Cruel Saints: Epilogue


(Two weeks later…)

Standing at the VIP bar with Alexei, Demitri, Franco, and Leo, we all enjoy a drink while music fills the air.

We’re having a celebratory party at Vizioso.

The Mafia did not fall. I came face to face with my enemies, and their deaths have sent out the message to not fuck with me and mine.

Out of the blood bath, I’ve raised a new empire. One, entirely under my control.

My eyes move between Franco and Leo, then I say, “Franco.”

His attention focuses on me. “Boss?”

“You’re being promoted. I need a man I can trust to take charge of Cabello’s arms and customers. What do you say?”

Franco stares at me, first with surprise, and then a huge-ass smile spreads over his face. “I’d be honored to work alongside you.”

“Good. It wasn’t actually negotiable,” I joke with him.

He lets out a bark of laughter.

“Matteo will take over the guards from you,” I inform him.

Franco nods, and then I level my gaze on Leo.

Leo lifts his chin, his eyes locking with mine.

“You were willing to die for my wife.” Leo nods, and I know without a doubt he would do it again if her life was in danger. “I need you to take over Tino’s arms and customers.”

The bear of a man begins to look emotional, and it catches me off guard. Then he gets up and fucking hugs the shit out of me.

“Thank you,” he says as he steps away, then he lifts his chin again. “I won’t let you down.”

“I know.”

“You’ll each get forty percent of the sales, and the rest comes to me.”

Without hesitating, they nod their agreements.

“And just like that, the Mafia is one big family again,” Alexei mutters.

I smile, thinking my father would be proud of all I’ve achieved.

We drink to our future success, and with business taken care of, my gaze searches for Elena. I find her talking with Leo’s wife, Maria, and the sight brings me comfort, knowing she’s making a friend.

I nudge my arm against Leo’s and gesture at our women. “They seem to get along.”

Leo smiles. “That’s good.”

Aunt Ursula didn’t want to know anything about coming to the club, so I left Marcello to watch over her at home.

“We’re leaving tonight,” Alexei suddenly says.

I turn to the man who’s become like a brother to me. “You’ll be missed.”

He grins at me. “If I didn’t have another job, I’d stay.”

Letting out a chuckle, I shake my head. “I’d be bankrupt then. You’re fucking expensive.”

We all laugh, and then Alexei lifts his tumbler in a toast. “To living, fucking, and killing.”

We all take a drink, and then I turn my gaze back to where Elena is. Not finding her and Maria at their table, I keep scanning the area until I see them dancing with the exclusive crowd.

I relax as I watch Elena have fun – just being a typical twenty-one-year-old woman enjoying life, and it mesmerizes me.

Her body moves sensually to the music, her ass perfect in the tight jeans she’s wearing. She lifts her arms, a contented smile curving her lips, and I take in the sight of her breasts pushing against the silk top.

“Instead of eye-fucking your wife, go dance with her,” Alexei mutters, drawing a chuckle from me.

I set down my drink and walk toward Elena. Her eyes lock on me, and as I close the distance between us, she draws her bottom lip between her teeth.

Fucking bewitching.

Reaching her, I wrap my left arm around her waist and yank her tightly to me. I begin to move with her, our hips instantly finding the same sensual pace.

We’re only focused on each other as the need to be one builds between us.

Elena’s changed so much from the first time I met her. Where she was skittish and afraid of her own goddamn shadow, she walked into the bowels of hell because she thought I was in danger. It was wrong of her to do it, but I can’t ignore the fact she didn’t cower before my greatest enemy to date, but instead, she faced Eva head-on.

With the training we started three days ago, she’ll be a true Mafia queen soon.

“Are you happy, amore mio?”

She wraps her arms around my neck. “Indescribably happy.” The corner of my mouth lifts, then she says, “But…”


Elena pushes up against me, and her teeth tug at my bottom lip. Against my mouth, she says, “I’d be so much happier if your cock was buried deep inside me right now.”


This woman.

She pulls back with an alluring smile on her face.

“What my wife wants, my wife gets,” I say, and taking hold of her hand, I pull her off the dance floor. I walk to the office I rarely use, and tugging Elena inside, I shut the door behind us and lock it so we won’t be disturbed.

I switch on the light and then walk to the sofa to take a seat. “Strip for me,” I order.

Elena doesn’t hesitate, and with the music drifting from the dance floor, I watch as she takes hold of her top, slowly pulling it over her head.

Her hips begin to move as she unbuttons her jeans, and once she steps out of the fabric, my wife dances only for me in nothing but black lace.

Fucking perfect.

When Elena’s naked, my eyes feast on every inch of her skin. Unbuckling my belt, I pull the zip of my suit pants down.

“Come show me those moves on my lap,” I say as I push the fabric down, exposing my hard-as-fuck cock to her.

Elena’s lips curve higher, and she closes the distance between us. Taking hold of my shoulders, she climbs on top of me, straddling my lap.

She reaches down between us, and positioning my cock at her entrance, she sinks down until I feel her ass resting against my balls.

Her lips part, and her eyes drift shut from how good it feels to take my cock deep inside her.

“Show me how you fuck,” I demand, my cock needing her to move.

Elena opens her eyes, and digging her nails into my shoulders, she begins to swivel her hips, driving me wild.

My hands find her breasts, and leaning forward, I suck on her nipples until I can’t hold back anymore. Grabbing hold of her hips, I take control, and I begin to thrust hard, my cock stroking her inner walls until we’re both on fire.

My lips pull back from my teeth as a roar builds, and then my wife begins to moan as her pleasure increases.

