gentle thrust, I know he’s going to come.

“Titch, I’m gonna come now, baby,” he croaks out and with one last jerk of his hips, his hot cum spurts into the back of my throat. I swallow his seed down, licking and sucking until he’s spent, my clit throbbing just like the vein beneath his silky skin.

Afterward, York and I wash each other silently. Our hands smoothing over each other gently. There’s a kind of peacefulness that falls over us both. We’re satiated, yes, but this is more than two people getting off.

This is healing.

I feel it in his touch as he washes me, and see it in his eyes as he looks down at me. York gets erect again, but he doesn’t make any move to take it further, and in a way I’m grateful. It’s been too easy to get lost in him. Stepping out of the shower, I wrap my body up in a towel, watching him closely. He seems distracted, and a little bead of worry begins to grow bigger inside my chest.

“What is it?” I ask, cocking my head to the side.

“We’re still in the now, okay. It can wait. I’ll give you a minute to get dressed,” he says, pressing a lingering kiss against my forehead before stepping out into the hallway and closing the door behind him.

Concentrating on the task at hand, I dry myself and pull on my clothes. I’ve no idea what time it is, but given how long I’ve been with York I know I’ve missed Xeno’s lesson. He’s going to be angry… Honestly, he can stand in line. What’s one more pissed off man to add to the long list?

Running a hand through my wet hair in an attempt to get the tangles out, I hear a loud knock on the front door. Whoever’s on the other side isn’t feeling particularly patient.

“Hold up, I’m coming!” York shouts, striding past me in just a pair of slacks as I open the bathroom door and step out into the hallway.

Xeno is standing in the doorway.

Oh, fuck.

It’s too late to go back into the bathroom as his eyes find mine. Xeno scowls, and my skin heats at the glare he’s giving me, but I remain steady, refusing to apologise for what’s happened. Xeno rips his gaze from me to York, and I see his fists clenching. There’s no doubt what we’ve been up to seeing as we’re both sporting wet hair, flushed cheeks, and swollen lips. Not to mention York is bare-chested and looking at me with a heavy dose of lust, still sporting a semi from our intimate moment in the shower.

“What?” York asks, leaning against the wall casually. He folds his arms over his chest and waits.

Xeno’s lip curls up into a snarl as he gives York a death glare. “You know fucking what,” he says, before turning his attention to me. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Don’t speak to her like that,” York says, a warning note in his voice.

Xeno’s head snaps back to York. “Are you for real?”

York pinches his arm. “Pretty fucking sure I’m not a statue.”

“Look,” I say, interrupting. “Clearly you’re angry, but honestly, I really don’t give a fuck.”

“Come again—” Xeno snaps.

“I said, I don’t give a fuck. I’ve long since stopped caring about what you think, Xeno. I’m here with York. In fact, I was just in the shower with him, and last night I was on a date with Zayn. I kissed him too, though I think you know that already, right? Isn’t that why you’re here now to try and control what’s happening between York and me? Did you get to Dax already, is that why he dropped me for Tiffany?”

“The fuck!” he snaps, anger blazing in his eyes. “You’ve no fucking idea what you’re talking about.”

“Time to go, Xeno,” York says, placing the flat of his palm on Xeno’s chest, giving him an intense look that seems to stop him in his tracks. He slams his mouth shut on whatever bullshit he was about to spew. “Go, Xeno.”

Jeb needs to see us tonight. He wants to meet us at Rocks, ten o’clock sharp.”

“Got it.” York nods tightly, a brief flash of concern crossing his face.

“York?” I question.

“It’ll be fine, Titch. Don’t sweat it,” he replies. His casual response only worries me more. He focuses his attention back on Xeno. “Is there anything else?”

Xeno snarls, his top lip literally pulling up over his teeth then his eyes snap back to mine. “You need to catch up with what you missed. I want to see you in my studio at eight. Don’t be late,” he orders.

I should tell him to go fuck himself, but I don’t. Whatever he has planned isn’t a bachata lesson, and like a train wreck waiting to happen, I know there’s no point in putting off the inevitable.

“Fine, Teach,” I respond, refusing to feel intimidated. “Will Tiffany be in attendance like the last time? She seems more than willing to assist you. Though, honestly, I thought you had better taste.” I bark out a laugh, unable to help myself.

“This isn’t a fucking joke. I thought being here meant something to you. Instead, you’re fucking around,” he spits, looking at me with disgust.

“One, why do you even give a shit, and two, I’m not fucking around,” I retort angrily, understanding his insinuation and hating it.

He snorts. “Whatever you need to tell yourself, Pen. Does Zayn know about this?” he asks, and my cheeks flush. Fuck him for making me feel like what I just shared with York was wrong. I’ve not had a chance to discuss what’s happening between York and me with Zayn and vice versa. It’s a conversation we all need to have, but fuck Xeno for shoving my apparent lack of transparency in my face.

“Fuck you, Xeno,” I snap.

“That’s enough, dickhead,” York snaps, placing his arm around my waist and pulling me into his side. “Go cool the fuck off. Titch will see you later, and the rest of us will see you at the club.”

York doesn’t bother to wait for Xeno to respond, he simply slams the door in his face and pulls me into his arms.

“What a prick,” I mutter.

York presses a kiss against the top of my head. “I’m sorry Xeno’s being such a dick. He’s angry because he doesn’t know how to unravel how he feels about you. He’s hurting, Pen. He cares. I know he fucking does,” York says, making me wonder who he’s trying to convince more, me or himself.

I push back against his chest and look up at him. “I should go.”

York nods, his arms falling to his side. He knows as well as I do that the moment between us is gone. We both have a lot of thinking to do. York can pretend that what Xeno says doesn’t matter, but I know him, and it does.

“I’ll talk with him—”

“Don’t trouble yourself,” I say. “If Xeno has something to say to me, he can do that all by himself.”

As I let myself into my flat, I can’t help but wonder who’s the bigger liar of the two, York because he believes Xeno cares, or Xeno because he’s adamant he doesn’t.

Closing my door behind me, I lean against the wood and close my eyes, my brother’s words once again ringing in my head.

You’re going to make them fall in love with you again… Then when the time is right, we are going to destroy them once and for all.”

Who’s the liar now?


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