Choosing Theo: Chapter 30

She ran as fast as she could, head down, legs pumping. Instead of running down the beach as she had last time, she decided to run toward the forest. She’d have an easier time losing him in there.

She heard an ear-splitting roar sound from in the house and she grinned, knowing his control had finally snapped. Ahead of her there was a grassy field, the border of the forest on the other side.

She glanced behind her and spotted Theo at the edge of the beach, standing, watching her with eyes that had turned black. I definitely didn’t imagine that, then. Every muscle was bulging, and he had an eerily calm expression on his face.

Fear and anticipation clenched her gut as she realized he was toying with her. Letting her get farther away before hunting her down. She’d just unleashed a predator. Was she ready for this?

Too late to turn back now.

She ran faster toward the forest, scanning the trees for a low branch. He might be big and fast, but she doubted he was a good climber too.

Almost to the forest, she concentrated on listening to movement behind her, still she didn’t hear him chasing her. She glanced back again to see if he was still standing there, but he was gone. Her eyes searched all around but didn’t spot him anywhere.

Finally, she reached the tree line. No low branches, dammit! Her heart pounded furiously with both fear and anticipation. She charged headlong into the woods. The light from the moons was much dimmer within the forest, and the dense foliage muffled all external sound.

A twig snapped to her right and she spun, heart racing, but saw nothing.

He was here; she could sense him watching her. She felt like a stalked animal. A shiver ran down her spine. She liked it.

Picking up a fallen branch, she squinted in the dim light, waiting to swing at anything that approached her. Another rustle to her right had her running left. Jade dodged trees as she ran, navigating away from any sounds she heard.

Soon, she spotted a clearing illuminated by soft moonlight. It was so perfect here in the eerie forest. She realized he must’ve herded her here. Spooking her so she ran in the right direction.

Suddenly, hot breath on her shoulder made her scream and swing the branch behind her like a bat. Theo caught it in one hand mere inches from his face and wrenched it from her grip.

His eyes were still black, hair wild. At some point during his pursuit, he’d removed his clothing, and his glistening body drew her gaze. As she laid eyes on his cock, she had to remind herself to breathe. He was even larger than she’d remembered.

He prowled toward her, and she stumbled as she tried to back away. She fell onto her ass hard and landed in the clearing. A low, dangerous growl arose from him as she continued to back away.

“Mine.” Theo’s voice was ragged and deeper than she’d ever heard it before.

Only a few inches separated them now. He loomed over her, his gaze raking over her body and she took her opportunity to kick him in the shin, roll over and dash away. Her kick had little effect, though. Before she’d even made it off her knees, she felt two strong hands lock around her ankles, dragging her back.

As she lay face down in the grass, he crouched over her, pining her hands above her head in one of his large hands. Then with one swift yank, he tore her dress free, leaving her in just her underwear.

He ran a shaking hand down her back until he reached her ass. With a second yank, he tore her underwear from her. Releasing her hands, he sat back on his haunches, admiring her.

When she tried to rise to her elbows, he gave both sides of her ass a hard spank and then kneaded them firmly. She gasped and fell back. His large hands explored her, rubbing and scratching until she was panting with need. Her whole body jerked, and she cried out at the sensation of a long finger being slipped into her sex from behind.

He removed his large digit from her core and she whimpered at the loss. He flipped her over onto her back and spread her legs wide. She lay still while his dark gaze roamed over her naked body. As he surveyed her, he started to purr loudly.

Guess he likes what he sees. The feeling was mutual.

Before she had time to mentally prepare, his hot, vibrating mouth was on her breast. He sucked and tongued her nipple, sending jolts of pleasure to her stomach.

She could feel his huge erection prodding her entrance, but he didn’t push into her. He was trying to prepare her, she dimly realized. Affection bloomed in her chest for him. From the looks of him, he was out of his mind with lust, yet he was taking the time to make sure she was ready for him.

Slowly, he began licking and kissing his way down her shaking body until his head was between her legs, his large biceps under her knees. For a moment he just stared at her flesh. Jade grew uncomfortable under the scrutiny and tried to shimmy free. Gripping her hips, he held her in place.

Jade moaned and her eyes rolled back when his hot tongue made a pass over her slit. A deep purr sounded, and then he set upon her hungrily with his strong vibrating tongue. Jade cried out and ran her hands through his hair.

Still purring, he swiped his tongue over her clit, causing her to buck into his mouth.