My fingers bite into her soft skin. Our lips parting. Our eyes hooded with lust.

Knowing I’m about to come, I growl, “Come on my cock, amore mio.”

Her head falls back, and as I take in her neck, her breasts, her snow-white skin, I begin to hammer into her. The roar tears from me, and when I empty myself inside her, I yank her to me and sink my teeth into her nipple.

Elena takes over, chasing the last of her pleasure by sensually swiveling her hips again, her pussy rubbing against me. She weaves her fingers into my hair, and when she stills, she holds me to her breast. I feel her press a kiss on my hair. “Angelo mio.” She lets out a satisfied sigh. “Ti Amo.”

Pulling back, I grin at her. “You love my cock more.”

She shrugs and gives me a playful smile, and it has me slapping her ass. When her pussy tightens around my cock, my eyebrow shoots up. “You like me spanking you?”

Her cheeks flush, and it gives me a glimpse of the girl I fell in love with.

The woman on my lap leans in, and then her teeth nip at my earlobe. “Yes.”

I harden for her again and slowly begin to thrust inside her, and then I slap her ass again.

Her pussy grips me tightly. “Again,” she moans as she begins to move up and down my cock.

My palm meets her ass, and then my fingers dig into her skin, and I fuck her until she’s screaming my name.





(Three months later…)

On my knees by one of the flower beds, the sound of the fountain keeping me company, I pull weeds from between the tulips.

There’s a permanent smile etched on my face.

“Cara,” Aunt Ursula calls from the veranda. “Take a break. You’ve been out in the sun all morning.”

I pull out the last weed and then climb to my feet. Pulling the garden gloves off my hands, I drop them on the grass and walk to Aunt Ursula.

A cool glass of orange juice waits for me as I take a seat at the table.

“Look at your cheeks,” she fusses. “You need to wear sunscreen.”

“I’ll put some on,” I say, my smile widening.

Aunt Ursula’s become the mother I never had. With time, I opened up to her about my past, and talking with her helped me shut the door on those memories.

Aunt Ursula’s smile grows, and then I feel a kiss on the top of my head. Tilting my head back, I grin at Lucian. “You’re home early.”

He presses another kiss to my lips then comes to take a seat at the table.

Aunt Ursula pours him a glass of orange juice, and after he’s taken a sip, he says, “I had some time off between meetings and wanted to spend it with my family.”

My eyes rest lovingly on my husband. “How would you feel about that family growing?”

Lucian’s eyes snap to mine, and Aunt Ursula slaps a hand to her mouth.

I let out a giggle. “We’re pregnant.”

Lucian’s face tightens with emotion, and then he darts up and sweeps me into a hug. His arms envelop me as he spins me in a circle, laughter bursting from him.

“Dio. Dio. Dio,” Aunt Ursula chants excitedly.

Lucian sets my feet back on the ground, and fusing his mouth with mine, I taste his happiness, and it multiplies my own.

Then he lifts his head, and his eyes meet mine. “You’re having our baby?”

Nodding, I say, “I did a test this morning, and it’s positive.”

“I want to see it,” he demands.

Letting out a chuckle, I take hold of his hand and pull him into the house. Once we’re in our bedroom, I take the test from my bedside drawer and show it to Lucian.

A proud smile forms around his lips, and then his eyes meet mine. “I’m going to be a father.”

“A wonderful father just like yours was.”

My words make emotion stir on his face, then he places a hand behind my head and pulls me to him for a kiss that’s slow and filled with love.

Pulling apart, we go back downstairs, only to find Aunt Ursula in the kitchen, getting ready to cook up a storm.

I gesture to the sliding doors. “I want to show you what I got done in the garden this morning.”

Lucian follows me outside, and as I sweep my hand over the flower bed, his arms wrap around me from behind and his hands settle on my abdomen. Resting his chin on my shoulder, he says, “You’ve been busy. It looks beautiful.”

Pulling free from his hold, I walk to the next flower bed. “The St. Joseph lilies are flowering.”

I planted them because they were Lucian’s mother’s favorite.

Lucian stares at them, then he smiles at me. “My parents would’ve loved you.”

I wrap my arms around his waist and stare up at him. “And you, Mr. Cotroni?”

A loving grin begins to tug at the corner of his mouth. “You’re my obsession, amore mio. The more I want you, the more I love you, and I’ll never stop wanting you.”

I lift on my toes and press a kiss to his jaw, and then I hug him. With my gaze on the ocean, I soak in the feel of my husband’s strong arms around me, his undying love wrapping me up in a bubble of safety.

“You’re my life, Lucian,” I whisper.

My husband is one of the biggest villains in the world.

But he’s my hero.

My avenging angel.

The man I would follow to the bottomless pits of hell because, by his side, I will live and die.

Lucian pulls a little back and tilts his head, just staring at me.

“We’ll have more than one child, right?” he asks.

“As many as you want.”

He lifts an eyebrow at me. “In that case, we better get to work.”

“I’m already pregnant,” I laugh as he pulls me back to the house.

“Practice makes perfect.”

Not that Lucian could get any more perfect in bed. “I like the sound of that.”

When we head toward the stairs, Aunt Ursula sighs happily, “To be young and in love.”

The moment we’re alone in our room, Lucian shows me how much he loves me, and in return, I worship him.

When I lie spent in his arms, drawing lazy patterns on his chest, I ask, “Will you show our children how to be strong like their father?”

Lucian presses a kiss to my hair. “I will.” He turns me onto my back and stares down at me. “And you’ll show them how to never give up.”

I lift my hand to Lucian’s face and cup his jaw. “I will.”

Together we’ll show our children what love is.


The End


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