His Wife: Chapter 25


I’m awake when Alexius slips under the covers beside me. His warmth seeps through the satin of my nightgown, his breath warm on my neck. Strong, deft fingers slide along the curve of my hip, and he pulls my back flush against his chest. It’s when he shifts, forcing his knees behind mine, and I wiggle my ass closer, that I feel his hard length.

The silence is calm, tranquil, almost dreamlike as if today never happened. As if my husband didn’t kill a man and Mira didn’t get hurt. Static currents tease my skin to life as his hand bunches up the fabric of my nightgown, easing the satin up my thigh, causing goosebumps to form on my legs.

The heavy musk of whiskey lingers on his breath as it wafts against the side of my neck. Expert fingers dance along the edge of my panties, drawing them to the side, and he rolls his hips, pressing himself against me, his cock thick and insistent as it slides along my naked ass. My body is fire and flames as I grind against him, arousal pooling between my legs, the tip of his cock spreading a bead of moisture across my skin that provokes the deep ache in my core.

He catches my panties around his thumb, his other fingers biting into my hip. As I move to meet his gentle thrusts, I moan and whimper with soft, panting breaths. His cock dips between my legs, his length brushing against my pussy lips, coating his cock with my lust.

“I need you,” he whispers against my ear.

“I’m yours.”

With a quick flick of his wrist, he has me on my back and moves on top of me, pulling the white nightgown over my head, tossing it to the ground before hooking his fingers at the sides of my panties, forcing my thighs together and legs up in front of him as he slides them off.

His hands ease down my legs, my calves resting against his shoulders while the air around us grows thick with the scent of sex. It’s when he palms my ass, spreading my slit open for him, that I suck in a breath, his gaze hot on my naked cunt. I can’t get enough of watching him, witnessing how he looks at my bare pussy, how his eyes roam my naked body, his lips glistening with a feral hunger.

My knees bend as he forces them to the front, and he leans down, sliding his tongue through my slit, earning a desperate moan from my lips. Instant euphoria surges through my veins, lighting my body on fire as he licks my cunt and sucks my clit into his mouth, driving me insane. His tongue is soft, wet, and eager, tracing my pussy lips with the tip before dipping into my entrance as his fingers spread me wide open for him.

I’m writhing on the sheets, grabbing the pillow and clawing at the ends while his tongue drives me toward a climax. But just as I feel the first lick of an orgasm starting at my toes, he jerks my legs apart and pulls me downward.

His eyes are dark and beautiful, but there’s a gentleness in his gaze that makes my heart swell as it rakes down my body, his sapphire irises burning with flames of blue. It’s like he’s seeing me for the first time, drinking me in, absorbing me with an intensity that strokes against every bone in my body. Shadows from the dim light dance across his chest, every muscle ripped and toned, his shoulders broad and frame majestic. Regal. Dominating.

His gaze takes mine captive, his lips glistening with my arousal, and he eases a fingertip along my bare pussy, sending electric waves up my core. I arch my back, my hands fisting the sheets when he finds my clit, gently stroking the nub, slowly working my body into a frenzy of sensation.

“Alexius,” I moan, and he slides a finger inside me, curling it upward, finding the spot that makes my legs quiver. More whimpers roll off my lips, his finger moving in and out of me while his other hand teases my clit, increasing the pressure to set my body alight.

Release teeters at the edge of exploding when his touch is gone, leaving me empty and panting. He grabs my hips, lifting my ass off the bed and pulling me downward, my thighs clenched against his sides, his knees propped under me.

I bite my lip when I feel the velvety tip of his cock against my entrance, my body trembling with need.

“Take it,” he murmurs, his voice low and tone demanding. “If you want my cock, take it.”

I flex my hips, pushing down, and he’s inside me with one slick slide.

“That’s it, stray. Now move and take my cock the way you want it. I want to watch you come.”

I lick my lips with every moan as I roll my hips, taking him deeper, moving my waist downward before pushing back up, his cock slipping in and out. He watches me intently and doesn’t move an inch, allowing me to control how he enters me, his palms flush on my thighs.

The pressure builds, starting with a trickle spreading from my toes, up my knees and thighs, his cock hitting all the right spots. With every stroke, I feel him more, the way his length smooths against my inner walls, the tip of his dick reaching deep. I want to take it slow. I want to make it last as long as possible, to linger in this state of bliss forever. But the need for release is too strong, my body wound up too tight.

