Alexius: Chapter 26


Her body goes rigid, her lips parted, and she stops breathing. I look at my brother, pressing his naked chest against her back. He knows the rules. I made him agree to it after the party. This is the reason why I kept silent during our trip back home. My mind was too occupied, conflicting thoughts racing from one end to the other.

She needs this. You won’t control it.

It’s the only way to make her see. You won’t control it.

I need to do this for her. You won’t control it.

I want her to slay her demons and wear her crown. You won’t. Control it.

Ultimately, I knew this had to happen once the rules were set. For her. For us.

I trace a finger down her chest, over the swell of her breast. “I’ve never been a jealous man, but you changed that. Now I’m possessed by it. By you and the six words that seem to play on repeat inside my head.” I touch my mouth to hers, a ghost of a kiss. “Touch my wife, and you die.”

Shivers ripple from her body.

“But my brother here knows what needs to be done. He knows the rules.”

“Who is it?” she asks, her voice shaking.

I place my finger in front of my mouth and glare at my brother, reminding him to keep the fuck quiet. “Rule number one. I’m in control here. Not you. Not him. Me. I’m the dictator, and I say what happens and when. Is that clear?”

She sucks on her bottom lip, and I pull it out with my thumb. “I asked. Is that clear?”


“Good. Rule number two—and this is for your protection as much as it is for my sanity.” I brush my hands over her naked shoulders. “You can’t ever know the man’s name sitting behind you.”


“My brothers are the only people I trust in this entire goddamn world. There is no chance in hell I’d let it be a man I don’t trust, Leandra. And not knowing his name keeps it from becoming too real…for both of us. Do you understand?”

“Um…Alexius, I don’t know—”

“You don’t have to know anything,” I interrupt. “All you have to know is that I’m in control. And he will not speak. He will not moan or make a single fucking sound. You will never know, Leandra. Can you deal with that?”

She nods, but I see the slight quiver in her bottom lip. The uncertainty clings to her skin as perspiration beads along her flesh, and I pepper kisses along her collarbone, licking my tongue along the curve.

“Number three. This is it. After this, I will never share you again. Ever. This will be the first and last time because I swear to God I’ll slaughter every motherfucker who touches you.”

I nod at my brother, giving him silent permission to touch her, to trace his palms down her naked arms. She sucks in a breath, pushing her breasts out further, her mouth forming the perfect fucking O.

“Now that you know the rules of the game, I’m only going to ask this one time. Once you’ve given your answer, there’s no going back.” My fingertip draws lazy circles around her pebbled nipple, and her back arches slightly. I ensure the blindfold is secure, inching it down a little before cupping her cheek. “Do you want this?”

I can’t say a part of me isn’t hoping she’ll say no because I’m already hanging by a thread just by watching my brother gently stroke up her arms. But I know what she wants and needs, so I’m not surprised when she nods.

“Yes. I do.”

I bite the inside of my mouth, making more eye contact with my brother. Eye contact is critical. It’s how we’ll communicate tonight.

“But I have one rule of my own,” she says, shifting on her knees, looking straight ahead, blindfolded. “He can’t fuck me.”

“I’m more than okay with that, but why?” I narrow my eyes at her even though she can’t see me.

“You’re the only man who’s been inside me, Alexius. And I don’t want any other man to claim me. Only you. Please.”

Jesus Christ, if it doesn’t feel like a thousand tons of weight has been lifted from my chest. The relief I feel is indescribable, and the only thing I can think of is to kiss her hard, forcing my tongue through the barrier of her lips, her taste exploding in my mouth.

I push myself against her, her perfectly shaped tits pressing against my chest, her nipples brushing against my flesh. Hearing her say those words swept me up in a kind of rapture I’ve never experienced before.

Reaching between us, I dip my hand down low, slipping it between her legs, her thighs soaked and pussy drenched.

Her hips buck, and she exhales into my mouth, letting me inhale her very fucking essence. I rip my lips from hers, swiping a thumb along her bottom lip. “Now…is my little slut ready to play?”


