Freeing Luka: Chapter 4

Everything was a haze. Disorganized thoughts came to him in bits and pieces, but he couldn’t hold on to any of them. Every time he tried, an overwhelming lust blanketed his mind, leaving a dull, painful ache in his body.

Soft hands running over his burning skin was his only respite. He could sense her. Hear her. His mate.

While she was near him, he found he could focus. When she spoke, her voice felt like cool honey dripping down his aching body.

He couldn’t understand her words, but when he spoke, she touched him, so he focused all of his energy on pushing back the dark cloud of lust that wiped away his senses and identifying the items she indicated. Hand. Door. Alice.

She was touching his shoulders now. Running her soft palms over his back. He tried to remember where he was, how he’d gotten here, but every time he did, his mind would devolve until a single thought remained. Take her. Take your mate.

He focused on her hands and her soft words. Concentrate on her.

She was his lifeline. The only thing connecting him to his unclouded mind.

He felt cold metal circling his wrists. Although he couldn’t remember how they’d gotten there or why he was restrained, he was thankful. If his hands were free, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to control himself.


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