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For The Fans: Avi’s Epilogue

Backwardz_Avi: My man is SLAYING. Welcome to Philly, baby! #FlyEaglesFly

MissBea21: So proud of you both<3

Zeb_for_Kween: Backwardz_Avi, OF friends & family discount! Hook a sister up!

The.Theo.Reeves: Not that I’m jealous… but stoppit

Sammy_Gutz: Yo Backwardz, show us the Eagle moves!

Frankie_Says_Relax: Backwardz_Avi I told you His_Baby wanted to kiss you 😉

6 Months Later…

Today is a very special occasion.

I’ve been planning and scheming for months, preparing to make this a night to remember. So far, everything is in place.

We just need one final ingredient…

The birthday boy.

It’s Kyran’s birthday, and I’ve managed to set up the best surprise party ever for him. After all, you only turn twenty once, and my boyfriend also happens to be playing for the NFL on his twentieth birthday. Not many people can say that.

We’ve been living in Philly for almost five months, though it feels like it’s been five days. The time is flying by because every day is crazy, but honestly… I love it.

Philadelphia is a great little city. It reminds me of Boston in a way. Nowhere near as big or loud or chaotic as New York, but still with plenty to do. And tons of real-ass mofos.

The NFL has kept Kyran super busy. He was fortunate enough to be drafted for training camp, so he was able to spend tons of time with his team, getting to know everyone and learning the ins and outs of the NFL.

His coach is… well, let’s just say he’s a widely known hard-ass. He’s a loud, pushy Italian guy from New York who brought the Eagles to the Super Bowl last season with his no-nonsense attitude and aggressive coaching style.

The first-string quarterback has been with them for a few years, and he’s one of the best in the league. An up-and-comer, just like Kyran. Ky’s not expecting much on-field time during the regular season, but he’s just excited to be here.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the Eagles QB feels the same way…

It’s your standard jealousy. Feeling like the new, younger, hot commodity is going to replace you. Of course, Kyran has no intention of stepping on anyone’s toes. He’s way too sweet and respectful for that. But I guess the dude doesn’t care much, because he already sort of has it in for Ky.

Still, it’s nothing my man can’t handle. He’s the most badass person I’ve ever met, and he’d never let a little rivalry run him off course. It just means he’ll be working extra hard to prove himself this season, which in turn, means we might not get to spend as much time together as we’re used to.

When we became an official couple nine months ago, we were all over each other twenty-four-seven, and it was… what’s the word? Oh, right. Fucktastic.

Seriously, it was nothing but nonstop sex and talking, dates and adventures, laughing and enjoying every second of one another to the point that our friends started calling us KyviAttached at the hip. Or maybe somewhere more salacious. Wink wink.

Things didn’t change right away when we moved. In fact, despite how rigorous the training schedule was over the summer, we still managed to find time to do all kinds of fun things. We decorated the townhouse together, explored Philly… We even took a week-long road trip across the country to see all kinds of sights and make new memories for our palm lines.

It was an absolute blast, but as soon as the pre-season started, our time together began to dwindle. I can’t be mad about it, though. I knew what to expect when Kyran was drafted. He made a choice, and even though he didn’t have to, he made me a part of the decision.

It was either stay in school, or quit to follow his dream. Seems like a no-brainer, but there are obvious risks to the latter. The percentage of football players drafted to the NFL who actually end up with contracts isn’t very high, and being a free agent is like living in a constant state of stress. If you end up not performing, you could be tossed out with nothing to fall back on. Not to mention, Bridget was totally right when she was talking about the injury statistics in the NFL. It’s staggering to the point of almost downright irresponsible.

But after hours of talking it over in bed, we came to the conclusion that he’d be crazy not to chase his dream. Graduating with a business degree doesn’t guarantee you a good job either. Really, nothing does.

There are no guarantees in this life. It’s about how hard you’re willing to work, how much of your mental sanity you’re willing to sacrifice, and how determined you are to make it to the top. And Kyran Harbor is by far the most determined motherfucker I’ve ever met. If anyone can do this, it’s him.

