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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 2


Mariya Koslov – the only woman alive with the power to drive me fucking crazy.

Christ, does she drive me crazy.

I’ve spent the past three months defending my turf in Europe from the Albanians, constantly flying between Italy and LA. Belonging to the Priesthood, a brotherhood of sorts, Viktor and I also had to take time to help Gabriel Demir, the head of the Turkish mafia, who took his revenge on the Polish mafia.

It’s been fucking busy, as always, never having any time to even think about pursuing Mariya. My only saving grace is that most men are too fucking scared of her family to try to date her, and it’s kept her single while I took over the mafia from my father.

I’ve known her all my life, but where Viktor and I became best friends, there’s always been an invisible line drawn between Mariya and me. The only reason I haven’t mentioned an arranged marriage to our families is because I know Uncle Alexei will never agree to one unless Mariya’s willing. She’s a bratva princess, and no one will force her to do something she disapproves of.

As Viktor takes a fighting stance, my thoughts turn to the fucking sexy scene I walked in on earlier when Mariya flipped her father to the ground.

God damn, it was hot. I knew she received training, but I didn’t realize she was that good.

Viktor’s foot connects with my thigh, and I only have time to lean backward before his other foot narrowly misses my head.

“Stop fucking dreaming and fight,” he taunts me.

I focus on the sparing session, and we start to move. Having done this many times before, neither of us gets a good hit in, and by the time we’re done, we’re soaked in sweat and gasping for air.

Also, thinking about Mariya when I’m facing off with Viktor is just plain stupid, but damn, the woman is distracting.

She radiates elegance, beauty, and power – royalty in the mafia world. A true princess who’s worth killing for.

She’s one of the reasons I’m still single at thirty-four. The other is that I’ve been too busy working my ass off to bother dating. But I’m not getting any younger. I’ll have to figure out a way to erase the line between Mariya and me. 

“Are you coming to Mariya’s birthday party tomorrow night?” Viktor asks.

“Of course.” I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s an excuse to be around the woman I consider my future wife.

People see her as a spoiled socialite who has nothing better to do than spending her parents’ money.

But there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Mariya loves with all her heart. She’d die for her family and friends, and that kind of loyalty is rare in our world.

She’s stubborn, but that’s a turn-on for me. The more she snubs me, the more I want her.

But what I love most about her is that she’s always direct. The woman doesn’t play games, and that’s so fucking refreshing.

I have to make her love me, which is a problem because I’ve never seen Mariya date. I have no idea what she finds attractive and what she hates.

I can’t ask Viktor because he’d probably try to kill me for even thinking romantically about his sister.

If only I knew where her mind’s at, it would help a great deal.

“We’re going to Vegas this weekend. You want to come? I could use the company while babysitting Mariya and Violet.”

A smile spreads over my face. “Sure. The break will do me good.”

We walk out of the gym, and I head to the guestroom I used to change out of my suit.

Grabbing the back of my sweat-soaked shirt, I tug the fabric over my head. Just as I turn the corner, someone slams into my chest. Instinctively my arms come up, and I grab hold of a pair of slender shoulders.

As I look down, Mariya’s eyes widen as she stares at my chest, one of her hands firmly planted on my abs.

“Good God,” she breathes, then her gaze burns over my skin until she locks eyes with me. Her pupils are dilated, her lips parted.

We stare at each other for a moment until Mariya takes a step back. She shakes her head once, turns around, and hightails it away from me.


The princess liked what she saw.

The corner of my mouth lifts in a smirk as I step into the guestroom so I can shower and change back into my suit.


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