There are no words to describe what I’m feeling, the overwhelming heat radiating from two hard bodies cocooning me. My sense of touch is heightened, Alexius’ skin smooth against my front while his brother’s is silky with a gentle shaving of chest hair brushing my back. It’s like they’re touching me everywhere, yet they’re hardly touching me at all.

I wish I could see, watch their bodies flex and move, witness their desire across every line on their faces. But I get it. I understand why Alexius wants it this way, the anonymity of which brother he chose. It still doesn’t stop me from wondering who it is, whose hands are currently gliding down my sides as Alexius takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and flicking his tongue against the bud.

Is it Nicoli who has the same mesmerizing blue gaze as his twin?

Or is it Caelian with his sexy smirk and full lips?

Can it be Isaia with his honey eyes and fuck-everyone attitude? He kissed me once, and I know his lips feel nothing like his oldest brother’s. But I have no idea if it might feel the same as Caelian’s or Nicoli’s. God, this is such a mindfuck, yet it makes my heart beat faster.

“We’re going to take good care of you,” Alexius says after popping his lips from my nipple. “Turn around and lean back against me.” His hands grip my hips as he guides me to turn on my knees. He doesn’t let go of me once, ensuring I know exactly where he is and where his hands are. Alexius. Always him. Always in control.

I smell him when I sit back, his familiar scent of wild spice easing my nerves. My entire body is rigid, my tied arms pressing against his chest as he urges me back some more.

Two warm hands start at my ankles, spreading liquid fire along my calves. My thighs tremble, and I can’t speak or think, only feel. Strong fingers wrap around my legs, and with a jerk, he bends my knees up before easing them apart. Wider…and wider, he spreads my thighs, cold air brushing my naked folds.

I arch my neck, leaning harder back against Alexius. I’m high. Intoxicated, and I never want to come down.

Alexius reaches over my shoulder and cups my breast, the swell fitting perfectly in his palm. “Well, it seems like my brother likes the sight of your bare pussy.”

I’m panting already, ragged breaths escaping my parted lips, soft moans laced within every exhale. “I want to see him.”

“Sorry, baby girl. That’s against the rules.”

“Since when are you one to follow the rules?” I challenge, and he pinches my nipple, causing me to whimper.

“Since you decided to fuck with my head and killing one of my brothers became an option.”

I see nothing but black, the blindfold soft against my eyes as I look straight ahead, taking a wild guess that I’m looking at his brother. “Is he like this with all the girls he shares with you?”

“Do not fucking speak to him,” Alexius snaps, gripping my chin between his cruel fingers, biting into my flesh as he jerks my head up. “Only me. Just. Me.”

There’s a thrum of something dark in his voice, a frothing beast searching for a reason—any reason to strike. Outside of this room, I can challenge him, but in here, it’s safer not to.

 A warm breath skids across my sex, and my body convulses. My core contracts and squeezes tight. I have to come, it’s so fucking close, and he hasn’t even touched me there yet.

Soft lips kiss my inner thigh, the tip of his tongue licking and lapping at my hypersensitive flesh. My hips buck, searching, needing to feel his tongue against my core, licking my pussy like he’s starved for it.

His touch is gone, and so are his lips. I want to cry out, moan, curse, and I yank my hands, pulling against the ropes. “Alexius, please.”

He drags his hands from my shoulders, down my front, fingertips circling my nipples before descending farther, his palms flat against my hips, his thumb drawing a lazy circle. There are more hands on me now, on my knees, lifting them, and Alexius wraps his fingers around my outer thighs, keeping my legs up and spread. I feel him nod behind me, and I know he’s giving his brother permission to do what I so desperately need him to do. A warm mouth covers my sex, and I cry out as waves of pleasure ripple to my swollen clit, his velvet tongue licking, devouring me with one ravenous stroke after the other. The sound of him lapping at my wetness fills the room, fills my ears, and I can’t stop myself from rolling my hips, grinding my pussy deeper into his mouth, needing more.

“How does it feel?” Alexius’ fingers tighten on my thighs.

“So good,” I whisper, chased with a moan when his brother’s tongue licks from my entrance up to my clit.

“Do you want to come?”

“Yes. Please.”

Alexius brushes his cheek against mine, letting me feel his breath, allowing his scent to surround me. “Before I let my brother make you come, you need to do something for me.”


