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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 18


Panic flares in her eyes, and she quickly lowers her gaze to my bare chest, that she only seems to notice now, seeing as her lips part and a look of wonder ghosts over her face.

“Mariya,” I say to bring her attention back to the question I asked. “Why did you react so strongly?”

Her tongue darts out to wet her lips, and she glances at the bloody wipes beside me. “I’m always an emotional mess during my period.”

Frustration coils in my chest because she’s hiding the real reason. Lifting my hand to her chin, I force her to meet my eyes.

Uncomfortable with the conversation, she shifts on my lap. The instant her pussy rubs against my cock, I harden.

Mariya obviously feels it because she starts to blink faster while a flush creeps up her neck.

Christ, it’s the first time I’ve seen her blush, and it only makes me harder.

After the morning I had, I’m tired, and honestly, I’m running out of patience. “Tell me the truth.”

She shakes her head. “I did.”

Fuck her stubbornness and pride.

And fuck mine.

“You care,” I state the obvious.

A frown forms on her forehead. “Of course. I’m not a coldhearted bitch, Luca.”

I move my hand behind her head, my fingers tangling with her hair. Pulling her closer until our breaths mingle, my eyes keep hers imprisoned.

Fuck this. If we can’t admit our true feelings to each other, I’ll fucking show her what she means to me.

I possessively claim her mouth in a demanding kiss, willing her to give in to the love she feels for me. My tongue lashes at hers, my teeth tugging at her bottom lip until it’s plump.

Mariya lets out a moan, and I devour the sound as my heartbeat speeds up until it’s hammering in my chest. I let go of her hair, and wrapping my good arm around her, I lift her, turn, and push her down on the bed.

Ignoring the pain in my left arm, I shove the first aid bag and everything else off the covers and crawl over Mariya. When I stare down at her, the desire in her eyes has a direct link to my hard as fuck cock.

“Christ, I wish you knew what you do to me,” I murmur before I take her mouth again.

I push her legs open, and settling my pelvis between her thighs, the kiss turns wild.

When I thrust against her, our clothes frustrating the fuck out of me, she moans, “We can’t.”

“The fuck we can’t,” I grumble, peppering kisses down her neck, my teeth nipping at her soft skin.

She lets out a dreamy sigh, her hands weaving into my hair. “I’m on my period.”

I lift my head and pin her with an unwavering look. “I don’t care.”

When I lower my head and bite her nipple through her silk blouse, she moans, “Jesus, Luca.”

I grab hold of the silky fabric and yank it off her. My eyes feast on her creamy skin and the swell of her breasts peaking from the edges of the lace bra. “I want you now,” I demand as I unhook her bra and toss it to the side.

Fuck, her breasts are the perfect size as if they were made for me. I palm them in my hands and massage them with the urgency I feel to be buried inside her. “Christ, you’re beautiful,” I groan before I suck a nipple into my mouth.

I feast on Mariya’s breasts like a starving man, my hands exploring her slim waist and hips before I undo her jeans and yank them and her lacy panties down her legs.

“Wait!” Mariya darts into a sitting position as I throw her clothes onto the floor. “Seriously, I’m on my period. This will have to wait a week.”

I undo my belt, and when the leather wooshes through the loops, I slowly shake my head. “I’ve waited years for this. I’m not waiting a second longer.”

Confusion mixes with the desire on her face until I shove my suit pants and boxers down my legs.

Mariya’s eyes burn over my body, and it gives me a chance to take in the perfection of hers.

“Fuck, I’m a lucky bastard,” I murmur, in total awe of her beauty.

“Good God, Luca,” she breathes, her eyes glued to my cock.

As I place my knee on the bed, Mariya quickly scoots off, saying, “Just give me a minute.”

She darts into the bathroom and spends some time in there before coming out with a large bath towel. She spreads it over the covers before glancing awkwardly at me.

“Get your sexy ass on the bed,” I order.

She’s still climbing on when I reach for her ass and pull her to me so I can bite the one cheek.

“Luca,” she exclaims, sounding both shocked and turned on.

I push her onto her stomach and kiss and lick my way all the way up from her ass to her right shoulder, where the words Daddy’s Girl are tattooed in cursive letters.

Her daddy has no idea what I’m about to do to his daughter.

Flipping Mariya over onto her back, I brace my hands on either side of her head and stare down at her exquisite face that’s flushed with desire.

I lower my head and tenderly nip at her lips while nudging her legs open. Lying down on top of her, I groan from how amazing it feels to have her naked beneath me.

“Fuck, I’ve waited so long,” I murmur before deepening the kiss.

With every inch of my skin touching hers, I frame her face with my hands and keep her in place as I fuck her mouth with my tongue.

Years. Fucking years.

Finally, I’ll make Mariya mine in every single fucking way.


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