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Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 18


I watch the SUV drive out of the gates, every muscle in my body straining not to run after her.

She needs this, Viktor. If she comes back out of her own free will, she will be yours to keep. Forcing her to stay is everything your family is against.

“You did the right thing,” Dad suddenly says behind me.

“Then why does it feel wrong?”

He pats Luna’s head. “Come, girl.” He throws an arm around my shoulder and steers me to the house I grew up in. “You’re both staying with us tonight. I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

“I’ll be fine,” I mutter as I pull back. “But Luna can stay with you.”

“Viktor.” Dad gives me a look of warning. “Just give it twenty-four hours for the initial pain to pass.”

It will never pass. I just watched the woman I love leave.

I need to fucking fight, and bleed, and kill.

“I’m going to head over to Luca and Mariya. I’ll stay with them,” I lie. Before he can try to stop me, I walk to one of the SUVs.

“Viktor,” Dad shouts. “Don’t do anything stupid!”

I wave at him before I climb into the vehicle, then drive to one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in LA to pick a fight with a gang known as the Z-Boys.

Usually, I couldn’t give a fuck about street gangs, but I need to let off steam, or I’ll implode.

There’s a hollow ache in my chest as if my heart’s been ripped out.

It has, and it’s flying to New fucking York.

Pulling up to the middle of the gang’s turf, I get out and shout, “Come on, motherfuckers. This is your one chance to take a swing at the head of the bratva.”

The shadows start moving, and group by group, they creep out onto the street. Razor, one of the higher-ups, walks toward me. “Why are you here, brother?”

A ruthless grin spreads over my face. “I was hoping you’re in the mood for a fight.”

He lets out a chuckle, then shakes his head. “Nah, man. I don’t need the bratva blowing up my neighborhood.”

“Sorry, man,” I mimic him as I walk closer. “I wasn’t asking.” I take a swing, hitting him square in the jaw to piss him off.

Razor catches himself before he falls, and laughing, he spits blood onto the street. He gestures at a group of his men. “Give the man the beating he wants.”

Fucking finally.

When the first guy is within reaching distance, I move forward. Without any effort, I block his punch, and grabbing hold of his arm, I throw him over my shoulder, then slam my foot down on his elbow. The satisfying sound of bone snapping in half reaches my ears.

I can’t believe she left. After the past two days, I finally got to love her, I thought she would change her mind and stay.

Just because she fucked you doesn’t mean she loves you.

Turning, I lunge at the next guy, and grabbing hold of his shoulders, I use his body to pull me up and deliver a double-flying knee kick to his jaw, knocking him out cold.

Rosalie loves me! I fucking know it.

A dark chuckle escapes me as years of training take over, and I move on to the next man. The inside of my foot connects with a knee, and the man cries out as he drops to the ground.

I saw it in her eyes while I filled her with my cock. She fucking loves me, and still, she left.

I dart forward, sweeping a gang member’s feet from under him and kicking him in the head.

Christ. The ache in my chest grows until it becomes unbearable.

Slowly the group thins out, and the other men back up to the sidewalk, looking scared to fight me.

“Come on,” I call out. “You’re a bunch of pussies.”

“Viktor!” I hear Luca shout, and glancing over my shoulder, I watch as he jogs toward me with an army of guards.

I tilt my head at Razor. “Seriously? You called Luca?”

“You’re out of it, man. I can’t have you beating on my men. You need to take your shit elsewhere.”

“Fucking, scum,” I roar as I run for him.

Razor starts to back up before breaking out into a sprint to get away from me.

“Viktor!” Luca shouts again.

Jesus, you can’t get a good fight anymore.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Luca snaps when he reaches me.

I throw my arms wide and glance around the area. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m teaching a bunch of pussies how to fight.”

My friend stares at me, worry etched deep into his face. “Is she worth this?”

Without hesitation, I answer, “Yes. She’s worth every drop of blood on this fucking planet.” Intense heartache bursts through me like wildfire, destroying my sanity as it burns. I shake my head and stagger a step back. “She’s worth everything.” I suck in desperate breaths of air, then look to Luca for help. “I’m not going to survive without Rosalie. Christ, Luca, I love her. I can’t face a day without her.”

He wraps his arms around me and holds me in a tight grip as I struggle to breathe. “We’ll get through this.”

No, I won’t.

A life without Rosalie is unimaginable.

Who would’ve thought a girl with soft brown eyes would be the end of me?

I’ve fought wars and killed hundreds, and all it took was a woman to bring me to my knees.


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