Suffice it to say, the stress and lack of time together is worth it for him pursuing the dream he’s had since he was a little boy.

The team’s publicist had a few concerns regarding the fact that Kyran is a bit of an internet celebrity, what with our relationship content constantly going viral. But they ultimately decided it was good publicity… I think because they’re always looking for diversity, and having an openly gay quarterback might make them look good. Or they’re desperately trying not to seem homophobic.

Either way, we were given the green light to keep doing what we’re doing, as long as Kyran doesn’t appear in anymore videos for the Fans… Not that they could prove it was even him to begin with, though everyone knows it was. But we don’t really care, and we wouldn’t have stopped being openly in love if they’d had a problem with it, anyway.

No one gets to tell us to tone down our rainbows. We’re broadcasting that shit, whether you like it or not.

We’ve got millions of followers on social media at this point, between Instagram, Twitter, and our cute little joint TikTok account we made, though I personally find that app to be the most ridiculous thing ever. But it’s all in fun. We like to kiss and cuddle and tease each other in videos, and apparently, our fans like watching it. So yay us.

I still make solo content on my OnlyFans, and between that and the Patreon I started for my art, I’m bringing in enough income to finance my art career. I have a website where I sell my stuff, originals and prints. I was even approached by a local business to do another mural.

Yes, things are going great for us, but I do miss my man. We haven’t gone to town on each other, so to speak, in two days because Kyran’s been so exhausted from traveling and the excessive training. It’s worth it, though… His body is absolutely bangin’. Although it does make the whole no sex thing that much more difficult when his muscles are like a scrumptious dessert I want to spend hours licking.

But this plan I have set up should hopefully rectify the situation. He has the night off after day practice, so I’ve arranged this entire elaborate surprise party for him. We’ll celebrate his birthday, give him a chance to finally let loose a little, and by the end of the evening, I’ll have his legs in the air.

Who knows… maybe we’ll even manage to sneak off for a quick rendezvous in the bathroom while the party is still happening. Because let’s be real here, I’m not sure I can wait until everyone leaves.

Partygoers are arriving, trickling in slowly, but it’s fine. Ky’s out for an early dinner with his parents, who came down just for the day to see him on his birthday. Also part of the plan to keep him out of the house while I get everything set up.

The food has been catered by Kyran’s favorite local Japanese place… We have an entire sushi bar set up with guys actually rolling sushi here in our house, along with a chef preparing appetizers and entrees in our massive, opulent kitchen.

I have a bar set up with a mixologist mixing fancy cocktails, and to top it all off, I had a custom donut cake made specially by Federal Donuts, the best damn donut shop in the entire world.

I’m telling you. These things are so good, even Kyran splurges to have one every Sunday.

The party is all set to go off without a hitch, and now I’m just waiting for the text from Tom to let me know when Kyran is on his way back home so we can all hide.

I’m so excited I’m freaking giddy. I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

“You really outdid yourself, bae,” Frankie says, sliding over and wrapping her arms around my waist. “Kyran is gonna flip his lid.”

Smiling down at her, I hug her into my side, pressing a kiss in her newly teal hair. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“Are you kidding??” Bea squeals as she stomps over in some super sexy knee-high boots that almost put her tiny self eye-level with the rest of our chins, tugging Theo along by the hand. “We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

I grin at her and Theo. I don’t think they’re officially a couple, because my good friend Bea doesn’t really consider herself the relationship type. That said, they spend an awful lot of time together. I’m not sure what’s going on with them, but I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

“I can’t wait to see my boy.” Theo grins. “You’ve been hogging him for way too long.”

I gasp. “Excuse me… what Kyran and I do in the privacy of our own bedroom is our business.”

Frankie cackles while Theo shoots me a horrified look.

“What did you get Kyran for his birthday?” Micah asks, trotting over with Zeb, both of them double-fisting elaborate cocktails.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess a riding crop with matching ball-gag.” Zeb smirks. “You know they like it freaky.”

