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Choosing Theo: Chapter 26

He was going to throttle Asivva the next time he saw her.

“She said you probably just forgot to mention it.” Jade reached for the bottle of mott, and Theo absently handed it to her. “I wanted to make sure there weren’t any other traditions I didn’t know about. She said those were the only ones.”

He couldn’t deny it now or Jade would figure out that the bathing ritual was a lie. He didn’t think she would, but if she got upset and reported him, he could be in serious trouble.

He had to call Asivva and find out what else she’d told Jade.

Jade studied the bottle of mott. “Do women here typically drink alcohol?”

Realizing he’d given her his bottle on command without thinking, he said, “Yes, but not usually this kind.” He snatched the bottle out of her hand. “It’s very strong.”

She rolled her eyes at him.

How was he going to make it through the next three months? She’d implied she would welcome his advances. It was almost impossible for him to keep his hands off her as it was.

She looked beautiful in her new dress. The silken material clung to her curves, and the neckline dipped low and exposed the tops of her generous creamy breasts.

Her only flaw was that she now smelled different. He’d realized with frustration that she smelled different than before because she was no longer wearing his shirt. His scent wasn’t mingling with her own anymore. When she’d greeted him, it’d taken no small amount of effort to keep from running over to rub himself on her, marking her with his scent.

“I need your help with something,” she said slowly. “But it’s a little embarrassing.”

“I am here to serve, wife,” he said darkly.

She smiled at him. The sight was almost as beautiful as the unguarded smile she’d given him in the bath yesterday when he’d purred.

“After you left last night, I cut myself on a broken tile in the tub.”

Shit, that was his fault. He’d cracked it to keep from touching her.

“It’s in a very uncomfortable and difficult to reach spot. Do you have one of those magic healing sticks around?”

She had been hurt this whole time? “Why didn’t you say anything?” he barked.

She jerked, surprised by his sudden anger. Rather than cowering, she said, “Don’t you yell at me!” In a raised voice, she continued, “Last night you stormed out of the room and it was clear you wanted to be left alone! This morning you left without a word or a way to get a hold of you. I told you about it at the earliest opportunity. It’s not my fault you’ve made yourself scarce.”

Theo flushed. She was right. He had tried to keep his distance from her. “Come with me,” he grated out. He led her to his bedroom but paused before going in. “You wait here.”

She cocked one hip and crossed her arms impatiently but didn’t move to enter his room.

Theo wasn’t embarrassed about his room but he didn’t want even a hint of her scent in here or he’d never be able to sleep again.

He crossed to his bathroom to retrieve the home healing device and when he returned, she was standing in the middle of the room, examining it.

Impossible female! “Don’t you ever listen?”

“I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” she said ignoring his question. “This is a great room. I wouldn’t have pegged you for a soft-and-fluffy type of guy though,” she said, running her hands over one of his fur pillows.

“I like to be comfortable,” he said defensively.

Jade leaned down to pet the fur rug, perfectly displaying her heart-shaped ass.

He felt himself growing hard. Those curves of hers aren’t fair. How am I supposed to resist? His hand itched to touch her and he found himself taking a step forward despite his inner protests. “As I told you before,” he said, clenching his fists, “I enjoy soft things.”

She turned her head and smiled when she caught him ogling her. He quickly glanced away.

“No need to be shy,” she said, sauntering over to him. “That’s where my cut is.”

“What?” Theo said, transfixed by her swaying hips.

“I cut the back of my upper thigh when I tried to sit on the bench. I can’t reach or see that area easily.”

As her words sank in, his shaft shot hard. How high is the cut? Would he get a glimpse of her stunning ass if he helped her?

He started to back away from her. “Maybe I should get Asivva to come and assist you.”

“Don’t be silly.” She continued stalking toward him with a mischievous smirk on her face. “You’re my husband. It’ll only take a second to heal.”

Her smile told Theo that she understood how she was affecting him. His anger began to rise.

Was she trying to get him to let down his guard because she was in his room? His office was next door, but there would be no way for her to access any valuable information.

“You’re pushing too far.” He scowled. “If your plan is to distract me so you can rifle through my things, it won’t work.”

Instead of getting as far from him as possible, like she should have, she bit her bottom lip and continued forward until only a foot separated them. “I don’t want to look through your things. We can move to my room if you prefer.”

Why wasn’t she scared of him? Most females wouldn’t even walk near him in the markets. This one had seen him in a rage just a few days ago and yet he scented no fear on her.

She should be afraid of him right now. Every instinct he had was telling him to drag her to the bed, pin her arms above her head, and sink his shaft deep within her core until she screamed his name.

Her gaze roamed down his body. When it reached the evidence of his arousal, her eyes widened and her breaths quickened.

Goddess help him, he could scent that she was becoming aroused.

Jade’s face shot back up to his when he began to growl low in his throat. His erection throbbed painfully.

Last night when he’d captured her on the beach, he’d barely stopped himself from taking her. The only thing that had stayed him was her whimper of fear.

Theo didn’t think he had the strength to stop himself again, especially if she needed release as well. He wanted to give her what she needed. She may be slightly different than Clecanian females anatomically, but he was sure he could learn how to please her.

Theo wasn’t known for being a gentle lover. His mother’s ancestors were a dominating, brutal people, more predator than evolved civilized beings. The urge to chase, capture and possess a female were all urges that flowed through his Traxian blood. No Clecanian female had ever called to that side of him the way this stunning human was.

She seemed to admire his power and brutality. Wasn’t aghast by his appearance like others were. She may even enjoy his aggression in bed. Come to crave it. A shiver ran down his spine at the thought.

But…she’s so small. So delicate. If he lost control with her, he may inadvertently hurt her.

Mine to protect. He didn’t know where that thought had come from, but he immediately pushed it down. She wasn’t his. Never would be.

Something in him warned that if they had sex now, he’d never be the same. She’d leave him and he’d stay behind with a hole no other female would ever be able to fill. His possessive instincts might even force him to try and steal her away, which would earn him a death sentence.

“You need to leave,” he bit out. “Or you’ll regret it.”

“What about my leg?” she asked quietly.

He held the device out to her, even as he worried that the merest brush of her hand might send him over the edge.

She glanced at the device then looked up at him with a half grin. In an innocent voice, she asked, “Shall I lift my dress?”


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