Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 20


Christ Almighty, I’ve never experienced a more profound moment in my entire life.

Watching her fall apart and feeling her body convulse fills my chest with pride.

My woman is far from broken. Her body is so responsive to mine, every time I hit her G-spot, her pussy thanks me by clenching hard around my cock.

The moment Mariya gave in and submitted to me, the love she felt for me shining from her with the intensity of every star in the universe, she laid claim to every part of me.

The light and the dark.

The man and the monster.

As I pound into her glorious heat, she owns me in a way I’ve never been owned before. Her breaths become mine. Her heartbeats become mine.

With every thrust, she becomes my very source of life.

Our eyes remain locked, our lips parted and brushing against each other with every movement from our rocking bodies.

Ti amo tanto,” I breathe the words I love you so much to her. Knowing she doesn’t understand Italian makes it easier for me to tell her how I feel until she’s ready to hear it in English.

Pleasure shoots down my spine, and not breaking eye contact, I growl, “Il mio.”

Mine. All fucking mine.

My body shudders, my fucking balls tighten, then I jerk uncontrollably as I empty myself in her.

Il mio,” I hiss from the intense orgasm tightening every muscle in my body and forcing me to bury myself as deep as possible inside her.

The powerful force of the orgasm subsides until I’m able to move again, thrusting into her three more times before I still.

We’re both gasping, our bodies drenched in sweat.

My arm is hurting like a motherfucker, but it doesn’t matter. All I can focus on is the tear escaping her left eye before it disappears into her hair.

This is Mariya at her most vulnerable. There’s no bratva princess. There’s no queen. No feistiness.

There’s just the woman who loves me so fucking much it terrifies her.

I push my arms beneath her and hold her so fucking tight as I press kisses to her neck and jaw. I wait to catch my breath before I say, “I think it’s safe to say there’s nothing wrong with your clit.”

A breath sputters from her, her arms tighten around me, and she buries her face against my shoulder as she tries to work through her emotions.

“You came so fucking beautifully for me,” I praise her.

Even though she’s emotional, her pussy clenches around me, telling me her body loves the praise.

It takes a couple of minutes for Mariya to regain some control. Finally, she pulls back and meets my eyes.

There’s no sign of the vulnerable woman who loves me, the bratva princess back with her guard up so fucking high it probably touches the sky.

My stubborn wife.

“How do you feel?” I ask as I pull my arms from under her and rest them on either side of her head.

“I’m not going to lie.” A smile tugs at the corner of her swollen lips. “That was mindblowing.”

I grin at her, pride filling my chest again. “Yeah?”

“You definitely know how to satisfy a woman.”

I press a tender kiss to her mouth, then say, “You just needed to stop overthinking things. Once you let me in and submitted, your body did the rest.”

She tilts her head. “I so did not submit to you.”

I press a kiss to the tip of her nose, then smirk. “Yeah, you did.”

“Let’s agree to disagree,” she chuckles.

I pull out of her as I push myself back until I’m kneeling between her thighs. The moment I glance down, Mariya shoots up as if someone lit a fire under her ass.

“Don’t look!”

“Too late,” I grin as I stare at the blood coating my cock and her inner thighs.

Intense satisfaction spreads through me, and when my eyes flick to Mariya’s, it tenses my voice as I say, “I think the blood is fitting for our first time together. The spoils of the war I waged to make you mine.”

“Jesus, Luca,” she mutters as she pulls her legs up and scoots off the bed. “Caveman much?”

“Definitely. I don’t know why that surprises you,” I chuckle as I get up and follow her into the bathroom.

I reach into the shower and open the faucets, then drag her beneath the spray with me.

“It’s cold,” she shrieks, trying to duck away, but I yank her body to mine and keep her locked to me with my left arm.

“I’ll warm you up soon enough,” I tease, slipping my hand between her thighs.

She gives me an incredulous look. “Don’t push your luck. I’m dead sure I don’t have another orgasm in me so soon after the intense one you just gave me.”

“How intense?” I ask, my voice low and seductive as I lightly start to stroke her clit.

Her lips part, and her hands find my shoulders.

I watch droplets of water run down her skin while I massage her harder. “How intense?”

“Good God, Luca. You’re so freaking hot.” She pushes onto her toes and slams her mouth to mine.

It doesn’t even take five minutes before she’s clinging to me, breathless, trembling, and riding out the pleasure I’m giving her.

“How intense?” I murmur, my hands gliding over her skin, my lips brushing down the side of her neck.

Mariya keeps hold of me as she admits, “It’s unlike anything I’ve felt before. It consumed me.”

“Good,” I groan. I tilt her head back and nip at her lips. “So fucking good.” Pushing her back against the wall, I once again show her just how much I fucking love her.

I’ll keep showing her until she realizes she’s the only woman for me. Once that happens, I’ll finally be able to tell her I love her more than life itself.


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