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Choosing Theo: Chapter 36

Jade’s stomach turned yet again. She had an idea about how she might get Xoris to remove her restraints, but she couldn’t bring herself to follow through with it.

He’d informed her that he was preparing for the artificial insemination. If she could convince him that normal sex might yield better results, she might be able to get him to let her out of this chair. The constant accusation that she was a femme fatale spy must’ve gone to her head.

What if it doesn’t work?

It’d be difficult but not impossible for him to have sex with her while she was still strapped to this chair. What if she gave him this idea but he kept her secured? She would’ve orchestrated her own rape for nothing, and in order to get another chance at freedom, she’d have to pretend that she liked it.

If she persuaded him to free her, though, she could surprise him and hopefully knock him out before anything could happen. Was it a risk she could take?

“Can I ask you something, Xoris?”

He glanced at her from over his shoulder then returned to his work. “Yes. What?”

“Have you always used artificial insemination on the human females?”

“Not always,” he said absently.

“Interesting,” she said, considering.

He finally scrutinized her, then faced her fully. “Why is that interesting?”

“Well, as you know, human women are different then Clecanians in a few ways, but if we’re truly Clecanian descendants, there could be similarities in how we’re able to get pregnant.”

He cocked his head at her. “Such as?”

“I learned that Clecanian women have a recovery phase that helps with becoming pregnant. I also learned that in order to have this recovery phase, they need to have an orgasm. It makes sense. I heard that on Earth too. They say that if a woman orgasms during sex, it can increase the likelihood of pregnancy.”

“What are you suggesting?” His voice had gone hoarse.

Xoris was attracted to her. There was no doubt. He also seemed to respond to her no-nonsense scientifically minded act. She needed to make him think this was the most logical course of action.

“That copulation may result in pregnancy more often than artificial insemination would. Since you’re going to be using your own semen either way, it may be more likely to work if we have sex.”

Xoris narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. “And why would you allow this?”

Jade had expected this. She sighed and glanced to the ceiling. “There’s no way for me to get out of here. I’ve accepted that. If I want to be free again, then my best bet is to help you solve this.”

She took in his speculative expression. He was starting to buy it. “You said that when you’re able to produce viable pregnancies in humans, you’ll reveal your work to the world. If you do that, then you wouldn’t need to keep me down here anymore. If I think about it logically, becoming pregnant is my best option to see the sky again.”

She let her gaze roam up and down his body. “If we do it this way, I might even be able to enjoy myself a bit.”

Xoris was working through her words. She knew she made sense. Knew that he’d push himself to believe her, because he wanted her anyway.

Jade decided to throw one more thing at him to really convince him they were making an arrangement. “I want one thing from you in return.”

“What’s that?”

“I only want this to happen with you. You have to promise you won’t pass me around to Nedas.”

Xoris grinned at her. In one fell swoop she’d boosted his ego and convinced him she was going to follow through. “You have my word,” he said, ringing his hands together.

He walked over to her quickly and flung her blanket off. He reached for his belt, and she gasped.

“Here?” she breathed, trying to appear incredulous.

His hands stopped, and he glanced up at her.

She let herself appear embarrassed. “Can’t we move to a bed or something? In order to have the best chance, I should probably be comfortable.” She tried to peer over her shoulder. “Anyone could walk in.”

A muscle ticked in Xoris’ jaw as he thought about her request. She held her breath. His hands traveled up her thighs, and his eyes bore into hers.

This is a test. She had to pretend like she didn’t hate his touch.

When his hands disappeared under her dress and settled on her hips, she closed her eyes, letting her head fall back.

Picture Theo. Picture Theo. She thought back to the night she’d ridden him on the couch.

Xoris’ hand moved to cup her sex, and she imagined it was Theo’s instead. She was able to make herself slightly aroused by recalling his mouth on her sex.

She knew the exact moment Xoris smelled her arousal. His hands were gone from her and he was pulling at her restraints, releasing her.


Theo looked around from the top of the hill he’d just climbed. Before him to the left was an open field illuminated by moonlight. In the distance he could see the trees of the forest. The terrain to his right was filled with rocky outcroppings and foliage.

“Which direction do you think she came from?” Rhaego said, finally appearing behind him. Zikas hadn’t been wrong. Theo was much faster now.

His Jade was smart. The field may have seemed like an easier trek, but if she were running from someone, his instincts said she would’ve wanted to hide. If she came from the right, the boulders and bushes would’ve given her that option.

He pointed solemnly in that direction. “I’m going to run ahead. Can you follow my trail if you fall behind?”

Rhaego chuckled. “When I fall behind,” he corrected. “You have a mate now. You’re much too fast for me to keep up with.”

Theo nodded and set off.

Locate the target.

Theo ran faster than he ever had, leaping over towering boulders with ease. He could see the edge of the forest ahead.

Suddenly he felt sick. He stopped, clutching at his stomach. He took another step but faltered when a sharp pain shot through him. He stepped back, and the pain eased somewhat.

Was this mating bond telling him he was headed the wrong way? He turned in place slowly, until the feeling in his gut disappeared. Tentatively he took a step in the new direction. No pain. He continued forward at a trot. Still no pain.

He grinned and dashed forward at full speed, changing course here and there when he felt ill.

He bellowed to the sky. He could find her! He was going to be able to get to his mate!

An evil thought crept in. What if I’m too late? What if she can’t forgive me for not getting to her in time?

He pushed those thoughts away.

Locate the target. Locate the target. Locate the target.


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