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Dragonia: Rise of the Wyverns – Chapter 31

Devarius set foot onto the beach of Adeth Peak Isle. He took in the sunsets on the western horizon. They were beautiful. He was going to miss the dual suns as winter approached. Soon, only one sun would be visible: the red sun. All winter long they’d only see the red sun, then the orange sun would appear in spring. The orange sun already appeared a lot smaller in the sky than previously in the year.

“The red winter approaches,” Devarius whispered.

“Hopefully, the winter will slow the empire.” Tynaer stepped next to Devarius.

“We could hope,” Devarius said.

“Tell me, Devarius. Where are these wyverns? It’s a beautiful island, but I don’t see these hundreds of creatures you were talking about.”

“I never saw them at the beach. It was when Aquila and I went exploring. We need to head deeper into the mountains.”

“I see.” He turned to face the group of two hundred warriors. “Set up camp. Prepare the fish.” He glanced at Devarius. “Devarius and I are going for a walk.”

“Just us?” Devarius asked.

“Anyone else you have in mind?”


Tynaer motioned for Paedyn to join them.

Aquila strode over. “What about me? I saw the wyverns the last time—”

“No,” Devarius cut her off.


“No. You need to stay here. Stay safe.”

“Who are you to say where I can and can’t go?” she asked.

Devarius grabbed her wrists. “Please, Aquila. I don’t know how this is going to play out. But I can’t have you near us when we approach these creatures. I can’t be worrying about you. Please cease your stubbornness just this once, and stay here.”

She gulped and nodded.

Devarius, Paedyn, and Tynaer left the party and headed north toward the mountains. The three of them remained silent as Devarius led them. The wind chilled their bodies as it swept through the mountains. The first sun fell behind the horizon, leaving only the orange haze of the second sun illuminating the sky.

“This place is hauntingly beautiful,” Tynaer whispered.

They made it through the mountains. Devarius paused, glancing up at the sky. All around them was silence. He could hear Tynaer and Paedyn breathing.

“Is this where you saw them?” Tynaer asked.

“Yes,” Devarius responded.

“I don’t see anything.”

“Me either.”

Ayla crawled up Devarius’s leg until she perched on his shoulder. She sat, stretched her neck, and cooed into the night.

“What is your dragon doing?” Paedyn asked.

“Shh,” Devarius whispered.

After several minutes of cooing, a distant swooshing rang in the air, reminding Devarius of a windmill.

“What is that noise?” Tynaer asked.

Devarius pointed.

All three men backed away as seven wyverns approached them from the north. They flew in unison with each other, reminding Devarius of ducks flying north for the winter.

Tynaer slid his sword halfway out of its scabbard as the seven wyverns landed in front of them. Devarius touched Tynaer’s shoulder.

“Put the weapon away.”

Tynaer trembled as he slid the weapon back into its scabbard.

One of the wyverns approached, its beautiful crimson scales glimmering in the sunset. It growled.

Devarius shivered. Ayla moved to his other shoulder, extending her neck out toward the wyvern, and growled.

The wyvern stopped in its tracks and regarded Ayla. It stopped growling. The two creatures stared at each other for several long minutes, both motionless. After a long pause, the large wyvern continued to creep forward. It no longer growled, but instead, appeared curious. It sat a few feet in front of the three men, then sniffed each one in turn. After it sniffed everyone, its body relaxed, then it pressed its warm nose to the forehead of each man.

Tynaer trembled.

Paedyn grinned.

Devarius remained motionless.

“Did you speak with them?” Devarius asked.

Ayla nodded.

“Will they help?”

Ayla nodded.

“We better begin training then,” Devarius said.

“This is so much better than a boat,” Paedyn whispered.


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