“Oh, please,” Frankie scoffs. “Those two couldn’t handle it.” I frown at her, and she sneers, “But if you ever want me to give you a tutorial in proper orgasm denial, just say the word. I’m sure it’d be useful for your boy.”

“Okay, that’s too much information,” Theo grumbles, sipping his drink. “And how would you know, anyway?” He squints at Frankie.

“Let’s just say, I was meat in the sandwich of the two of them before Kyran realized he was a vegetarian.” She beams.

Chuckling, I roll my eyes. “Yes, bae, you got us together. Thank you so much, we’re all very grateful.” Turning to Micah and Zeb, I snatch a drink out of Zeb’s hand and sip it while he scowls. “But to answer your question, I did get Kyran something very special for his birthday, and I can’t wait to give it to him.”

“You know, just putting a bow on your dick doesn’t constitute a gift, right?” Micah smirks, and I purse my lips at him.

“Oh my God, no!” Zeb gasps. “You got him a diamond ring, didn’t you?? You’re gonna propose!” He jumps and claps excitedly.

“I get it.” Bea nods. “I’d wanna lock that down if I were you.”

“I’m not going to propose,” I scoff. “We’re too young to get married.” My stomach starts twisting, and I feel suddenly twitchy at the thought. “Not that I even think Kyran would say yes…”

I’m chewing on my lip, staring into my glass while Frankie chirps, “Are you kidding?? Of course he would! That sweet little slice of pumpkin pie is obsessed with you, and you know it.”

My lips curl, but I force myself to smother it. “You think…?”

“Why, you’re not seriously thinking of proposing, are you??” Theo asks nervously. As if this somehow affects him.

“No,” I huff, and they all stare at me. “I’m not!”

“Good, because marriage is a total sham,” Theo grunts, then downs the rest of his drink.

My eyebrow cocks at him, but before I can pry into what his deal might be, the front door flings open and a loud voice booms.

“Who ordered the stripper?!” Guty hollers, and every face turns in his direction as he laughs and claps. “No need to fret, amigos. The party is officially here!”

The group of us are all chuckling, Theo rushing over to greet his friend while the rest of the guests murmur amongst themselves, most likely wondering where this exceptionally loud and eccentric presence came from.

“Hey, Backwardz.” Guty grins as he waltzes over, elbowing a grunt out of me. “Thanks for the invite. I haven’t been to Philly in years.”

“I’m glad you could make it,” I hum, rubbing my side. Ow… He might’ve cracked a rib. “Kyran is gonna freak when he sees you.”

“I miss my baby Nueve.” He pouts.

“He’s not your baby.” Zeb smirks at me before turning his flirty eyes on Guty.

Guty’s head cocks, and he narrows his gaze at Zeb.

“Well, grab yourself a cocktail and some food if you want,” I cut in, grabbing Guty by the arm and showing him where everything is. “Kyran should be on his way home any minute. And I think we’re just waiting for…”

The door opens and we look up to see Bridget grinning and waving as she enters the room. “Hiii!”

“It’s the Bridge!” I gasp, peeking at Micah, who shouts with me. “The Bridge!

We’re both laughing hysterically.

“Um… what?” Theo looks confused.

And Frankie, Zeb, and Bea all explain in unison. “Mothman.”

Hugging Bridget, we squeal at the reunion before I introduce her to our friends.

“Okay,” I sigh with a clap. “Who wants a tour while we wait for the birthday boy?”

“Ooh! Me!”

Bea and Zeb both shimmy around excitedly. Frankie takes Bridget and Micah on each arm, following along, while Guty and Theo whisper to each other about which of Kyran’s teammates from the Philly Eagles are here.

I proceed to walk the group of them around our two-floor townhouse, showing them the set-up while they ooh and ahh. Not to brag or anything, but this place is fucking boss. Kyran and I set it up like the ultimate bachelor pad, only for a couple. We’ve got a home theater, our own gym, four bedrooms, a full bath with an attached master, home office, a kitchen that would probably even have Gordon Ramsay stuttering, and an outdoor deck with a barbecue enclosure and a hot tub.

