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Fall Into You: Chapter 47


I wake up disoriented and sweaty, struggling for breath under a heavy, immoveable weight.

“Cole, wake up. You’re smashing me.”

Lying on top of me as silent and still as a coma patient, he doesn’t respond. I poke him in his ribs, which doesn’t get a response either, so then I try to push him off, which I should’ve known would be a complete failure too, as the man weighs five thousand pounds.

If I can’t get him off me soon, I’ll suffocate.

So I resort to guerilla tactics. At the top of my lungs, I shout, “Fire!”

He jerks and leaps up, then stands naked at the side of the bed, wild-eyed and bristling, his hands in a karate-chop pose I’ve only ever seen characters in bad television dramas do.

“What’s wrong? What’s happening?” He looks around the room as if he’s expecting the walls to start churning out ninjas, then hollers to no one, “I’ll kill you with my bare hands!”

It’s so funny, I start laughing and can’t stop.

He looks over at me convulsing on the bed. “What are you laughing at?”

“You look like you’re auditioning for Charlie’s Angels!”

He stands straight, drops his hands to his sides, and gives me an evil glare.

I roll over and laugh into the pillow until my stomach hurts, and I’m crying.

“Very funny. Ha ha. I’m glad you think I’m so amusing.”

When I roll to my back again, he’s still glaring at me, except now he’s got his arms folded over his chest.

Gasping for breath, I say, “Oh God, that was amazing. You should’ve seen yourself. If there really was a fire, you could’ve put it out with your terrifying karate hands.”

After another moment of narrow-eyed annoyance, he leaps on top of me with a roar and starts to tickle me, digging his fingers between my ribs.

“No! No tickling!” I scream, which only makes him tickle me harder.

When I shout, “Mercy!” he relents. Capturing my wrists, he presses my arms over my head and holds them against the pillow as he smiles down at me, his eyes soft and warm.


“Hi yourself, sensei.”

“You spent the night.”

“I did. And narrowly escaped death by crushing with some fast thinking.”

“Yes. That’s what I admire most about you, by the way. Your brain.”

“If brain is a euphemism for boobs, I believe you.”

We grin at each other until he dips his head and kisses me. The kiss is slow, soft, and intimate. It leaves me breathless. Against my mouth, he murmurs, “Your boobs are nice too.”

Nice? Excuse me, but these puppies are spectacular.”

He rubs his cheek against my chest, grumbling in pleasure like a lion. Through his shirt I’m wearing, he sucks on a nipple until it’s peaked, and I’m even more breathless than before.

His knees are planted on the mattress on either side of my hips. Between his spread legs, his cock is already stiff, bobbing as he moves to my other nipple.



“You seem like you’re in a good mood.”

“I am. Try not to ruin it by talking.”

“I’m not talking. Who’s talking? Not me.”

“Don’t try to read my mind either.”

“Okay. So I shouldn’t ask you why you’re in such a good mood?”

“Only if you want me to stop doing this.”

He lightly sinks his teeth into my nipple. I groan, arching up into his mouth as heat engulfs my body.

“That’s what I thought.” He grasps the open collar of the shirt and gives it a hard yank. Buttons go flying.

“You have a bad habit of ruining shirts, handsome.”

Smoothing the shirt to either side so my breasts and belly are bared to him, he gazes down at me with avid eyes. “You complaining?”


“Good. Now be quiet. I need to make you come.”

My pulse surges. “We’ll be late for work.”

“I’ll write you a note for your boss. Oh, wait.” He smiles. “I am your boss. Your tardiness is excused, Ms. Sanders.”

Without waiting for a reply, he cups my breasts and pushes them together, then starts to lavish my hard nipples with his tongue.

I squirm underneath him and try my best to be quiet as he chuckles, amused by my restlessness, his mouth full of my flesh.

Against my skin, he whispers, “I wonder how wet your pussy is?”



“Yes. She’s a shameless hussy where you’re concerned.”

“Show me.”

I slide my hand between my legs, dip my fingers inside myself, then lift my hand to his mouth. Looking into my eyes, he sucks on my fingertips.

“Delicious. Get that hand back between your legs.”

Closing his eyes, he turns his attention back to my breasts as I touch myself again. I glide my fingertips over my sensitive clit and whimper. When he tests my nipple with his teeth again, I moan.

It seems to snap some self-control he’s been exercising. With a growl, he moves down my body, knocks my hand away, spreads my thighs, puts his face between my legs, and licks my exposed pussy with a flat tongue. Then he flicks the tip of it back and forth over my clit until I’m moaning loudly and pulling at his hair.

“Don’t come yet. Save it for my cock.”

He slides two fingers inside me and goes back to licking my clit.

Breathless, my skin burning, I rock my hips against his face and watch his tongue move. He reaches up and pinches one of my nipples, sending a pulse of pleasure spreading outward until it connects with the pleasure already pulsing between my legs.

I tip my head back against the pillow and close my eyes, abandoning any thought of trying to figure out what’s going on with him because he’s making me feel too good to care.

When I’m moaning loudly and bucking my hips helplessly against his face, seconds from orgasm, he withdraws his fingers from inside me.

“My sweet, greedy girl,” he says, his voice rough. “Open your eyes.”

As soon as I do, I get even more turned on. His mouth and chin glisten with my wetness. He licks his lips, and that simple gesture is so sexy, it makes my heart flutter.

Eyes hot, he straightens, rising to his knees. He takes his erection in his hand and strokes it as he looks me over, his heated gaze caressing my entire body.

He stares at me so long, I start to get self-conscious.


“I just like looking at perfection. Spread your legs wider.”

I do, loving how it makes the vein in his neck jump. Staring down at my pussy, he slides his finger over the slit on the head of his cock, spreading the gleaming drop of precum all around.

His shaft is stiff and veined. I can’t wait for him to shove it inside me.

“That look will get you fucked hard, pretty girl.”

“Hopefully soon,” I whisper, my pulse flying.

“And that mouth will get you spanked.”

“I can think of a better use for it.” I bite my lower lip and flutter my lashes coyly.

Smiling, he crooks a finger. I sit up and scooch closer to him, taking his hard cock in my hand. He threads a hand into my hair as I close my lips around the crown of his cock and start sucking.

When I take him as far as I can until I gag, he tightens his fingers in my hair and releases a gravelly chuckle.

“I see someone’s looking for a promotion.”

I suck, lick, and stroke his cock until he’s panting and his hands are shaking. When he moans, I know he’s close.

He pulls my head back and stares down at me for a long moment, his chest rising and falling, his eyes unblinking and intense. His voice comes out in a rasp.

“What do I do with you?”

I know what he means. He’s still fighting with himself, and with every second that passes, he’s losing the fight.

So I gaze up into his tortured eyes and say softly, “Keep me. Love me. Make me yours.”

His lids flutter closed. For a long moment, I’m not sure what he’ll do. I sit watching him with my heart in my throat and my stomach in knots, wondering if I’ve pushed him too far.

But then he falls on me, crushing his mouth to mine and pushing me flat against the mattress, and the elation that burns through me is so bright and blistering, it’s like being burned alive.

With one powerful thrust, he shoves into me.

I cry out and shudder. He lifts to his elbows and tangles his fingers in my hair.

“Be careful what you wish for, baby. And if I ever say I love you, be afraid. Because my love isn’t soft. It isn’t pretty. It’s the monster hiding under your bed in the dark.”

Then he fucks me hard and deep, staring into my eyes as I moan and beg him for more.

When I orgasm, it’s with my fingernails sunk into the muscles of his back and his name on my lips, chanted over and over like a prayer.


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