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Cruel Saints: Chapter 21


It’s almost three in the morning when the last of the guests leave, and while Lucian locks up and turns off the lights, I head up to my room.

Opening the door, I step inside and glance at the bathroom. The floor’s been cleaned, and there’s no sign of the struggle that took place earlier.

I walk to my closet, and when I open it and see it’s empty, I pause.

“Everything’s been moved to our room,” Lucian says behind me. When I turn to him, he holds his hand out to me. “Come, let’s get some sleep.”

I walk to him and place my hand in his. He leads me back to the room we were in earlier, and once we’re inside, he shuts the door.

“Your clothes are on the left side of the closet,” he informs me, and then he begins to unbutton his shirt as he walks to the bathroom. “You want to shower?” he calls out as he turns on the faucets.

Nerves spin in my stomach. “Ahh… no, you can go first.”

Lucian comes out of the bathroom… shirtless. My eyes instantly drop to his chest and the eight pack that looks like it’s been carved from stone.


I tilt my head as my eyes drink in the sight of the muscles disappearing into his suit pants.

“You’re making it really hard right now,” Lucian says, his voice low.

My gaze darts to his face, then to the closet. “Sorry. It’s just… you look really good.”

He lets out a chuckle then goes to take a pair of sweatpants from the closet. “I feel good too,” he teases me.

I press my lips together, trying to hide the smile I can’t stop from forming.

With a chuckle, Lucian walks back to the bathroom.

I move the closet, and opening it, I remove a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for myself. Then I stare at my underwear.

Should I wear a bra to bed?

I take a pair of panties and decide against the bra, wanting to be comfortable while sleeping.

I sit down on the bed and glance around the room while waiting for Lucian to finish showering.

Then the thought hits.

Lucian’s naked in there.

My lips curve up at the thought, and I even find myself leaning a little to the side, but not able to see anything, I straighten up again.

Minutes later, he comes out, dressed only in a pair of sweatpants. His hair is wet, and there are still some drops on his shoulders and chest. “The shower’s yours.”

I get up, and as I walk past Lucian, his fresh scent carries to me.

God, he smells good.

I find all my toiletries in the bathroom. I tie my hair in a ponytail and brush my teeth. There’s no door to close between the bedroom and bathroom, and it makes me a little nervous as I strip out of my clothes.

I turn on the faucets and step into the spray. Closing my eyes, I relax under the warm water.

While I wash my body, I think about the day. Everything was beautiful, and the wedding cake was delicious. Dante dying was the highlight of my day, though. I don’t care if it makes me a bad person for being glad he’s dead.

Now I can bury him along with all the traumatic memories he left me with.

I rinse the suds from my skin, and closing the faucets, I step out of the shower and quickly dry myself. I get dressed then glance at the archway between the rooms.

This is it. Our first night sleeping in the same bed.

I take a deep breath to steel myself and walk out of the bathroom. Lucian’s nowhere to be found, and I begin to frown, but then he comes back into the room with a glass of water. His eyes drift over me, and after he places the glass on the bedside table, he says, “In case you get thirsty.”

It’s on the right side of the bed. “Thank you. You’re taking the left side?” I ask to be sure.

He pulls the covers back. “Yes, so I’m closest to the door.”

My heart melts.

I walk around the bed, and I feel a little awkward as I climb under the covers.

Lucian turns off the lights, and then I feel the mattress dip as he sits down.

With my eyes not used to the darkness yet, all my other senses sharpen. My body becomes aware of Lucian’s as he lies down, and then his arm wraps around my lower back, and he pulls me right against him.

My skin tingles everywhere we touch. The air is filled with his scent. My hands are stuck between my chest and his rock-solid one.

“Wrap your arm around me,” he murmurs.

I do as he says, and splaying my fingers over his back, my palm takes in the feel of him. My lips curve up, and turning my head, I rest my cheek against his warm skin. I close my eyes, thinking I’ll fall asleep quickly, but being highly conscious of Lucian, I lay awake.

Lucian begins to rub his hand up and down the length of my back, then he whispers, “Relax, amore mio.”

“I am.” I hesitate for a moment but then admit, “It’s hard to fall asleep.”


I lift my head to glance up at Lucian, but I can only make out his profile. “It’s the first time I’m sleeping with someone.” My eyes widen, and I quickly correct myself, “I mean… in the same bed. Just sleeping.”

He’s quiet for a while, then he asks, “Are you a virgin?”

I squeeze my eyes shut, and my face reddens. “No.”

“Alfonso?” he asks.


Lucian moves his hand up and wraps his fingers around the back of my neck. “Sleep, amore mio. You’re safe with me.”

I rest my cheek against his chest again, and listening to the strong rhythm of his heartbeat, I’m eventually lulled into a peaceful slumber.





Two weeks have passed since our wedding day. It’s been a challenge, to say the least.

Every night I hold Elena, it takes all my willpower to hold back. I have to see her dressed in those cotton shorts which frame her ass perfectly, and the t-shirt does nothing to hide her nipples when she’s not wearing a bra.

Her laughter fills the house. Her soft scent is everywhere.

My wife is happy, and all I want to do is fuck her.

I gave Elena a credit card, and with my aunt’s help, she’s getting comfortable using it. Every time I’m notified of a payment on my phone, it draws a smile from me.

It’s mostly food and necessities, though. Elena hasn’t bought anything for herself yet.

Dressed in my usual three-piece suit, I take the steps down and head to the veranda where the women are enjoying coffee.

The moment Elena notices me, she jumps up and rushes to pour me a cup of coffee.