It’s absolutely insane. The kind of place you dream about having, and Kyran and I have it… Two twenty-year-olds who didn’t even finish college.

God bless America.

I’m showing Micah my library of conspiracy theory books and our memorabilia case when my phone buzzes in my pocket. It’s a text from Tom.

“Oh shit.” My heart immediately starts thudding. “Kyran’s on his way home. He’ll be here in fifteen minutes.”

I corral them all out of the room so we can get ready while Zeb tugs on my sleeve. “Can I please come live with you?”

I shake my head, laughing.

“Seriously, bro. This place is loco…” Guty says.

“That’s that NFL money.” Theo grins.

“And that OnlyFans money,” Zeb sings, winking at me.

“Aww, I recognize so many of these rooms from your reels!” Bea squeals, taking my hand. “You guys are so cute together. Your posts are the highlight of my day. I’m always like, I know them!”

I can’t help but chuckle as heat rushes to my face.

“I like the one when Kyran was hiding your junk food.” Frankie giggles.

“My favorite was his reaction to you ranting about the Hudson Valley sightings,” Micah cackles.

“Really? I’m partial to the shower videos…” Zeb murmurs.

I glare at him, though my lips are curved into a knowing smirk. “Those are just for the Fans.” I wink at him, and he mimics a kiss.

“Alright, everyone!” I shout, turning down the music to address the party. “Ten-minute warning!”

Rushing off to the kitchen, I check in with the chef and the servers to make sure they’re all set to be quiet for a few minutes for the surprise. All the guests get into position in the living room, and my adrenaline is spiked as I watch the front door security camera for Kyran’s car.

Only a few minutes of me freaking out later, his Mercedes SUV pulls up along the curb. Frankie dims the lights while everyone crouches down, and my pulse is clanking, excitement buzzing with a dash of nerves.

Hopefully, he doesn’t hate this… As long as I’ve known him, he’s never had a surprise party before. I’m not second-guessing myself… I’m sure he’ll be happy.

Okay, maybe I’m second-guessing myself a little…

But there’s no going back now because he’s walking up the steps and unlocking the door.

“Baby!” I hear him shouting as soon as he’s inside, his footsteps clomping through the foyer. “I’m telling you… I’ve had a day. I need a beer, a bath, and that dick. Not necessarily in that order…”

I’m covering my mouth to keep the chuckles in as he rounds the corner, and Frankie flips on the lights.


We all jump up, screaming and cheering, people blowing those noisemakers I left everywhere.

Kyran stumbles backward in shock. But I don’t even have time to swoon over the flush in his cheeks from what he unwittingly just said in front of forty guests plus an entire restaurant staff…

Because I’m gasping in horror and rushing over to him.

“Kyran! What happened to your face?!

He has a nasty black eye. His left eye is surrounded by black and blue, and now I feel awful because all these people are staring at him like this.

“Aww… angel,” he sighs, grinning and running his hands up my chest while I’m fussing over his eye. “You did this for me??”

“Yea, yea… But what happened to you?” I whimper.

He ignores me, smiling excitedly as he kisses my lips, then looks over my shoulder. “This is amazing, you guys! I had no idea… You scared the shit out of me.”

Everyone laughs, and Kyran grabs me by the hand. Someone turns the music back on, and the party resumes, but I’m still focused on the state of his eye.

“Baby brother!” Bridget shrieks, hugging him, though Kyran doesn’t let go of my hand. “Happy birthday!”

“Brooklyn Bridge!” He beams at her. “I can’t believe you came all the way from Cali!”

“Well, Avi sent a private plane for me on the Eagles’s dime.” She smirks. His face drops, and she laughs out loud. “I’m just kidding, Ky jelly!”

He breathes out a relieved laugh, shaking his head.

