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Cruel Saints: Chapter 25


I’m a second away from chewing my nails. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and washed the clothes we managed to get before the incident at the restaurant.

Now I’m rearranging the closet. Anything to keep me busy.

The door opens, and my head snaps in its direction. When I see Lucian, I rush to him. “God, I was so worried,” I say as I wrap my arms around his waist.

I close my eyes and send up a prayer of thanks for bringing him safely back to me.

Lucian hugs me back, then he places his finger under my chin and nudges my face up. “I don’t want you to worry about me.”

“I’ll always worry,” I whisper, my eyes searching his for any sign that he’s not okay.

He lowers his head and presses a soft kiss to my mouth, then he says, “I’m just going to shower.”

I pull away from him. “You didn’t finish your meal earlier. Can I warm it up for you?”

The corner of his mouth lifts as he pulls his jacket off. “No, I plan on eating something else tonight.”

“Oh? What? I can prepare it while you shower and have a drink.”

A wolfish grin spreads over his lips. “Don’t leave the room.”

When he walks into the bathroom, my eyes widen with realization.

He meant me.

Oh, God.

I need to get ready.

I rush to the closet and begin to dig through the lingerie I got. I pull a white set out, seeing as it will be our first time making love.

Knowing Lucian showers quickly, I strip out of my clothes as quickly as I can. I pull on the white lace panties and matching lace nightgown that clips together beneath my breasts. My hands flutter over the lace, straightening it out.

Taking deep breaths, I listen for when the water turns off. Then I remember my hair is in a ponytail, and I quickly yank the tie out, fluffing the stands with my fingers.

The water turns off as I gather my discarded clothes and shove them into the closet for the time being.

I spin around and wonder if I should sit down on the bed. Lie in a sexy position? Maybe I should –

Lucian comes out of the bathroom, and I freeze. He has a towel wrapped around his waist. His eyes sweep over me, and then he stops dead in his tracks.

He stares at me until my cheeks start to warm.

“Christ, Elena,” he breathes. “You’re breathtaking.”

“I wanted to wear something special for you,” I say, happy to see the appreciation and desire swirling in his eyes.

“You can wear that every night,” he mutters, still staring at me.

Lucian fists his hands at his sides, and when he doesn’t come to me, I walk to him. My eyes search his, and not seeing anything but desire, I lift myself on my tiptoes and press a kiss to his neck, taking a deep breath of his scent.

I hear him exhale sharply, then I ask, “Why aren’t you moving?”

“If I do, I’m going to throw you on the bed and fuck you. I’m trying to regain some control so I can take it slow for you.”

My lips curve up, and I begin to walk backward until I feel the bed behind me. “I want you, Lucian. You don’t have to hold back.”

I’ll take him any way I can have him.

I sit down on the bed and scoot to the middle, and it’s all it takes for Lucian to rip the towel from his waist and stalk toward me.

My eyes instantly drop to his erection. There’s no revulsion as I take in how perfect my husband is. Every inch of his body is hard muscle. He’s much bigger than what I’ve seen, and even though I don’t think he’ll appreciate me calling his cock beautiful, it’s the only word I can come up with.

Lucian takes hold of my thighs and yanks me to the edge of the bed, and it makes the lace move up, exposing me from the waist down.

“You have no idea how hard it was to wait,” He says as he reaches for the nightgown, unclipping it.

My heart begins to beat faster, and my stomach flutters as Lucian nudges the right side of the lace away from my breast. Slowly he does the same with the left side as if he’s unwrapping a gift.

His irises darken to midnight black as he stares at my breasts. “God, I’m a lucky bastard,” he says, his voice rough and low.

No, I’m the lucky one to have a man look at me with so much love and desire.

His palms brush down my waist and hips, and then he takes hold of the lace panties and pulls them down my legs.

“On second thought, forget the lace. I prefer you naked,” he says gruffly as he lowers himself to his knees. He pushes my legs open, and my face reddens from being exposed to him like this.

Lucian leans forward and presses kisses to my inner thighs, and then he moves up to my hips and abdomen. “Jesus,” he breathes as he drags his nose over my strip of curls. Then my eyes shoot wide open, and my lips part on a gasp as his tongue swipes over my clit.


He sucks hard, and it makes my body tighten and melt all at once.


I’m still adjusting to the new sensations when Lucian lets out a deep growl. Then I have to grab hold of the covers, and my back arches from the intense pleasure his tongue and lips create between my legs.

I can only gasp, my jaw slack.

His tongue lashes at me until I’m overly sensitive. His lips knead my clit into oblivion, and when he pushes a finger inside me, I crash into an inferno of pleasure.

I make sounds I never thought possible. My body convulses as if I’m being electrocuted. Waves of pleasure crash over me, my skin alive, my breaths sharp and fast.

And it’s all just from Lucian’s skilled mouth and hands.

I’m still gasping for air, my fingers almost tearing into the covers from the tight grip I have on them when Lucian moves up my body. He presses kisses all over my abdomen and ribs until he reaches my breasts.

I finally regain some control back over my body, and letting go of the covers, I bring my hands to his hair as he sucks my nipple into his mouth.

My fingers weave through Lucian’s damp strands, and when his teeth tug at my hard bud, I arch into him.

“Lucian,” I moan, losing my mind from everything he’s making me feel.

 He pushes his arm beneath me and moves me up the bed, and then his body presses against mine. Skin to skin. Every inch.

His sculptured solid chest to my soft skin. His abs against my stomach. And his erection between my legs.

Lucian’s eyes capture mine, and I’m overwhelmed by the love I see in them.

