Choosing Theo: Chapter 14

After he heard the door close, Theo angrily reached for his clothing. How could he lose control like that? When he’d grabbed her, he’d been angry. He’d merely meant to stop her from touching him, but then he’d gotten a whiff of her scent. He’d grown dizzy and had felt the desire to be closer to her so strongly that all reason had left him.

Her smell was intoxicating, to say nothing of her body. Soft skin and soft curves. He hadn’t felt much of her body and he couldn’t be sure what she looked like, but if the curve of her back was any indication… The thought had him groaning.

Pure lust had surged through him when he’d tasted her. His shaft ached just thinking about it.

The scent of her fear had been intoxicating as well. Usually fear smelled sharp and sour, but hers? Delicious. Sanity had returned to him when she’d whimpered in fright.

He wrenched his pants on roughly, forgetting his hard erection. Running his hands through his hair, he cursed himself for scaring her.

Fully dressed now, he sat on the couch, head in his hands, and attempted to calm himself down. Through his inner turmoil, he heard the door open and he sniffed the air. “Hello, Zikas.”

“Ready to get that blindfold off?”

Theo sat up and nodded solemnly.

Warmth spread over his eyes, and he felt the covering soften. Theo tried to focus his vision when Zikas peeled the material from his eyes.

“What happened?” Zikas asked with knitted brows.

Theo heated with embarrassment and paced the room. “Nothing. I lost control for a moment. That’s all.”

Zikas said nothing but watched Theo pacing.

His silence only enraged Theo, however. “Can I leave now? I’ve fulfilled my obligation.”

Nodding, Zikas agreed. “You may.” Theo had crossed the entirety of the room before the man murmured, “You’ll need to get your wife first, though.”


“What did you say?” Theo asked over his shoulder.

“She chose you to be her husband.” The grin on Zikas’ face was radiant.



“No. There’s something wrong.” Theo faced Zikas. Taking into account all he knew, he concluded there was no way in hell any sane female would’ve chosen him. Not after he’d grabbed her like that. Something else had to be going on. “She must want something.”

A moment ago, Theo had felt ashamed and angry, his male pride hurt from her fearful rejection. Now, his devious mercenary mind took over. There was no scenario he could think of that didn’t include this female trying to get something out of him.

Most likely she’d been sent as a spy. Look through my records, no doubt, and gain valuable information about my clients.

Could she be some kind of assassin? Sent by one of the many disgruntled would-be clients?

He’d turned down a handful of dangerous people recently. People who didn’t like to hear “no.”

It was a smart plan, he had to say. It was well known that any attempt to rob or kill Theo was met with violent retaliation. A female, though? A curvy female who’d mysteriously agreed to be his wife. His enemies may have thought he’d be too overjoyed at having a willing female that he wouldn’t sense their scheme until it was too late.

Theo held up a hand when Zikas began to speak again. Pacing the room once more, he devised a plan. If he were to deny this female, he’d likely be arrested. Any real or perceived slight to a female was met with punishment, no doubt about that. If, however, he brought her home as his wife, he could keep an eye on her and discover what her plan was and who’d sent her.

A ruthless grin spread across his face as he wondered how far she was willing to take this act. He may be able to have some fun with her before he inevitably rid himself of her. Making up his mind, he turned to Zikas and said, “Very well. Take me to her.”

Another smile spread over Zikas’ face. It looked like he was relieved by Theo’s change of heart. Too bad he has no idea what my real motives are.


Waiting for his new bride, whom he’d learned was named Jade, Theo considered his situation. She wasn’t Clecanian, so it was unlikely someone here hired her. If she’s very beautiful then she must be getting paid very well, and I can narrow down the suspects to the wealthier individuals I know.

She wasn’t a very good actress. He remembered the frightened sound that had come out of her when he’d touched her. A good spy would be willing to use sex as a tool. If she couldn’t fake it for five minutes, how did she expect to get through a whole three months?

Light footsteps sounded from down the hall. Okay, let’s see what we’re dealing with… When she came into view, his mind blanked. All he could do was gaze at her, enraptured.

Fire-red hair curled gently around her face and fell over her shoulders. A thin, flowing emerald-green gown accentuated her ample curves and complemented her green eyes. Theo had never seen a more beautiful creature in his whole life.

He barely stifled a moan when she caught his eye. When her face pinkened and she looked away, as though shy, he remembered what he suspected she was. An actress. He needed to control his reactions around her. Stay alert!

Unable to help himself, he watched her as she gave Zikas a hug and said goodbye. A sudden urge to pommel his old friend came over him when he saw Zikas touch her.

He crossed to her and offered his arm so he could lead her away. His scowl deepened when she hesitated. Seeing the look on his face must have added to her concern, for her eyes widened and she walked toward the door ahead of him.

The anger he felt at her refusal to touch him faded when he caught a glimpse of her pert ass as she sauntered away. Feeling himself growing hard again, he concluded this would be much more difficult than he’d thought.


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