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Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 10


All the way home, Rosalie stares out the window, swallowing hard on the urge to cry.

I knew she’d try to make a run for it. Honestly, I would’ve been disappointed if she hadn’t.

When I bring the Lamborgini to a stop, Rosalie takes off her safety belt with trembling hands. She waits for me to walk around the car and open the passenger door for her before she scrambles out and runs into the house.

When the SUV comes to a stop, I tell Joseph, “Bring the books inside.”

“Yes, boss.”

I head into the house and take the stairs up to the first floor. I push Rosalie’s door open and find her staring at the shelves I had my men install while we were out.

“Do you want the books sorted alphabetically or by author?” I ask, happy with the work my men did. The shelves fill the entire left corner of the bedroom, forming a reading nook for Rosalie.

Joseph comes into the room, followed by the other men. They place the bags on the floor, then look at me for further instruction.

“Ah…” Rosalie nervously licks her lips, probably thinking she’s in a ton of shit for trying to run. “I’ll sort the books on the shelves.”

I nod to the door for the men to leave, and once we’re alone, I grab the bag closest to me and start unpacking the books.

When I found her kindle account on Amazon, I was relieved because it gave me something to buy her, seeing as her puppy won’t be arriving until later tonight.

“Where do you want them?” I ask.

Rosalie stares at me, then picks up a bag. “I’m not going to apologize for running.”

“I don’t expect you to,” I mutter as I start to organize the books by author name and series order, that way, they don’t get mixed up.

She gapes at me as if I’ve grown horns. “Aren’t you angry?”

“I would’ve been disappointed if you didn’t try to escape.” I place a box set on the shelf, then lock eyes with her. “I’d hate to think you have no spine, Little Rose.”

Confusion flutters over her perfect features. “You wanted me to run?”

“Yes.” I lift an eyebrow at her. “That’s why I stayed back when the woman and her child entered the store. I gave you a head start.” I shrug as I pick up more books. “Though, you didn’t get very far.” I shoot a glance at her sexy as fuck legs. “Instead of sitting in your bedroom all day long, you should jog around the property. Build up some stamina.”

I watch as her confusion grows and turn to face her. “As I’ve said before, it would be nice to know you can survive in the world once I let you go.”

Slowly she shakes her head. “You’re the weirdest kidnapper.”

Laughing, I continue to unpack the books.

Every time I think we’re done, Rosalie changes her mind, and we start all over. First, the books are standing back to back, then they’re in piles.

Finally, when some are stacked on top of each other and others are standing, I ask, “Happy?”


For the second time since I took her, a smile spreads over her face, transforming her into an otherworldly being. But the instant she notices I’m staring at her, the smile fades away, and it feels as if the sun is setting on my world.

“You have a beautiful smile, Little Rose,” I compliment her.

Just like earlier, an uncomfortable expression settles on her face.

“I know it’s going to take time, but one day you’ll realize I’m a man of my word.”

She turns her gaze to the books. “Don’t hold your breath.”

I step closer to her, and when I wrap my hand around the back of her neck, her lips part, and her pupils dilate.

She might hate me, but deep down, a part of her is attracted to me.

I stare into her eyes and watch as her breaths speed up. With her full attention on me, I say, “It doesn’t matter where you run to, Little Rose, I’ll always find you.”

I lift my other hand and frame her face. A million emotions flash through her eyes as I lean forward and press a kiss on her forehead. I take a deep breath of her soft natural scent. “Until I’m ready to let you go, you’re mine.”

Her breath hitches, and when I pull back, she frowns at me. “I’ll never be yours. Don’t talk about me as if I’m something you can possess.”

My fingers brush over the flush on her cheek, then I step away from her. “I saved your life, which means you belong to me.”

Anger explodes in her eyes. “Like hell! You and the rest of the Priesthood attacked my home, killed my family, and kidnapped me.”

There’s so much sorrow and hatred on her face, it makes me think she’ll never see me as anything but her enemy.

Rosalie presses her hand to her heart as she exclaims, “You didn’t save me, Viktor. You destroyed me.”

I stare at her for a moment before I say, “I don’t care if I have to be the villain in your story. At least I’ll keep you alive, and it’s the only thing that matters.”

She takes desperate breaths, then points to the door. “I’m done talking. Just leave.”

Hoping she’ll calm down before tonight so I can at least give her the puppy, I leave the bedroom and shut the door behind me.

She just needs time to realize everything I’ve done for her the past week was in her best interest. I have three years, so I’m not going to push her to accept me as her friend.

We did kill her family, and if someone did that to me, I’d want them dead.

The thought has me realizing that Rosalie will probably always see me as the enemy.

My phone starts to ring, and pulling it out of my pocket, I see Luca’s name flashing on the screen.

“Hey,” I answer as I take the stairs down to the living area.

“I haven’t heard from you in a while. Everything good?”

“Yes, I just made sure Rosalie got settled. What’s new on your end?” I walk into the study and take a seat behind my desk.

“Nothing new.” Luca pauses, then asks, “Are you really going to keep the girl?”

“She’s no longer a girl,” I reply as I type in the passwords on all my apps. “It’s her birthday today. She’s eighteen.”

“Jesus, Viktor. Should I be worried?”

When I chuckle, the warning is clear in the sound. “Did you seriously just ask me that?”

“Sorry.” Luca sighs. “It’s just so unlike you to do something like this.”

“Stop worrying about it.”

I search everywhere to check if Rosalie has been reported missing, but there’s nothing.

I shake my head. “You know what’s sad?”


“No one even knows Rosalie is missing.”

“Yeah, that sucks.”

I hack into the security footage for Barnes and Noble and rewind to the time we were there.

“I have to go,” I say as my eyes focus on Rosalie’s face while she’s taking book after book off the shelf.

“Okay. Will I see you Friday night?”


We hang up, and I relax back in the chair, watching the footage of earlier. I take in all the emotions flashing over her beautiful face as she looks at the books.

The protective and possessive feelings I’ve had since I laid eyes on Rosalie have only grown over the past five days. It’s surreal how quickly I got used to having her in my space.

Watching the screen, I admire every inch of her, thinking the light blue dress looks stunning on her. The color compliments the olive tone of her skin.

My thoughts turn to earlier when I saw a flash of interest in her eyes, and I wonder what would’ve happened if we weren’t enemies and I didn’t kidnap her.

There’s never been a shortage of women willing to warm my bed, but I get the feeling even if Rosalie and I had met under different circumstances, she wouldn’t have been an easy catch. Not because she’s high maintenance but because she’s inexperienced.

I’d be fucking surprised if she isn’t a virgin.

The corner of my mouth lifts at the thought.

I have three years. I’m sure if I turn on the charm, I can make Rosalie forgive me and fall in love with me.

Is that what you want?

“Christ,” I whisper when I watch her smile on the screen after I found the book she wanted.

I’m dead sure I want to make her smile again.


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