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Black Ties and White Lies: Chapter 35


I knew finally fucking Margo would change things for me, but I hadn’t thought it’d feel so catastrophic. The way she wraps around me perfectly fools my brain into thinking she was made for me. That we’re perfect together. It’s a shame she’s only promised me a year. I’ll do everything in my power to keep our charade—if you can even call it that—going for as long as possible. I’m fairly confident I’d spend forever fighting with her to just to fuck her after if she’d let me.

Once I feel her body relax underneath mine, I flip her over until her front presses into the comforter. Lifting her hips up, I line myself up with her soaking wet pussy once again. There are little red marks on the backs of her thighs from where my hips have slapped against her. I like the idea of the physical reminders of what’s happening between us. I feel it, she better fucking feel it, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving harmless little marks on her. To leave it as proof to anyone who’d dare to look at her that she’s mine.

“You were sexy as hell crawling on your knees to me. Even sexier on your knees as you gagged on my cock.” My palm rubs over the curve of her ass. “But fuck, baby, you on your knees with your ass in the air, your cunt dripping in anticipation to take me again, might be my favorite view of you on your knees.”

Even with her face pushing into the pillows, her moan ricochets off the walls. I fucking love how much my words get her off.

My fingertip runs over the seam between her asscheeks. She flinches, making me wonder if I’ve found a spot she’s never been touched. Not wanting to be outside of her for another moment, I plunge into her once again, reveling in the loud gasp that leaves her body.

She’s so reactive to my words, my touch, my cock; I’m addicted to it. I press one hand into her back, pushing her into the mattress as I fuck her from behind. Her moans get louder and louder, sending me close to my own release.

One arm snakes underneath her, pulling her body flush against mine. The new position somehow seats me even deeper inside her. Margo wraps her arms around the back of my neck, her tits bouncing as I continue to plunge in and out of her. The bed squeaks underneath us, the creaking a threat that the bed could break at any moment from the punishing rhythm I’ve set.

Her knees overlap mine as I take her from behind, her back against my front. I reach around her, my finger finding her clit. I can feel myself push in and out of her as I rub the sensitive bud. Needing as much of her as possible, my free hand reaches up to pinch her perfect pink nipples. I’m so fucking close at this point, and I know by her muscles clenching around me and the mewls and moans falling from her lips that she’s chasing yet another orgasm.

I want this to be her best yet. I want to hear her scream my name as my cum coats her naked skin. It’s my duty to stimulate every inch of her possible, to prove to her how perfect we are together.

My lips kiss the side of her neck as her head falls back to rest against my chest.

“Scream my name again,” I say against her tender skin. “Scream it so every damn person in this place knows who you belong to.”


My teeth scrape against her neck in disapproval of her answer. I pick up the pace, bracing her body against mine to keep her upright. The sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room. As her spine arches, her pussy wraps even tighter around my cock. The feeling of her clinging to me so perfectly has me reaching the brink of my release. My spine tingles as I pump into her faster and faster, desperate to be sent over the edge.

“One more, baby,” I growl next to her ear. “One more to prove just how fucking wrecked you are for me like I am you.”

“Beck!” she screams. Her nails bite into the back of my neck as she comes all over my cock. This time, I can feel the proof of her arousal drip down my shaft. That feeling coupled with her screaming my name is what does me in.

Now knowing she’s come again, I pull out of her. She falls into the comforter, moans still ricocheting from her chest as she comes down from her orgasm. Grabbing onto her ankle, I flip her body over until I can see that perfect face of hers.

My hand falls to my cock, pumping up and down until hot liquid spills out. I watch as it coats her body, her eyes wide and lustful as she watches the proof of my desperation for her. I continue to work my shaft as I come back down. The entire time, Margo watches me with lust in her eyes.

I look down at my cum all over her. “You look good marked with the signs of how crazy you drive me.” I run my fingertip through drops of cum that sit between her thighs. I trail the wet finger up her inner thigh, stopping when I softly circle her swollen clit.

Margo jerks. “Beck, I can hardly move,” she whines. “As mind-blowing as those felt, I need like two seconds to recover.”

I smirk, pulling her body off the comforter and wrapping my arms around her. She shrieks with the sudden movement. “I’m going to get you all dirty,” she says against my chest.

My fingers move her tangled hair out of her face. I brush my thumb over her flushed cheek. “I don’t give a damn about that,” I mutter, taking in her utter beauty. I’ve always thought she was breathtakingly stunning, but I hadn’t imagined how much she’d take my breath away after she’d been thoroughly fucked.

I’m lost in my mind thinking how it’s a view I could get way too used to when she pulls away from me. Her knees sit on either side of my hips as she straddles me. My still erect cock pushes up against her wetness, but I know she needs a break, so I don’t press anything.

