Detained: Chapter 70


Song- Ex Habit- love me.

love me by Ex Habit (

Zara gazes out of the helicopter window, captivated by the twinkling lights of nighttime New York as we make our way to our suite. The penthouse’s magnificent views of the city left me with no choice but to purchase it for us.

It will be our escape from the world where we will always be just us.

A place where we can remind ourselves of our power, and where pleasure is the only thing we feel there.

“This is beautiful, Frankie.”

My heart races just looking at her in all her radiance.

As we approach the skyscraper and begin to land, she squeezes my hand. I look down, seeing the wedding ring on her finger. Never in my life did I think I would find love again. Let alone, a love more fierce than anything I’d ever experienced. A part of me will always miss Leila and grieve the life we lost. Yet at the same time, I’m leaving that in my past to enable me to embrace my future.

I’m confident everything in my life has led me to Zara. She is who I have always belonged to. I know my true meaning, to love this woman with everything I have.

Zara was never meant to be broken to fit any mold for the world. She was created to lead, to be a force. She might break for me, but that was only ever for one reason. To show her the true potential she has. To set her free.

The door opens and I help her out of the helicopter onto the roof. The wind blows her hair in her face as she laughs. And fuck, I love that smile of hers.

I unlock the door with my keycard and take her down the flight of steps to our penthouse. As she steps in, I hold her hand tighter to stop her.

“I want you naked and down on your knees facing the window.”

“Yes, sir.”

I head past the living room and into our bedroom, which has everything set up that I need for tonight. But first, I’m taking us back to where this all began. Unzipping my bag, I pull out that damn ghost face mask, her handcuffs and the new addition to the collection- one of the rarest pink diamonds in the world that I’ve had put on a butt plug as a wedding present.

My wife is about to have a multi-million-dollar diamond in her ass tonight, and it will be worth every single cent.

Stripping out of my suit and boxers, I put on the mask with the handcuffs and plug in my hand. I stop by the entrance to the main living room, surrounded by black roses, to find my wife on her knees facing away from me.

Beyond her is the twinkling New York skyline.

Our city.

She keeps her head bowed as I stalk forward. I know she’s itching to move; I can sense it as her fingers tap her bare thigh.

Raising her chin, I rub my thumb across her full lips. That perfect, deep red blush spreads across her chest as her eyes work their way up my bare body.

Her mouth parts in surprise as she reaches the mask.

“Remember this?”

She nods, the rise and fall of her breathing picking up.

“I still think about that night, you know. The first time I tasted your sweetness. I knew then that you would be it for me.” I lean down, taking one of her nipple piercings between my fingers.

“Let’s see if you’ve been a good girl for me. Spread your legs,” I command.

She shuffles them apart, allowing me access to her.

“Hmm, just as drenched as you were that night,” I grunt.

She pants as I stroke her pussy before sliding two fingers in.

“Your body is begging for me, wife.”

That unmistakable sound of her desire fills the room, only making it harder for me to concentrate on anything other than the blood rushing to my dick. Taking the diamond plug in my hand, I slide it inside her, letting her coat the metal in her succulent juices.

“Oh, fuck.” Her head tips back, arching her neck in a delectable invitation.

If I wasn’t wearing this damn mask, I would have bitten her there, marking her for the world to see.

“On all fours.” I pull it out of her and she drops onto her hands, her eyes fixating on the gem in my hands.

“Shut up. Is that real?” She frowns as it sparkles against the lights.

“Only the best for an ass as perfect as yours, baby. Now, watch me in the window.”

I drop onto my knees behind her and spread her ass apart, revealing her puckered hole. As I slowly guide it in, she tries to lean forward, so I squeeze my free hand on her hip to hold her in place.

“Just breathe, gorgeous.”

When it’s all the way in, I take a moment to admire her sparkling ass. Wrapping my arms around her waist, her body presses against mine as I lift her up, placing her on her feet.

Her head rests against my shoulder, and my cock pulsates against the small of her back. Sliding my hand down her stomach, I slip between her legs to circle her clit, and with my other hand, I play with her nipple.

“Look at our reflection in the window, baby. Look how beautiful you are. Everyone outside that glass, you own them. All of it is yours. You’re the most powerful woman in the city.”

“Hmmm,” she moans. “I don’t care about them. Just you.”

I thrust into her making her screams fill the room. Her hands shoot forward and she braces herself up against the window.

“I love you, husband,” she pants out between thrusts.

“Oh, fuck,” I hiss, her words fueling me and almost sending me over the edge. “I love you, Mrs. Falcone,” I grit out.

Trailing my hand up to her neck, I squeeze my fingers around her throat. Her walls tighten around my cock.

“Such a perfect slut.”


As soon as I’m close to exploding, I tighten my grip.

“Come for me.” I just about make the words out before I erupt inside her.

Her body trembles around me as she screams out my name.

Without removing myself, I hold her waist and sit us down on the floor.

“Spin around, baby,” I whisper against her shoulder, brushing my fingers along her skin.

She does as I say. Her flushed face meets mine as she settles her legs on either side of me.

Her hands delicately lift the disguise off of my head, allowing my skin to feel the cool air.

“I want to see you,” she says.

With a flick of her wrist, she tosses it across the room.

“That’s better. I love your handsome face.”

Her lips land on mine and her hips grind against me.

I am consumed by a renewed craving.

“Without the costume now, please,” she pouts.

Everyone hides under a mask of some description. It’s who we are as mankind. There will always be parts of we want to conceal. The trick is to find someone who sees every part of you, no matter how ugly. They won’t try to change you, they embrace the darkness.

This is the only one I’ll ever be wearing with Zara. Because it has her absolutely soaking for me.

“That was just the warmup, dolcezza,” I whisper against her jaw.

“Bring it on, sir. Show me who I belong to.”

Oh, I will.

Every damn day. There isn’t a thing I’d change about her. Not even that bratty mouth of hers.

And I vow to show her that she owns me completely, no matter what life may throw at us.

There is not a single doubt that our love will give us the power we need to take on the world.

And, if all else fails, we will have one hell of a time burning it to the fucking ground together.

Now that is true love.


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