“Nueve!” Guty launches himself at Kyran, hugging him hard. “I’m so glad to see you, papi. Happy freaking birthday.”

“Thanks for being here,” Kyran hums, peeking at me. “You got my best friend here?! I love you so much.”

“Hey, killa,” Theo hugs him, frowning as he pulls back. “What the hell happened to your eye?”

“You get in a bar fight or something?” Guty asks, but Kyran waves him off.

“No, no. It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He smiles, giving hugs and cheek kisses to all of our friends.

“Was this a hate crime??” Zeb asks, touching his face while Kyran backs up.

“No! Guys, I’m fine. Just a little… occupational hazard.” He grins.

“So… beer, bath, and dick, huh?” Frankie smirks.

Kyran rolls his eyes, but then he clasps my jaw, kissing my mouth three times in a row. “I love you so much for this. I’ve never had a surprise party before…”

“I’m glad you love it,” I sigh, frowning. Lowering my voice, I ask, “Baby, seriously. What happened?”

His smile wavers a bit as his Adam’s apple bobs. He glances left and right, maybe to make sure none of his teammates are within earshot before he whispers, “It was Payne.”

“Payne did this to you?!” I gasp, and he glares at me to keep it down.

“Wait, hold on… The Eagles quarterback… Jalen Payne punched you in the face??” Theo crowds us, obviously having overheard.

Kyran scowls at me before answering, “He didn’t punch me in the face. It was an accident.”

“How do you accidentally give someone a black eye??” Bea squeaks.

“It happens in football.” Guty shrugs.

“See? Exactly,” Kyran says calmly, though I’m not satisfied.

First the rivalry, now this?? I’m not liking this Jalen Payne character one bit.

“We were at practice, and we were both going for the ball and he just sort of… elbowed me in the eye,” Kyran mumbles. “It’s no big deal.”

My brows furrow as I chew on the inside of my cheek, staring at the bruising on his beautiful face. He takes my hand and places it over his heart, brushing my hair back with his fingers.

“Baby… I’m telling you. I’m fine.” His tone is placating. “I don’t want you worrying.”

“Of course I’m going to worry, Kyran,” I mutter. “Accident or not, I wanna murder that asshole for hurting you.”

Bea, Zeb, and Frankie all go awww in the background, but I’m not paying attention to them.

Kyran smiles. “Perfect.” He kisses my lips softly. “Gorgeous.” He kisses me again. “Sexy.” The kisses trail down my jaw and over to my ear. “Delicious, candy-coated sex machine.” I rumble a laugh while he licks my ear. “Do we have to wait, or can I get my birthday dick right now?”

God, I fucking love this man.

Worry or not, it’s all worth it for him.

“How about I get you a drink, and something to eat.” My fingers graze his lower back. “You go mingle for a bit… and I’ll meet you in the bedroom in twenty minutes for part one of your birthday orgasm package.”

“Mmm…” he rumbles. “How many parts are there?”

“As many as your body can stand before you require an IV drip of electrolytes.” I smirk, and he laughs.

He pulls himself off me with a satisfied sigh, hazel eyes shining with love. That right there… that’s what I wanted to see. All the planning and everything I put into this party…

All I needed was that one look.

Kyran makes his rounds, talking to everyone and thanking them for coming while I get him food and a cocktail. He’s genuinely amazed and flabbergasted by the set-up, pretty much in seventh heaven over the food from his favorite restaurant.

A few minutes later, I sneak off to the bedroom with his birthday present. I actually got him two things, but I want to give them to him in private. And not because they’re sex acts. That’ll be a happy side-effect.

When I hear footsteps, I sit down on our giant bed, running my fingers over the soft fabric of the comforter. It reminds me of all the times we spent tangled in the sheets of my dorm room bed, showing each other with our bodies how we felt in our hearts.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in just a year. It doesn’t even feel real. I spend all my days walking in a fog. My entire life with this man is a dream I never want to wake from.

“Hey…” he whispers, stepping into the room, that easy grin resting on his pillowed lips. I love how much it’s become a permanent fixture on his face.