“Yes, Theo! That feels so good!”

Theo growled in response, and his warm tongue flicked her clitoris again and again. The tension inside her was building to a frenzy. Her head thrashed and her hands fisted in his hair.

He slid one finger into her core, pumping in time with his licks.

“Yes! Yes! Theo!” Her back arched violently and her whole body came apart with her climax. Theo grabbed the tops of her thighs, pulling her down against his greedy tongue.

Her body was still reeling from the aftershocks of her orgasm when he flipped her so she was flat on her stomach. He looped one arm under her hips, lifting her until she was on her hands and knees before him. He nudged her knees farther apart with his own and with his free hand he palmed her breasts.

The touch of his hard shaft grazing her overly sensitive clit made her jump forward in surprise. Like lightning, a large hand wrapped around her throat and the arm around her waist tightened, holding her firmly in place.

She felt the crown of his cock breaching her entrance. Inch by inch he pushed into her, filling her almost to the point of pain, until he was seated fully. His hand released her throat but lingered, ready to clutch her again if she moved away. His body settled over hers, his hot breath at her ear. Licking and nipping her neck and back, he used his hand to tease her nipples until she grew wet again.

When she covered one of his hands with her own, wanting to touch him, he started to purr again. She cried out as the vibration shot through her whole body like electricity. The sheer size of him ensured that he was pressed tightly against every nerve ending inside her core.

Theo’s whole body was shaking now. His shaft throbbing inside her. She pressed back against him more to let him know she was ready.

“Do you hurt?” he grated against her ear in a deep, guttural voice.

She turned her head to press a soft kiss to his lips and rolled her hips on him. “No, Theo. It feels sooo good. Keep going.”

He groaned and nuzzled her neck as though relieved before pulling out and slamming back into her. She cried out with pleasure. He began pumping into her more quickly, building her pleasure.

The force of his bucks were pushing her forward and no matter how hard she fought to stay on her hands, she found herself collapsing to the ground. His big hands circled her upper arms and pulled her up, causing her upper body to hover off the ground as he rammed into her.

The tension in her was building rapidly. His deep moans, mixed with the vibration coming from his cock, were going to send her over the edge soon.

As though sensing this, Theo grated, “Come for me, wife.”

Her second orgasm rolled over her, causing her body to tremble and jerk. When she cried out his name, his thrusts became erratic and rough, escalating her orgasm to heights she hadn’t known were possible. He suddenly pressed her back to his front, hugging her to him while ramming into her, bellowing to the sky as he came. She could feel the hot jet of his semen coating the walls of her sex, and it made her shiver.

He leaned them back while still inside her so that she knelt between his legs. Languidly he kissed and rubbed every inch of her sweat-coated body he could reach.

They stayed that way for long minutes until their breathing became normal again. Jade’s eyelids grew heavy as he petted and massaged her. Being wrapped up in his big body like this after experiencing two of the best orgasms of her life had her feeling relaxed and boneless.

She closed her eyes and turned her head to rest her cheek on his big chest. She smiled when she heard him softly purring once more.


As gently as he could, Theo extracted himself from Jade and lifted her sleeping body into his arms. Half asleep, she raised her hand to his chest and gave a contented sigh.

The long walk back to the house gave him time to reflect on what had just happened. Shame washed over him as he recalled how he’d chased her down and taken her like an animal in the dirt.

Earlier that night, she’d driven him into a lather with her kiss. Theo didn’t know how Clecanians had done without kissing for this long. After experiencing it, he couldn’t imagine not taking her soft mouth with his hourly.

Already on the verge of ripping off her clothes, he’d tried to stop himself. Distance himself from her. But then she’d run.

The few minutes that he’d prevented himself from tearing after her had required every ounce of control he’d possessed, but eventually, the beast in him had prevailed, jumped to the fore even. All reason and logic had fled as he’d stalked her through the forest. He’d lurked in the shadows, like the predator he was, watching the pretty skin on her cheeks pinken with exertion. Scenting her arousal and fear.

The way she’d reacted to him had been so intoxicating. She’d fought, forcing him to make her submit to him, but she’d also soothed him when he’d feared she was in pain.

He looked down at her resting without fear in his arms. Bits of leaves were scattered throughout her wild red hair. Her nipples were light pink and swollen from his ministrations.

