Black Ties and White Lies: Chapter 49


“Have I told you how stunning you look tonight?” Beck leans in close, planting a kiss right below my ear.

“Many times.” His lips travel over the hollow of my throat, making me arch into him in pleasure.

“Good. You deserve to know how all fucking night I’ll be thinking of how sexy you are.” His hand snakes up my thigh, pulling at the silk fabric of my dress. At first when he’d told me we’d be taking a private limo without my friends, I was upset. I’d wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. I didn’t put up a fight for long, however. All it took was Beck telling me he had to share me for most of the night, he just wanted a private moment between us before we spent the rest of the night with people. I understood his feelings. I wasn’t used to having to share him with so many people. It’s as if sometimes I’ve forgotten how busy his social life really is, how many people crave his attention.

Emma and Winnie seemed just fine riding with Ezra to the event, so I’d agreed. Something I’m extremely thankful for as I feel Beck’s lips press to the delicate skin of my collarbone. Finally getting the heavy fabric out of the way, Beck slips his hand underneath the dress, running a fingertip along the side of my knee.

“Beck,” I moan, knowing where this could lead.

“Yes, baby?”

I look at the open partition of the limo. As if he senses my unease, he pulls away from me, slapping his palm against the button to raise it. It loudly rises, the driver thankfully doesn’t look up, keeping his eyes focused on the road as we disappear behind the barrier.

“Better?” he questions, pushing my dress all the way up my leg. His fingertips brush the inside of my thigh. My head falls backwards. I should stop him. The last thing I need to do is mess up my hair or makeup before he presents me to the elite society of New York he calls friends and family. Yet, I don’t stop him when he bunches the fabric around my waist, no doubt wrinkling the fabric I’d worked so hard to keep wrinkle free.

“Aren’t we going to be at the party soon?”

Beck grabs me by the chin, directing my face to look at him. “We’ll be there in about ten minutes. I have plenty of time to help ease your nerves.”

I suck in air when his finger slips underneath the white lingerie I’d picked out for the occasion. “You noticed?”

“I notice everything about you, Margo. You’ve been clutching my arm nervously from the moment we left home. You’ve also been chewing your lip anxiously. If you’re going to ruin your lipstick, we might as well find a much more exciting way to do it.”

He dives in, branding my heart with the intensity of his kiss. Kissing should get more boring the more you kiss someone, but not with Beck. Every kiss feels like the first one. He expertly moves his tongue against mine, making sure I feel the press of his lips everywhere. The intensity in which we kiss is no doubt ruining my carefully lined lips. For the time being, I can’t seem to care if I show up at my own engagement party with unevenly lined lips or smudged lipstick. Every woman there probably wouldn’t blame me. If they had Beck at their beck and call, ready to take the nerves away from them in a way that is bound to end in bliss, they’d risk the ruined lipstick as well.

Beck pulls away, his lips stained the same color as mine. He looks down between my legs. “Later tonight, I’m going to fuck you, baby. I’m going to take my time fucking you so hard while you wear nothing but these heels I picked out for you. I don’t have that time right now.” His fingers hook through my panties, pulling them down my legs. “But I want to make you feel good. To take those nerves from you and make you see stars. My mouth on that sweet little pussy of yours and that ring on your finger are me staking claim to what’s mine—you.”

I should stop him, but I want him too deeply to protest. It’s past the point of wanting with him. It’s pure need at all times. So when he tucks my panties into the pocket of his suit and looks at my wetness like a man who’s starved, I spread my thighs even wider for him.

“That’s my girl.” He lowers his body to the floor, seating himself between my legs. “Now relax for me. Let me make you feel good.”

My fingers grasp his styled hair as his tongue presses against my clit. When the limo comes to a stop minutes later, I’ve had two orgasms and my nerves have dissipated.

Beck remains on his knees in front of me. His mouth coated with both my lipstick and me. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls my panties back out from his pocket. “As much as I love the thought of you walking around bare, you still wet from coming on my face, I won’t be able to think straight if I knew how easy it’d be to push your dress up to your waist and slip inside you all night.” He picks one leg up and then the other, slipping the fabric back up my legs. I lift my hips, allowing him to put them neatly back in place.

He adjusts my dress so the fabric falls back to the floor of the limo. I’m impressed to find it relatively wrinkle free.

His arms rest at either side of my head as he cages me against the seat with his body. I reach up, running my thumb underneath his lip to remove my lipstick. “You’ve got a little something right there,” I joke.

He allows me to wipe it away, warmth in his eyes as he watches me. “You seem less nervous now.”

I laugh. “A lot less nervous.”

His lips press to my nose for a moment before he pulls away. “Let’s go greet our guests then.”


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