He’s not the boy I used to know as my stepbrother. The boy who fought with me and scowled at me, who hated me because he was hurt and scared and angry inside. The evolution of Kyran Harbor is something I’ll always cherish, because I got to watch it happen before my eyes. I got to see it behind closed doors when we were together in secret. I watched him grow into the amazing man he is today.

A man who loves me out in the open, without fear. A man who survived something awful and still laughs and loves and gives.

A man who taught me who I truly am. Because if it wasn’t for Kyran Harbor, I’d still be lost myself.

I owe everything to this man, and the journey we took together… For the fans.

“Is that for me?” He trots over and takes a seat next to me on the bed, eyeing the wrapped gift box in my hands.

I nod, handing it to him. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Kyran tears into the paper, opening the box carefully. He pulls out the leather-bound book, peeking at me. I bite my lip.

He opens it, his eyes wide and sparkling as he reads the inside cover. It says, For Kyran, my baby… Love, your biggest fan.

Turning the pages slowly, he looks through all the intricate stuff I put together just for him. The book is full of pictures of us I took for the fans, drawings I did of him, even screenshots of some of the hilarious comments and DMs fans used to send us.

“Baby… this is incredible,” he breathes.

“This is the story of us,” I whisper, playing with his hair.

He turns his face to blink at me. “Everything we did…”

“For me and you, beautiful.” I grin, kissing him softly.

He groans into my mouth, hungrily advancing like he wants so much more. But he stops himself, long enough to finish looking at his gift. The last page has a picture of me getting a tattoo… and his face whips in my direction.

I laugh, lifting my shirt over my head. Sitting right above my heart is the ink I just got this morning. His name in script, and underneath it, it says Always only mine.

He looks amazed as he murmurs, “Can… Can I… kiss it?”

Tugging my lip between my teeth, I give him a little nod and he drops his lips to it, placing a soft kiss on his name. He grins up at me. “It takes like Vaseline.”

I laugh out loud. “That’s Aquaphor. I just got it today.”

He chuckles, closing the book and moving it off to the side. Then he crawls over me until I recline beneath him. “I’m gonna need that orgasm now, angel.”

“Mmm… we’ll have to make it quick. And quiet.”

“I can do one of those.” He grins, and I hum a laugh, gripping his ass.

He’s rubbing our hardening cocks together through our pants when he peers right, frowning. “Does the damn cat always have to be on the bed when I’m trying to get slutty?”

I snort. “How about we take this party to the bathroom? I’ll bend you over and make you tremble…”

“Mm… sounds like a party.”

Twenty minutes later, we both come back downstairs, chafed, disheveled, and flushed, smiling like two fools in love, which is exactly what we are.

The party is amazing, and when Kyran blows out the candles on his donut cake, he narrows his gaze at me.

“You didn’t spit on the cake, did you?” He smirks, teasingly.

“You bet your sweet ass I did.” I wink.

The cake is being served, and we’re all sitting together in the living room, our tight-knit little group of jocks, weirdos… family. We managed to form this friendship, despite our differences, just like me and Kyran.

I love these people. No matter what happens in the future, distance or not, they’ll always be my crew.

Everywhere we’re together is a party we’re making better.

“So, Avi… any interest in becoming the Eagle here in Philly?” Theo asks with a smile.

Kyran and I peek at each other, grinning.

“The guy who took over as Baldwin after you left is so not funny,” Guty grumbles, and I laugh. “He doesn’t even Moonwalk!”

Kyran takes my hand and kisses it. “Sorry, guys. I stole Baldwin and brought him with me.”

Grasping his face, I press a slow kiss on his lips, humming, “I love you forever, my baby.”

“I love you forever, backwardz angel.” He grins.

“Get a room!” Frankie hollers.

“No no…” Zeb chuckles. “They already did that.”

Kyran smiles at me, biting his lip. “For the fans?”

My forehead drops to his and I whisper, “For the fans.”

For us.

The End…


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