There would be no female in the universe more perfect for him than this one. For as long as he could remember, even before he’d been scarred, he’d been taught to hide his Traxian tendencies. His temper and animalistic aggression were all Traxian qualities and were therefore unwelcome by the pure Lignas females of Tremanta.

Jade seemed to crave that side of him. Tonight, for the first time in his life, he’d felt truly free and accepted. If only mates still existed. If she were his true mate, they’d never be parted. Laws of matehood outweighed all others.

Sadness and shame washed over him once more. He didn’t deserve her as a mate. Hadn’t treated her as such thus far. Only a few days ago, she’d told him she wanted to enjoy herself while she was here. That meant she was still intent on leaving him after the three-month marriage ended.

When he reached her room, he shooed a sprawled sleeping Cebo from the bed then laid her gently under the covers. Retrieving a cloth covered in cleansing foam from the bathroom, he set about cleaning the dirt and his seed from her.

She let out a small hiss when he pressed the cloth to her sex.

“Sorry,” he said, quickly moving away. Maybe she’d see this as an invasion.

Rising to her elbows, she looked at him sleepily. “That’s okay. Just a little sore.” A sexy smile curved her lips. “You aren’t exactly small.” Yawning, she cuddled down into her blankets. “I’ll just clean up tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.”

“Sleep well, Jade.” Theo lingered at her bedside, not wanting to leave.

“You’re not staying?” A hurt expression crossed her face.

She wanted him to stay? To share her bed in sleep? He remembered that his parents had done that, but they’d been unusual. Clecanian women tended to prefer separate sleeping quarters.

Theo had always longed to know how it felt to hold a female in his arms as he slept but he’d resigned himself to the fact that he never would.

“I assumed you wanted me to leave. Sleeping together is…” He ran his hand over the back of his neck. “Well, it’s just not done.”

“You guys don’t cuddle? Weird.” She yawned. “Would you prefer to sleep in your room?”

Would I rather sleep alone in my room or in bed with a beautiful naked female?

Theo snorted, and Jade laughed sweetly. “Well then, come on in,” she said, lifting the covers for him.

Still he didn’t join her. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like some space from me? After what I did to you…I thought you might not want to see me for a time.”

Jade let out a frustrated breath and then sat up in the bed. The covers fell to her waist, uncovering her supple breasts, and he felt himself growing hard again.

She snapped in front of him and covered herself. “Theo, I’m not Clecanian. I enjoyed what we did in the woods. A lot. And in case you’ve forgotten, I’m the one who pushed you to do it in the first place. I knew what would happen. I even fought back to get you riled up. If I weren’t super tired and sore, I’d jump your bones right here and now. I’d like to spoon with you if you want to.”

The words she used didn’t make much sense, but he gleaned her meaning, and pride swelled in his chest.

“Try and think about it this way,” she began. “Forget about what normal Clecanians do, and just trust your instincts. I’ll tell you if I don’t want you to do something. Unless I specifically say no, then do whatever you want to do.”

Whatever he wanted? Could he touch her and kiss her whenever he wanted? Hold her the way most females hated?

“What is ‘to spoon?’” he asked moving to lay beside her.

She smiled brightly at him and rolled to her side. “It’s when we lay on our sides with my back to your front or vice versa.”

Doing as she said, he lay on his side so he was facing her back. Pleasant, but he would’ve preferred to look at her face.

Jade glanced over her shoulder and chuckled. “I’m going to have to teach you everything, aren’t I?”

She scooted back until her naked back was pressed to him, and his now-hard erection was pressed against her bottom. She guided his arms so one curled underneath her neck and the other wrapped around her stomach.

She wants to sleep like this? So close to me?

Testing his limits, he curled his body into hers and tightened his hold on her waist, pulling her more firmly against him.

“Are you comfortable?” she said softly.

Theo had never felt more comfortable in his entire life. He nuzzled her hair and neck, breathing in her scent. When he began to purr contentedly, she laughed.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Do you always purr? Do all Clecanians do that? Do you just do it during sexy time?”

“So many questions, wife. I thought you were tired.”

“Tired, but also curious.”

“Many Clecanians do. Before you, I hadn’t purred in a very long time.” He wasn’t sure how to answer her last question. “We purr when we feel…happiness without effort. When we are content.”

When we feel whole, he said to himself.

“Mmm,” Jade mumbled, half asleep.

Theo didn’t know how long he laid there with her, listening to her sleep. Her slow, even breaths and her steady heartbeat lulled him, but he struggled to stay awake, to enjoy holding her this way.