His lips touch my ear. “Make a fucking noise.”

“Oh, God.”

“I want to hear you. I want your cries to peel the motherfucking paint off these walls while you come.”

“Ah…” His brother starts licking harder, faster, and Alexius’ grip on my thighs tightens, spreading them farther apart. Cold air rushes across my wet folds, and I arch my back, possessed with a million sensations as his brother’s tongue continues to dive into me.

Alexius growls, his groans lacing with mine to create the filthiest ballad of utter and complete madness. But through the madness, something bitter slithers through. I feel it. It’s infecting me. It’s something…wrong and vile. Noises. Voices. Men groaning, swearing. Women crying out, screaming. The music, it’s loud. Too loud. And I’m cold. Nauseated.

No. No. No. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to be there, be that helpless little girl.

Flashes of rose gray powder, spoons and syringes clog my memories. The dark alley I’d walk down to buy my mother her next fix.


“You useless piece of shit. It’s your fault they took him away. If you had kept your fucking mouth shut, your father would still be here, and he’d take care of me.”

“It should have been you. You should have been the one they took away. Not him.”

“Leandra, stay with me.”

“I knew you’d fuck up my life since the day you were born.”

“I don’t blame him for wanting to whore your lazy ass. It’s the only thing you’re good for.”

“Don’t let them ruin this.”

“It’s your fault. Everything is your fucking fault.”

“No!” I cry out, tears slipping down my face. But Alexius slams his lips on mine, kissing me, and I can feel his desperation pouring into the kiss. He doesn’t slip his tongue into my mouth. He doesn’t turn it into a wet, erotic kiss. Instead…it’s easy, a simple kiss that shatters through the flashes and pulls me back. It’s a tug of war between my past and present—between the memories and pleasure.

“You’re not that girl anymore, Leandra,” Alexius says softly against my lips. “You’re my woman now. My wife.”

No words have ever sounded sweeter, and it drowns out the voices of my past demons.

It’s him. Alexius. He’s in control. And he’s all around me. His scent, his feel, his presence. It’s all him.

Pleasure blasts through my core when his brother slips a finger inside me. My climax explodes, my toes curling as it peaks, euphoria crashing against every bone, my legs trembling and shoulders shuddering.

“There’s my girl,” he coos, and I inhale deeply as he lets go of my legs, his palms now on my breast, his touch gentle and warm.

“Alexius,” I whisper, hardly able to breathe right. “I need you.”

“I know you do.” He reaches under my shoulders and helps me sit up. “On your knees, like you would on all fours.”

“You’ll have to untie my hands if you want me on all fours.”

“Shh…just do as I say.”

I’m weak, my orgasm still lingering in my veins, but I manage to balance myself on my knees, gently twisting my wrists against the rope. A hand takes my wrists and pulls back lightly.

“Lean forward, baby,” Alexius commands, his voice slithering along my spine. And as I start to tilt forward, his brother pulls on my wrists a little more, giving me the balance I need to straighten my back. My muscles burn, the strain intense, but when I feel two hard thighs press against the back of mine, I whimper, new desire washing over my pussy.

I feel his brother’s cock push against the slit of my ass. It’s hard, thick, engorged, and ready to fuck. It’s an unstoppable force that has me rearing back, wanting to feel more. The need to be filled is too overwhelming, but his brother inches back, keeping to the rules. It has to be torture for him not to be able to fuck me when his dick is so hard and my swollen pussy is begging for it.

Weaving his fingers through my hair, Alexius massages my crown with his fingertips before tightening his hold. “When I fuck you, you’ll suck my brother’s cock until he comes. But there’s no chance in hell he gets to fuck your mouth before I do.”

The tip of his cock is dragged along the line of my pressed lips. “Open for me, sweetheart.” And I do. I open my mouth, and he plunges his dick past my lips, forcing it all the way back. He’s not gentle or patient, giving me no time to adjust, and I gag. His cock is swollen against the roof of my mouth.

“Relax your throat,” he grits out. “You need to take me all the way in your mouth. I want those lips of yours around the base of my cock.”

