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If You Dare: Epilogue


Wes is trying to teach me how to skate again and it’s going terribly.

His loud, musical laugh carries across the rink every time he tries to release me only for my arms to pinwheel right before he catches me.

He guides us to the edge of the rink, fully supporting me, the only way I’m able to stay upright on my skates. He spins me, pushing me up against the wall, cupping the back of my head, and bringing my mouth to his.

When his hand slides up my shirt, he groans. “What do you say to fooling around on the ice?” he murmurs against my lips.

My thighs clench.

“I’ve got a surprise for you first,” I tell him.

I pull off my skates and rush to my bag, pulling out a huge stack of pages bound together.

He beams when I hand it to him. “Holy shit. Did you finish your book?”

I grin and nod, the excitement and pride on his face making the accomplishment even sweeter. Making all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it.

“I can’t wait to find out how filthy it is.”

“Extremely,” I tell him. “Read the dedication.”

He flips the page, already knowing I’ve dedicated it to his sister.

“To Chloe,” he reads. “You are a sister in the truest sense of the word. Without you, I never would’ve written this. Thank you.”

His throat bobs as he swallows. He’s already swiping at a tear.

And he hasn’t even gotten to his dedication yet.

So I read it to him. “To Wes, you are the reason I could write a happy ending.”


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