He kissed her ear softly, and his chest clenched when she moaned and in sleep, turned her head toward his touch.

Was this how she’d be with him? Trusting and sweet? Would she choose to be close to him throughout the day and then give herself to him at night?

If he believed he’d be able to hold his sated female like this every night, then all the pain he’d been through in his life would’ve been worth it.

Theo now knew for certain that he’d never be able to let her go. There was no happy existence if she weren’t with him. Maybe if he tried hard enough, he could convince her to extend their marriage, if only for a few more months.


When Theo awoke, he did so to a painful erection. At some point during the night, he’d rolled to his back. For a moment, panic overwhelmed him because he was no longer holding his soft female. He settled when the haze from sleep faded and he saw that Jade still slumbered peacefully on him.

Not a dream.

She laid with her head on his shoulder and her arm stretched across his stomach. Her leg was draped over his pelvis, trapping his shaft against her soft thigh. He stifled a groan when he felt her breasts against his rib cage and the heat of her sex at his hip.

She shifted in her sleep, and her leg rubbed against him, making him groan. He felt her body stiffen and knew he’d fucked up. She was awake and now she’d surely move away from him. His hold around her hip tightened in preparation.

She looked up at him groggily, and he held his breath, waiting to see her reaction.

Astonishingly, her body softened and she gave him a sleepy smile before stretching up and planting a soft kiss on his mouth. Settling her head back onto his shoulder, she began lightly touching his chest and stomach. “Good morning.”

He managed to grate out. “Good morning.”

“Are you okay?” she asked, concern showing in her eyes.

He grabbed her hand to stop her movements. His arousal was escalating with her soft touches. He should leave. Go relieve himself before he jumped on her again. He had no idea how long it would take a small human female to recover from sex and if he pounced on her before she was recovered, he could end up hurting her.

With most females, he’d keep a thought like that to himself, but she wasn’t like most females. He recalled her advice about following his instincts, and he chose to answer her truthfully. So far, she hadn’t scared easily. “Unless you want to be rolled over and mounted, you’d best stop touching me like that.”

To his immense pleasure, her mouth curved into another sexy grin. The pressure on his cock eased when she removed her leg. Before he could exhale his sigh of relief, she gripped him in her soft palm. His head rolled back and he bucked into her hand.”

“I’d like to clean off a little before we do that again, but it seems like you might need some immediate assistance.”

He watched breathlessly as she rolled off him and knelt between his legs. She couldn’t be doing what he hoped. It wasn’t done here.

When she licked her lips, he almost came right then and there.


Jade gazed down at the powerful, virile man lying under her, and her nipples hardened. He was so handsome, so masculine. Slowly she began running her hands over his tightly corded muscles. Exploring him leisurely in a way she hadn’t been able to before.

She thrilled at the way his strong body flexed under her touch, and the intense stare he was giving her let her know he was just as enthralled with her.

Despite her earlier claim, she would’ve been very happy indeed if he’d rolled her over, but she wanted to do something special for him. The look in his eyes when she’d admitted that Earth women gave blowjobs replayed in her mind.

His big body arched to meet her mouth as she kissed and licked down his abs, making it clear what her intentions were. When she hovered just over his glistening crown, she peered up at him. “Try to stay still, okay?”

He nodded hastily.

Jade took the crown into her mouth, swirling her tongue to lap up his precum. Theo’s eyes rolled back and he bit out curses under his breath.

Emboldened, she used one free hand to cup and fondle his heavy sac. She used the other to firmly stroke the base of his shaft.

“Jade, that feels so fucking good.” He shuddered.

She moaned around him and took him deeper into her mouth. She felt herself growing wet. Never in her life had she been this turned on while giving a blow job. The man before her was no typical man, though.

Sweat beaded his glorious chest, and his muscles bulged. It must be killing him not to move.

When she began to pump her mouth up and down on him, sucking wetly, his whole body shuddered violently and his hands reached out to touch her, but then he let out a curse and reached behind his head to grip the headboard instead.

“I can smell your arousal, wife,” he growled in a broken voice. “You’re going to make me come.”

She pumped her mouth faster, taking him as deeply as she could. His large shaft was throbbing in her hand.

He stilled and then bellowed to the ceiling, the cords in his necks straining. His massive body quaked and she heard wood splinter as she swallowed his hot orgasm.