It doesn’t stop me from still leaning in and sealing her lips to mine. The kiss is slow and drawn out, the both of us tired from the tension between us finally snapping. Her tongue brushes against mine, her fingers finding the nape of my neck.

Somehow the kiss now feels more intimate than anything we just did. I’ve never kissed a woman after sex. Most of the time I preferred not to even look at a woman after we’d slept together. I didn’t find it necessary. I wasn’t interested in small talk after. I didn’t want them to take me speaking, or looking at them, as interest in ever doing it again. Women in my circle were great at misinterpreting things. They spun and twisted reality into a warped truth of their own.

I’d thought I’d been doing the right thing by never sleeping with the same woman twice. I’d thought it was the gentleman thing to do to make it seem like I was never making them false promises, but it’d been the fact that I’d been seen with numerous different women—some I’d never ever slept with—that got me in the situation with Margo in the first place. Not that I’m going to complain about it. In fact, I might send the author of the article that was supposed to expose me as some terrible playboy billionaire some flowers as a thank you.

The article is what led Margo to me, or if we’re talking semantics, what led me to Margo. Either way, I can’t be upset with something that brought me her.

We kiss like we have all the time in the world. In this inn in the middle of bumfuck Colorado, it almost seems like we do. Eventually, she pulls away, smiling softly as she presses her forehead into my lips. I give her a tender kiss there, seemingly needing to have my lips on various parts of her at all times.

“I can’t believe we did that,” she says softly.

“Did what?”

“Had sex. Oh my god, I just had sex with my boss. Shit, I just had sex with Carter’s brother and—”

I rip my face away from hers, looking down at her angrily. “You’re really going to say his name while my cum dries on your skin?”

Her full lips form a small O. The regret in her eyes is the only thing stopping me from plummeting into her once again just to prove to the both of us that the only Sinclair brother that matters is me. She reaches up, her fingers cupping the side of my face. “Before you interrupted me, you asshole, I was going to say how I had sex with my ex-boyfriend’s brother, and I loved every single second of it.”

The jealousy flaring in my chest slightly dulls. She runs her thumb over my bottom lip. I nip at it, making her smile and easing some of the tension between us. “I just fucking hate that he ever had the chance to have you like that.”

Her eyes soften as she stares into my eyes. “I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it’s not like we really… you know”—she looks uncomfortable for a moment—“did much. Maybe when we first started dating, but I can pinpoint the moment he found pleasure with other people. He became less interested in me.”

I grab her hips. I want to be gentle with her, but I know the way my fingertips press into her delicate skin, that gentle is not an adjective to describe the way I hold her body against mine. “His fucking loss,” I whisper against her lips.

Unable to stop myself, I kiss her again, not wanting to go long without tasting her. I only pull away far enough to say what else is on my mind. “No matter how much I hate him for ever having you, I’m fucking thrilled that he was dumb enough to not keep you.”


“Because now I have you.”

“We have each other. For a year at least.”

I brush off her comment. If it were up to me, I’d have her longer. I just have to find a way to make that happen. I heave her up off the bed, wrapping her legs around my middle. She squeals but doesn’t protest at all as I walk us to the bathroom. Setting her down on the lip of the large clawfoot tub, I turn the knobs to begin to fill the bath. Hot water cascades from the faucets, covering the red roses the hotel staff had lined the tub with.

Margo watches me carefully, her lips pressed together as steam begins to billow around us once again. Once the water fills the bottom, I silently gesture for her to get in. She hesitantly dips one toe in, testing the temperature before stepping all the way in. I follow her. We find a comfortable position with my back against the end of the tub and her back to me.

She finds a bottle of bubbles on the edge of the tub, pouring almost half of it in as the water rises around us. Our bodies become fully submerged until bubbles threaten to spill over the sides.

Margo plays with the bubbles, letting them run through her fingers. “You’re quiet. What are you thinking about?”

“Just our earlier conversation.”

“About Carter?”

“I think you’re saying his name because you want to be punished for saying it…”

She shrugs against me. “Maybe.”

“I’ll remember that.”

Margo settles deeper into me. “Okay but really, tell me what you were thinking. You’re always so in your head. I want to see into it, to know what’s going through that brilliant mind of yours.”

I hold my tongue. I doubt she wants to know how much my “brilliant mind” has been muddled with thoughts of her recently. Way more than what’s acceptable for someone who’s supposed to only end up pretending to be engaged.

I trace the delicate slope of her shoulder. Her skin is so tan compared to mine. “You really want to know?”

She nods.

“I was just thinking about how I’ve never really cared that you weren’t mine. It didn’t matter to me that you were my brother’s. It didn’t stop me from wanting you. And deep down, I always knew eventually I’d stop at nothing to have you.”


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