“You want to come?”


“Then you know what to do. You know what I want.”

I nod. He wants me to scream for him. He always wants me to scream for him so he can hear my pleasure erupt.

“Oh, God,” I cry out, and arch my back off the bed, craning my neck as the orgasm washes over me, my body shaking as I clench around him. My mind is a maze of pleasure and ecstasy when he reaches out, wrapping his fingers around my throat, squeezing hard.

“Not God. Me,” he growls. “I control your body. I make you come. My cock. My body. My fucking everything. Not God.”

“You,” I whimper, and he slides on top of me, pushing so damn deep against my core that I shiver beneath him. His body is flush against mine, skin on skin, smooth and hot, gliding over me as he fucks me.

“Say you’re mine,” he rasps against my ear, his heavy breathing weaving through the silent shadows around us. “Say it.”

“I’m yours.”

His palm is on my belly as he continues to thrust. “God, the thought of my seed growing inside you, fuck, it drives me insane.” Harder and faster, he pumps in and out of me. “I’m inside you, a piece of me possessing your body. You’re mine now, in every way possible.”

His lips crash against mine, kissing me hard, his tongue invading my mouth, lapping against mine, stirring a taste that is uniquely us. It’s sweet and addictive, an exquisite tang of sin and pleasure that drives us to the brink of madness, craving more. Our bodies are intertwined as we move to a harmonious rhythm that is ours. It’s never been like this. This deep, intense, more than just a physical fuck. It’s more than just lust and desire. His groans fused with my moans has an echo of promise, one I feel dancing in my veins, filling my heart to a point where it might burst.

“I’m never letting you go,” he growls between panting breaths, our bodies rocking harder, faster. “You’re mine. The life growing inside you is mine. Nothing will ever change that. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I’m yours. Always.”

“I’m going to fuck you every goddamn day, so you never forget.” He pounds into me, slipping his hand from my belly to my hip, pressing down on the inside of my thigh to spread my pussy wider for him as he fucks me.

His pelvis grinds against my pubic bone, his cock stretching me, filling me to the brim, and I feel him grow thicker, harder inside me. We’re both close, our bodies at war with the desire that consumes us.

I’m panting, his breaths hot against my collarbone, his shoulders flexing under my touch, his muscles taut and so fucking beautiful.

“Come for me, stray,” he murmurs breathlessly. “Come with me.”

I cry out as I come for the second time, the pleasure more intense, a mind-blowing crash of euphoria that grips every muscle, every bone, every molecule of my being. He continues to drive into me, hard and heavy, until I feel his cock pulse, pouring his cum inside me. Even at the peak of rapture, we move in sync, like we’re made for each other. Own each other. Completely and undeniably consumed.

Sweat clings to our skin, and he stills on top of me, our bodies slick and exhausted, and he leans his forehead against mine, his eyes closed. “Today, for an hour, you were gone. I thought he had you. I thought I was going to lose you.”

“You didn’t.” I weave my fingers through his hair.

“I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think.” His words are a pained confession on his lips. “It was like the blood in my veins didn’t know how to move. It was the most excruciating experience of my life, Leandra. And when I found you in that parking lot and realized he had taken Mira and not you, the relief was indescribable.”

The weight in his voice presses down my chest, breaking my heart one breath at a time.

He lifts his head, and his gaze settles on mine. “What kind of man does that make me? Being relieved that the fucker had taken the woman who is like a sister to me rather than my wife?”

“No. You can’t think like that.” I cup his cheeks in my palms. “You don’t have to feel guilty about something like that.”

“That’s the thing.” He traces a finger down the side of my face. “I don’t. I don’t feel guilty. Not one little bit. There is nothing I won’t do to make sure you’re safe. No life I wouldn’t trade for yours. And no line I wouldn’t cross to keep you.” His nose touches mine as he leans down. “You’re in my blood, stray. There are not enough hours in this lifetime to make you understand just how deep you run in my veins.”

My heart is bursting at the seams, feeling every word penetrate bone. I’m breathless and consumed by him, my soul overflowing with a kind of love gifted from the heavens with the strength to rule hell.

“I love you, Leandra,” he whispers. “Until death do us part.”


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