I change direction to the kitchen, and coming up behind Elena, I place my hands on her hips and press my chest to her back. I rest my chin on her shoulder. “Thank you, amore mio.”

“You’re welcome,” she replies happily while stirring some cream into the cup.

“I need you to do something today,” I say as I take a step back so she can turn around. I accept the cup from her and enjoy a sip of the beverage.

“Sure. What?”

My eyes capture hers. “Buy something for yourself.” Making sure she understands me, I add, “Clothes, perfume, jewelry, anything you like.”

“Okay,” she whispers, looking a little uncomfortable.

I set the cup down on the counter and place my hands on her hips again. I tug her closer to me, and she has to tilt her head further back to look at me.

“Let me take care of you.” I lean down and press a kiss to her lips. “It’s important to me.”

Elena lifts her arms and wraps them around my neck. “You are taking care of me.”

I take a deep breath. “Actually, redo your entire closet. Get rid of the clothes Tino paid for. I don’t want them in my house.”

Elena nods. “Okay.”

I press another kiss to her lips and linger, wanting to savor her for a moment before I have to head out. When I lift my head, my eyes caress every inch of her beautiful face.

It’s been six weeks since she walked into my life, and I fell irrevocably in love with her. My obsession with her has only grown.

I’ve become more possessive, especially of my time with her. When I get home, Elena knows to have everything done because I want all her attention.

“Ti amo,” I tell her I love her before I can stop myself.

Elena’s eyes dart over my face, her lips parting.

I know I moved much faster than her, and she’s not ready to return the words

“Don’t say it back. I just wanted you to know.” I press a last kiss to her lips, then let go of her. I go to my aunt and kiss her forehead. Walking to the front door, I call to Elena, “Use the card. I expect to see a lot of notifications on my phone.”

Elena lets out a burst of laughter. “I’ll drive you crazy and make you think of me every ten minutes.”

I give her a smile, and then it grows even more when Leo comes in. “My friend.” I hold my arms open and hug him. “Welcome back.” Placing my hands on his shoulders, I ask, “How do you feel?”

“Ready to work, Sir,” he says. “Thank you for taking care of my family while I was in the hospital.”

I had them stay in one of my hotels with protection, so nothing happened to Leo’s wife and two children while he wasn’t there to protect them. I also gave him one hell of a bonus and some time off for the bullet he took for Elena.

“Of course.”

“Leo,” Elena says, and then she hugs her personal guard. “I’m so glad to see you.”

Leo looks a little awkward as he hugs her with one arm.

Elena pulls back. “I’m sorry you got shot because of me.”

“It’s my job, Mrs. Cotroni.”

I pat his arm. “I’ll leave Elena in your capable hands. It’s good to have you back.”

I step out of the house. Franco and Matteo flank me as we head to the car.

We spend the morning checking and dispatching a big shipment of Heckler and Koch MP5K submachine guns. I let Matteo take care of the delivery, knowing he won’t fuck it up.

Every time my phone beeps with a notification from the bank, it puts a smile on my face.

When it’s almost time for lunch, I call Elena’s number.

“Hi,” she answers cheerfully.

“Hi. Missing me?”

“Every second,” she answers.

“Where are you? I want to join you and Zia Ursula for lunch.” Elena checks with my aunt, then gives me a name of a restaurant. “I’ll meet you there in fifteen minutes.”

“Time to eat, Fanco,” I say as I head to the car. Getting in, I give him the destination then relax against the seat.

During the drive, my phone rings, and seeing Alexei’s name, I answer, “You’re alive.”

“Of course,” he chuckles.

“Where are you?”

“Spain.” He sounds disgruntled. “No one is talking.”

“Fuck,” I mutter. We’re not winning. Every lead we find is a dead end. “Come back. I don’t want you wasting your time.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he assures me.

We end the call, and minutes later, Franco finds parking near the restaurant.

Walking into the establishment, my eyes scan over the tables. Seeing Elena and my aunt sitting near the window, I walk toward them.

Elena glances in my direction, and then a smile spreads over her face. She gets up as I near the table, and then glass shatters.

Screams erupt.

Franco grabs hold of me, and my body swings to the side as a bullet hits me.

Elena’s scream is sharp in my ears as Franco takes my weight, lowering me to the floor.

“Elena. My aunt,” I snap at him, pressing my hand to the side where it’s stinging like a motherfucker.

Franco throws one of the tables on its side to use as cover, and then Elena drops next to me on her knees with my Aunt and Leo right behind her.

Elena’s face is pale, and she takes one look at the blood seeping through my fingers, then she pushes her hand behind me and grabs my gun.

I watch as my wife’s face tightens with anger and worry, and then she yells at Franco, “You better keep him alive. If my husband dies, you die.”

She pulls Aunt Ursula further behind the table. “Put your hand on the wound. We need to stop the bleeding.” Elena grabs a table cloth and rolls it up. “Use this.”

Aunt Ursula does as she’s ordered, and pulling my hand away from the bullet wound, she applies pressure.

“I’m –” I begin to say, but Elena hushes me.

“We’ll get out of here,” she assures me, her features softening for a moment as she looks at me. “Just keep still. Okay?”

Even though we’re under attack, I have to admit I love seeing my wife take charge. It’s a potent turn-on.

I admire her for a second longer, then I say, “I’m okay. It’s not deep.” I take the gun from her and turn my attention to Franco and Leo. “What do you see?”

“Nothing. It could’ve come from anywhere,” Franco replies.

Fuck. We’re sitting ducks.


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