Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 28


Viktor carries me to the main bedroom and kicks the door shut behind us.

My heart is beating out of my chest with nerves.

Today I saw a whole different side to him. Watching him fight and kill –really drove it home that he’s the head of the bratva.

Honestly, it’s intimidating but also one hell of a turn-on.

There’s so much I have to process, as well.

Nikolas paying my debt. All the men of the Priesthood coming to my rescue. Watching Viktor break a man’s neck. What my family did.

God, I don’t know if I can process it all.

I feel the strength in his arms as he sets me down on the bed.

When I glance at the covers, Viktor gently takes hold of my jaw and nudges my face up. His eyes touch on the bruises before he captures my gaze.

He stares for a moment, then asks, “What’s that look for?”

I squirm from the intensity building between us. “What look?”

“I can’t place it. You look at me differently than before.”

Under his penetrating gaze, my heartbeat speeds up until it flutters wildly in my chest.

It’s because I’m stunned out of my ever-loving mind by seeing firsthand how powerful he is.

It’s because I’ve never seen anything hotter than Viktor in action.

It’s because I’m free to love him.

Viktor brushes the pad of his thumb over my bottom lip, then leans closer, pressing such a gentle kiss to my mouth. Warmth bursts in my heart, filling every inch.

He only pulls back a little. “Do you have any idea how much I fucking missed you?”

I sound breathless when I whisper, “I wasn’t even gone for two weeks.”

His eyes lock on mine, making my stomach do somersaults. “I know I promised to let you go, but…” he shakes his head, “I can’t.”

My left hand trembles as I lift it to his face. I cup his jaw, loving the feel of the bristles against my skin. “I don’t want you to let me go.”

His eyes sharpen on my face. “Does that mean you’ve forgiven me?”

I shake my head, and worry instantly darkens his eyes.

“There’s nothing to forgive, Viktor. I now understand why my family had to die.”

I can’t believe what they did. Trading in sex slavery? Stealing from the Cosa Nostra? Because of them, all these bad things have happened to me.

Air bursts from Viktor, relief washing over his features. “Christ,” he whispers before he pulls me to his chest. He peppers the side of my head and neck with kisses. “You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.”

“You should’ve told me sooner what my family did.” The raw heartache and disappointment are in every word.

He pulls back again, shaking his head. “You wouldn’t have believed me, and I wanted to spare you the pain.”

There’s a knock at the door, then Luca calls out, “We have to leave soon.”

“I know,” Viktor replies. “We’ll be out in ten minutes.” He turns his attention back to me. “Let’s get you out of this ugly as fuck dress.” He looks at the chiffon with disgust. “Jesus, how do I get you out of this?”

Laughter bursts from me as I stand up. “There’s a zipper at the back.”

When his knuckles brush against my skin as he pulls the zipper down, goosebumps erupt all over my body, and tingles explode in my stomach.

The chiffon bunches at my feet, and I’m standing in my underwear.

The memory of Alessandro touching me hits hard, making tears jump to my eyes. I rush to my luggage and struggle with my left hand to unzip the bag.

Viktor comes to crouch next to me and takes over, opening the bag. He pulls a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt out.

“Underwear too, please,” I whisper, my cheeks flaming up.

I watch as he rummages for a bra and panties. When we straighten up, I try to reach for the clothing, but he shakes his head. “Let me help you, so you don’t use your right arm.”

Oh, Jesus.

Feeling incredibly self-aware, I stand rooted to the spot as Viktor sets the clothes on the bed. He comes to stand in front of me, so close, his aftershave and manly scent fill my lungs. He unclasps the bra at the front and pushes a strap down my left arm before focusing on my right arm, making sure not to jar it.

He doesn’t even try to hide that he looks at my breasts, and I watch as heat ignites in his dark brown eyes.

There’s a weird mixture of panic and anticipation in my chest. On the one hand, I know Viktor won’t hurt me. I’ve had sex with him already. But… A repulsed shiver races down my spine when Alessandro pops into my mind again.

Then it spirals – my family did the same thing to so many people. They took away their rights and dehumanized them by forcing them into hideous situations.

I can’t deal.

Don’t think about it.

Viktor takes hold of my panties, and as he slides them down my legs, he crouches in front of me. My breaths are coming faster as a feeling of distress skirts around the edges of my heart.

This is Viktor. He won’t hurt you.

You love him. His touch is safe.

I place my left hand on his shoulder to keep my balance as I step out of my underwear.

While Viktor is crouching at my feet, he locks eyes with me right before he presses a kiss to my hip.

He makes me feel loved. He’s safe.

A breath quivers over my lips, and I quickly look away. I have to swallow hard on the tears threatening to escape from the phantom feel of Alessandro’s fingers touching me, still lingering between my legs.

Oh God, make it go away.

Viktor straightens to his full height, then takes hold of my chin and tilts his head to catch my eyes. “What’s wrong?”

I quickly shake my head.

“Rosalie,” he pushes. “Tell me.”

I pull my chin from his hold and duck my head low, squeezing my eyes shut.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Now that I’m safe, all the memories and emotions are spiraling out of control.

The pain and terror.

The absolute cruelty and abuse.

My breath hitches.

“Hey,” Viktor murmurs tenderly, his tone so caring and filled with worry it makes the gates burst open.

A sob sputters from me, and my voice is hoarse from how vulnerable and violated I feel. “The p-past four d-days were j-just really h-hard.”

He pulls me into a hug, wrapping me up in the safety of his strong arms. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to you sooner.”

I place my left hand over his chest and rest my cheek against him. “I r-regret leaving you. More than I’ve r-regretted anything in my life.”

I feel his mouth brush against my hair. “Did you at least find some of the answers you were looking for?”

In the most horrible way.

I nod, my cheek brushing against his shirt. “I found all of them.”

“That’s good.” Viktor pushes me back. “Let’s get you dressed. Seeing you naked is pushing my self-restraint to the limits.”

While Viktor helps me put on the clothes, my eyes stay glued to him. I drink in every line on his face, once again thinking he’s really the most attractive man I’ve ever seen.

Especially after seeing him in action.

God, who thought I’d ever be thankful that the head of the bratva kidnapped me?

When he has me dressed and it looks like he’s going to pick me up, I say, “I can walk. Will you bring the luggage?”

“Of course.” He quickly closes the bag, then takes hold of my left hand. Weaving his fingers through mine, he leads me out of the bedroom.

When we join the other members of the Priesthood downstairs, I glance at each of the men before my gaze settles on Nikolas Stathoulis.

He catches me staring at him and offers me a reassuring smile.

I have to summon all my courage to say, “Thank you for paying my debt.”

He shakes his head. “It was the least I could do for you.”

I inch closer to Viktor, and he gives my hand a squeeze.

A grateful smile forms on my face as I tell the group of men, “Thank you for coming to help me.”

They all smile at me.

God. I’m surrounded by so many powerful men it’s actually scary.

“Let’s get out of this city,” Luca says as he grabs one of my bags.

When we all bundle into the elevator, I’m practically glued to Viktor’s side. He lets go of my hand and places his arm around my shoulder, allowing me to press even closer.

“And so the last of us fall,” Gabriel mutters.

“I still win,” Viktor chuckles. “You all fell long before I did.”

I glance up at Viktor. “Fall?”

“For a woman,” he explains. “They’re all married already.”



Viktor fell for me.


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