My eyes tear up as I struggle to do what he says. I’ve never done this before. I don’t even know if I can do it right. But I want to do it. I want to please him and drive him fucking crazy, so he loses control.

A hard smack comes down on my ass, blasting flames across my skin. I wince and cry out, jerking forward, taking Alexius’ cock deeper. He hisses, and I moan around his girth.

His brother smoothes his hot palm along my stinging flesh, and I taste Alexius’ pre-cum on my tongue. The salty taste has me licking around the head of his cock, wanting more of it, my cheeks hollowed as I suck, slowly getting the rhythm.

“You’re such a good fucking girl.” Alexius sounds winded, his breathing rapid and uneven. His hand tugs at my hair, guiding my head back and forth, gliding my lips up and down his shaft.

My hips push back when I feel fingers prodding at my entrance, then tracing along the shape of my pussy. More moans and whimpers echo from my throat and vibrate around his hard length.

“Jesus, fuck. You’re going to make me come.” With a swift jerk of his hips, Alexius pulls out of my mouth, pulling my head back. My scalp stings from the brutal movement, but all it does is intensify the lust, the anticipation, the need to lose control and fucking like it.

“Grab her hips and turn her around,” he orders his brother, and I yelp when hands dig into my waist, flipping me around like I weigh nothing.

“Now you’re going to suck my brother’s cock like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do, and you’re not going to stop until he comes. Understand?”

“Yes,” I breathe out, and my hair is being tugged again, pulled and gripped tight.

My back arches with Alexius’ hand gripping my tied wrists, the head of his cock already at my entrance.

He plunges into me at the same time his brother forces his cock into my mouth, and I’m unable to cry out. Every nerve in my body is set alight.

Alexius stretches my pussy with every thrust, and it still hurts a little. Not as much as it did the first time, but I’m not adjusted to his size yet.

His brother’s hands are in my hair, tilting my face slightly, and I can only imagine him looking down, wanting to see his cock in my mouth, slipping in and out. He smells different. Earthy, almost. There’s an entirely different feel to him, his presence. It’s not like Alexius, yet it is. I can’t explain it, but right now, I don’t fucking care.

I’m engulfed with so many sensations I don’t know where I begin and they end. My mouth, my pussy, I’m Del Rossa property now, owned by both of them, and the thought catapults me to another threatening orgasm.

“No, you don’t,” Alexius says from behind me. “You don’t get to come before he does, understand me?”

His brother’s dick slips from my mouth, and I curse. “Alexius, I can’t stop it.” God, it’s already starting to crest in my core, spreading to every bone, every muscle.

“Make him come, stray.”

I moan as his brother’s dick dips past my lips, plunging back. My tongue licks and laps around every curve and crease of his cock, and I manage to open my throat to suck him deeper while Alexius slams into my greedy cunt repeatedly, with one relentless thrust after the other.

The grip on my hair tightens, and my mind is filled with flashes of what this image of us locked within each other would look like if anyone should watch.

I’m bent awkwardly, kept in place with Alexius holding my wrists and his brother gripping my hair. The one fucking my mouth while the other desecrates my cunt.

It’s too much, and it’s spiraling out of control.

His brother needs to come, because I’m about to have my cum gush down my thighs.

“Jesus, you’re so close to coming, aren’t you?”

I moan and whimper, but all I want is to scream when his brother tears his cock from my lips and warm jizz shoots against my cheek. That’s the last push I need, and my orgasm explodes down my thighs. My pussy clenches, and I’m spiraling, spinning out of control.

Alexius sucks air through his teeth, slamming into me so hard his balls slap against my swollen clit, and it’s almost painful, the oversensitive nub still throbbing while I come. His cock jerks inside me, his body rigid and thighs tight against the backs of my legs as he pours his release into me.

The cold air burns my lungs, my breathing ragged and desperate. I’m lost in sensations, taken prisoner by them, and all I can do is collapse when Alexius pulls out of me and lets go of my hands.

I’m lost in the moment, in this place where the world outside doesn’t exist. It’s just us. The two of us.

His brother is gone, the click of the door following his absence.

It’s just Alexius and me now.

Only us.

The way I want it to stay…always.


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