He looked down at her with adoration in his eyes and gave a desperate groan as she languidly licked the length of his gorgeous cock.

He pulled her up his big body and kissed her passionately, making her melt against him.

“Most guys don’t like to kiss after a girl goes down on them.”

He grinned. “I’m not most guys.” His hand moved to cup her sex, and she released a soft moan.

“Let’s take a bath first. You aren’t a small guy, and last night wasn’t gentle.” She saw the uncertainty flash in his eyes and quickly added, “It was amazing, and I want to do it many more times, but it’ll take me a bit to recover from our first time.”

He nodded seeming mollified. “Then I’ll take you to the bath. I’ll bring some breakfast for us to have in the bath as well.”

“Ooh. Breakfast in bath. I like it.”

Half an hour later, Jade was in heaven. Baths had always been something Jade loved. She could sit in warm water until every inch of her was puckered and be as happy as a clam about it.

Now she was sitting in a hot bath the size of a small swimming pool, eating a sweet, flaky food that reminded her of a dry baklava, while a tattoo-covered Adonis massaged her shoulders.

It was an understatement to say that last night had worked out the way she’d wanted it. Not only had he given up control, but now he seemed all but giddy.

He’d sauntered into the bathroom buck naked with a tray of delicious-looking food. His hair had been mussed from sleep and sex, and the purely masculine grin he’d shot her had made her weak in the knees.

Nothing is sexier than a well-loved Theo, she mused to herself.

He was different now. Affectionate. He rarely went a minute without finding some way to touch her or kiss her, even if it was just to brush a hair off her face. When he began rubbing her shoulders and back, he’d had to grab her around the waist to keep her from sinking into the warm water.

“Another well-deserved grade in massage, Theo.” She moaned, thoroughly content.

He pressed a hot open-mouthed kiss to her shoulder in response. “How long does it take for you to recover from sex?” he rumbled while kissing the nape of her neck.

“Hmm?” It took her a moment for her brain to catch up. “Oh, I’m not sure. I’m probably fine now.”

“Now?” he said incredulously, turning her to look in her eyes.

Jade faced him and backed away, treading water. “Yeah, why are you surprised?”

He gave her a hungry look and started moving toward her, but she held up a hand, indicating he should stay put. He frowned but sat back down. “Clecanian females need twenty-four hours to recover.”

Curious, Jade asked, “What exactly do you mean when you say ‘recover?’ Are they hurt or something?”

Theo looked confused. “No, their bodies just don’t allow them to have sex for twenty-four hours. I believe it gives the seed a better chance to take root. What do you mean by ‘recover?’”

“Their bodies don’t allow it? How?” she asked, ignoring his question.

“Their entrance closes tightly and they won’t produce any lubrication for twenty-four hours until their entrance relaxes again, sometimes longer. Sex would be very painful if attempted during that time.”

“Wild,” Jade said more to herself than Theo.

“Jade, how are you different?” Theo said sternly.

“None of that happens to me.” She shrugged, then asked, “So, does that mean Clecanian women can only have sex one time per day?”

“They only need time to recover if they’ve had an orgasm during sex. Technically they could have sex more than once a day if they didn’t reach climax, but it’s unlikely any female would stay with someone who was unable to bring her to orgasm.” Theo rushed through his explanation then asked, “Jade, are humans able to have sex more than once per day?”

Jade scoffed. “Once. Ten times. It doesn’t matter.”

Theo’s gaze darkened hungrily, but then a flash of concern lit his features. “Then why do you need to recover?” His jaw clenched. “Did I hurt you?”

A pang of affection ran through Jade when she saw how worried he was. She moved to stand between his knees. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she tried to reassure him. “I’m not really hurt, just sore. The more we have sex, the more I’ll get used to your size, and I won’t be as sore as often.”

He ran his hands down her waist and settled on her hips. Eyes riveted to the tops of her breasts, he groaned. “Be sure to let me know when you’re feeling better.”

“You will be the first to know.” Jade giggled.

Theo shot her an unguarded smile. If her plan was truly working, then maybe he was beginning to like her despite his earlier doubts. His treatment of her this morning gave her hope that he might want her to stay with him.

“Theo what’s changed?” she asked, searching his eyes for an answer.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re treating me so differently. Do you still think I’m a spy?”

She could almost see him working through the question himself. “I don’t know whether you are a spy,” he said haltingly. “I do know that I no longer care if you are.”