I can’t believe there was a time I feared him. If I had a crystal ball to see this moment, I would’ve run to Lucian the first time we met.

I relish the feel of his body on top of mine as I move my hands to his shoulders, down his arms, and then back up until I reach his neck.

“I love you so much,” I whisper. His expression softens at my words. “You’re the first person I said those words to.”

“I’ll be the only person to hear them,” he demands, and then his mouth fuses with mine.





Jesus, it’s hard to take it slow.

My body shudders from the effort it’s taking to kiss Elena tenderly while she’s naked beneath me, her legs spread for me, her pussy’s heat setting my cock on fire.

I rub myself against her as my hands brush down her sides and back up, memorizing the feel of her curves.

Elena naked. I’ll never see anything as beautiful again.

Then she lifts her hips, pressing her pussy against my cock, and she moans into my mouth.

And. I. Fucking. Lose. My. Mind.

Tender vanishes.

Gentle has no place here.

The kiss turns filthy, demanding more moans from my wife.

My lips and teeth work Elena’s until they’re swollen, plump for me to feast on.

Her eyes are clouded with lust, her breasts pushing against my chest with every breath of air she takes.

Fucking otherworldly.

I move my hand down, my knuckles brushing over her toned stomach and gripping hold of my aching cock, I rub myself over her opening and clit to lubricate the head.

The angel on my shoulder tells me to ask her if she’s ready.

The devil says fuck that shit, I’ve waited long enough.

I push the head of my cock inside her, and then I meet resistance from her tight inner walls. It rips a growl from me, and I thrust hard, forcing my way into her because God help me, I need to be buried deep inside her right now.

Elena lets out a soft cry, her features tightening.

“Amore mio,” I whisper, and I begin to press kisses to her face, trying to ease the discomfort I’ve caused her.

Her arms wrap tighter around my neck. “I’m okay.”

My eyes close from how fucking amazing it feels to be buried deep inside her, and I take a moment to memorize how perfectly she wraps around my cock.

Our eyes lock, and then I pull out. I watch closely for her reaction as I thrust back inside her warmth.

Elena’s lips part, and her pupils dilate.

I rub my pelvis against her clit, and when she makes a small sound of pleasure, I ask, “Enjoying the feel of my cock, amore mio?”

She nods, her lips curving up. “God, yes.”

I pull out again and thrust in harder, and when she gasps and her eyes drift closed, I demand, “Eyes on me while I’m fucking you.”

They open, looking like melted gold. Sinful and seductive.

I begin to move, and every time the head of my cock hits against her deepest depths, I go faster. Harder.

Elena’s tight walls and heat strip me of my control, and I begin to worship her with my mouth and hands. I rub my whole body against hers as I sink deep, wanting my scent on every inch of her. I want to brand her skin with the feel of mine so she’ll never forget this moment. She’ll never forget I’m her husband and the only man who gets to sink balls deep in her hot pussy.

I claim her the only way I know how. Hard. Fast. Desperate to dominate all of her.

I lay my sins at her feet. My vows at her heart. My love at her soul. I give her all of me.

My weakness and strength.

The good and evil.

The lover.

The killer.

And Elena takes all of me as her mouth devours mine. Her hips begin to move, meeting my thrusts.

A symphony of love builds around us. Elena’s moans. My harsh breaths. Our skin meeting. Her slick heat coating my cock.

“Christ,” the word bursts from me as pleasure begins to spiral down my spine. I push my hand between us and pinch Elena’s clit. “Come for me, amore mio.”

I angle my cock to hit a different spot and finding my wife’s G-spot, a grin spreads over my face when her lips form a silent cry of pleasure. Letting go of her clit, I grab hold of her thigh, pulling her leg up over my hip, and then I focus on assaulting her G-spot until Elena’s thrashing beneath me.

“Lucian,” she cries, and I crush my mouth to hers, wanting to taste her orgasm as it rips through her.

“Dio. Dio. Dio.” Her chants fall on my lips. She arches, her breasts rubbing against my chest, her nails digging into my skin, and then her body tightens. “Lucian,” she whimpers.

Her face fills with ecstasy, and then she comes hard on my cock, clamping around me, forcing me over the edge until I’m jerking inside her. My body shudders against hers, and a low growl is ripped from my chest.

With our eyes locked, we live only in this moment as we create mind-blowing pleasure together.

I lower my head and capture Elena’s lips. Bringing my arms up, I frame her face with my hands, all of my body pressing against hers as I slow my rhythm until I’m lazily plunging inside her.

Residual pleasure rocks through her, making her spasm around my cock.

When I finally still inside her, I nip at her lips one more time before I lift my head, and then we stare at each other.

Emotion fills Elena’s eyes until they sparkle.

“I love you so fucking much,” I say.

She lets out a sputter and then presses her face to my neck.

I gather her in my arms, my body enveloping hers, and I hold her as she sheds her past and finds the freedom she so desperately needed in the safety of my love.

“I’m sorry,” she says, her voice strained and small against my skin. “This is all I ever wanted. It’s overwhelming to know I’m finally loved. ”

I tighten my hold on her, pressing kisses to her hair, her ear, her neck. “Don’t be sorry, amore mio. Let me take all of your demons. I want you to know only peace.”

“You’re my peace,” she says as she lifts her face to mine. “Tutto mio.” My everything.

My mouth finds hers, and we spend hours kissing, loving, devouring each other. We share our darkest secrets and our dreams. Our whispers fill the air as I take Elena in every possible position until I’m finally sated in the early hours of the morning.


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