Jade flushed with pleasure. If his admission was true, maybe she had a shot of convincing him to let her stay longer.

Reaching up, he twined his fingers through the hair at her nape. “You could betray me a hundred times over, and I fear I’d still fall at your feet.”

Sincerity shone from his eyes. She felt as though her heart had skipped a beat.

One good lay, and you’re ready to latch onto him forever.

She had fallen for him. Was in so deep now that she knew she’d never recover. How could she persuade him to keep her? His parents had stayed together. Maybe he’d want to too.

She could tell Theo liked her; his declaration just now told her he may like her a lot, but that didn’t mean he wanted her to stay. The sex was amazing between them, no question about it, but he was an alien. She couldn’t be sure she was reading his signals right. If she admitted her feelings to him, she risked him becoming closed off again.

Asivva. She would know. That Gathering thing was in less than a week. Jade knew Asivva was going to be there, and she could only hope her sister in law would have some kick-ass advice for her on how to win her brother over permanently.

She leaned in to give him a quick kiss, but he snagged her around the waist, deepening the kiss. The student had become the master in the kissing department. He knew just how to lick and tease her to make her mind go blank. Her nipples puckered when they brushed across his hot, wet skin, and she whimpered.

“Jade,” he said as he nipped his way up her jaw line. “I can do what I please unless you tell me no?”

Jade must be pretty easy when it came to him, because she couldn’t imagine saying no to anything at the moment. She could only nod mutely as his tongue circled the shell of her ear.

Voice gone hoarse, he said, “Good. I’m starving.”

He lifted and twisted her in the air until she was perched on the edge of the pool. His meaning became clear when he draped her legs over his shoulders and all but devoured her sex with his gaze.

Her head fell back when he began exploring her wet folds with his fingers.

“When I saw you here for the first time, I almost finished right then.” He pumped one large finger inside. Her back arched in response, and a moan tore from her throat. “So tight,” he said in awe. “I felt you come around me last night. Your little core convulsed around my shaft with your orgasm. It felt like heaven.

“And when I put my mouth on you…” His thumb began circling her clit in maddeningly slow circles. “It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted.”

Her hands lifted to fondle her breasts. The tension was building inside her, and she was already so close to coming. She could feel his hot breath on her clit now.

“I could devour your luscious cunt for every meal and die happy.” His hot tongue lapped her sensitive bud, and he pumped a second finger inside her.

“Theo, I’m so close.”

He latched onto her clit, and his purring started up again. “I love to hear you moan my name like that.”

The vibration on her clit was too much. Jade’s legs shook and her whole body tensed with her orgasm. “Theo! Yes!” she cried as she fisted his hair, rolling her hips into his mouth. He removed his fingers and replaced them with his hot tongue. He growled and clenched her thighs painfully as his tongue licked her, prolonging her orgasm.

Jade’s whole body relaxed, melting into the cool tile.

Theo lifted her and slid her back into the water with him, holding her tightly.

“You’re really good at that, you know,” Jade said through panted breaths.

His grinned down at her wolfishly, and she once again marveled at how handsome he looked when he smiled. “The bud at your entrance,” he began.

“My clitoris, or clit for short,” Jade corrected.

“Your clit is so sensitive. It’s very easy to make you come.”

Jade barked out a laugh. “Tell that to Earth guys.”

He scowled at that. “I don’t want to hear about other males you’ve fucked.”

“No, no,” she soothed. “I just mean that on Earth there’s a running joke that men can be idiots when it comes to this. Some men don’t know what to do with a clitoris unless told specifically.”

“Then they don’t deserve to bed a female,” he said with a shadow of a scowl still on his face. “I’ve never pleasured a human female before, but your reactions told me more than enough to discover how you like to be touched.”

Clever alien.

A loud whine sounded from the bathroom door. Jade chuckled. “We should probably get out. I think Cebo is feeling neglected.”

Theo grunted but nodded, lifting them both out of the tub. He wrapped her in a soft warm towel before getting his own.

She bit her lip as she surveyed him. His towel was slung low over his narrow hips, and rivulets of water ran down his chiseled physique. He caught her staring and glanced down at his body, turning to see what she was looking at.

“You have an amazing body,” she purred.

He looked down at himself again, and the corner of his mouth lifted in an unsure smile.

She could tell he still thought of himself as ugly but enjoyed her compliments. Her heart tightened in her chest, and she decided she’d need to make sure to compliment him daily to undo the decades of damage.


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