Wildcat: Chapter 3




Two hours pass like a video montage. Jade and I sing our hearts out to 90s and early 2000s songs. I even do a little Backstreet Boys for Leo. We talk, we laugh, we get handsy, and now, now I’m back at his place. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Thank Jade and her insistence that I need hot Leo to fuck some confidence back in me.

Though, I’d be lying if I said I was here only because my best friend wants me to move on. I want to, too. No, I need to. I’m tired of driving the hot mess express.

And Hot Leo… yeah, he’s the kind of guy you rebound with. He’s like vacation sex personified, and I’m hoping to leave here tonight with a fabulous post-vacation glow and renewed belief in men and relationships.

“You live here?” I ask as he opens the passenger side door for me. The house is in a big, gated residential neighborhood.

He nods and takes my hand to help me out of the sporty car. I know cars, thanks to Rhyse, and this is a nice one.

“I was expecting a cramped apartment you share with like ten other guys or maybe a grungy dorm room.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” he says with a grin. “Though my buddy Ash lives across the street.”

“You drive to campus every day from here?” We’re at least twenty-five minutes away. And yeah, this neighborhood is amazing, but getting to campus for classes every morning is a pain. I know because I’m supposed to be doing it. My parents only live about five minutes away, and as far as they know, I am making the drive to campus every day instead of sleeping in and then going to Jade’s or downtown to practice my photography.

“Uhh…” For the first time tonight, he lifts the hat from his head and runs his fingers through the light brown strands. It’s thick and a little unruly. He rests the tattered hat back on top of his head. “About that.”

Oh no. I stop walking and check my pocket to make sure I have my phone for the Uber ride I’m five seconds away from calling.

“I do go to Whittaker, but I am not a full-time student. I’m mostly online.”

“You don’t have an eight o’clock class tomorrow?” I ask dumbly.

“No, but I do need to be up in…” He tilts his wrist to check the time on his watch. “Three hours for work.”

“Is your name really Leo?”

“Yeah.” He steps to me and places each of his big hands on my hips. “Wanna see my driver’s license?” He twists his face up into a horrified expression. “Scratch that. I have the worst photo of all time.”

“Well, now I absolutely have to see it.” I rest my hands on his chest. “I don’t care if you aren’t a full-time student. Or that you live with your parents.” I look behind us to the beautiful house. His parents have money, that’s for sure. The car, the house—it’s all way too nice for someone his age. His interest in finance makes sense now, too.

It feels a little weird that he brought me back here, but maybe his parents are gone on vacation or something. It doesn’t look like there are any lights on inside. Maybe they’re just asleep like my parents most definitely are.

“I don’t—” he starts, head cocked to the side like he’s considering how to phrase the next sentence.

I stop him by pressing a finger to his full lips. “I live with my parents too. Temporarily, if I can ever get and keep a job. We’ll move out someday, right?” I laugh softly to myself. “Who am I kidding? On my current track, I’ll be lucky to have a good job by the time I’m thirty.” I give my head a shake. I need to stop opening my mouth and giving this guy more reasons to call this off. “All I mean to say is, I get it. This time of our life is about figuring it all out.”

He kisses me then. Soft lips slant over mine, and for a few moments, it’s tender and gentle, and holy shit, I wonder if he can feel it. Never mind, there’s no way he doesn’t feel the ground shift beneath us like I do. His head tilts, his mouth opens wider, and I copy the movement. His tongue sweeps into my mouth, and then it isn’t tender anymore.

We fumble toward the front door and inside, breaking the kiss only when absolutely necessary. Down a long hallway and toward the back of the house, he leads me while his hands roam over my body. The back wall of the house has large windows that look out into a back yard with a pool that sparkles in the moonlight.

“Is anyone else home?” I ask when his hands slide under my tank top.

He shakes his head to the side slowly. “It’s just us.”

Well, that’s a relief.

“Can we get in the pool? Is it heated?”

Nodding, he leads me out the back doors. “Anything you want.”


“Leo, this is amazing.” I kick off my shoes and walk into the water. It’s one of those zero-entry pools and takes up most of the yard. There’s also a hot tub and patio area with a TV and a big outdoor sectional.

He watches me wade in, smiling as I turn in a circle, taking it all in. When he still doesn’t come in, I slowly walk back to him. “If I had a place like this, I’d never leave.”

He brushes a hand along my face and tucks my hair behind an ear.

“Want to swim?” I ask.

“Do you want to swim?”

I nod and pull my tank top over my head. The early fall air is crisp, and goosebumps dot my arms. He stares at me for a beat before following suit and removing his shirt over his hat and then his jeans. We strip down, him in his black boxer briefs and me in my bra and panties.

I hesitate now that we’re mostly naked in front of one another. His body is incredible. Broad, muscular, oh so sexy.

He scoops me up and runs into the water. I squeal as he takes us under, holding on to his neck. When we emerge in the deep end, I do what I’ve wanted to do all night. I lift his hat from his head and toss it on the patio. “Some guys look better in a hat. But you? You’re just doing a disservice to the world by hiding behind that thing.”

“You’re something, Scarlett.” His arms go around my waist under the water. I don’t have to ask if that’s a compliment. I can see it on his face. I didn’t even know how much I needed someone to look at me like that until now.

Weeks of worrying about dropping out of college and disappointing my parents, of thinking I made a mistake leaving London and not giving Rhyse another chance, and more than anything, feeling like I’m royally screwing up my life, but the way Leo stares at me, every decision feels exactly right. At least for tonight.

His mouth dips to my collarbone while his hands skim over my ribs, thumbs brushing against my breasts. “Beautiful.”

While his mouth explores me, I glide my hands over his chest and stomach.

“Personal trainer?”

“Hmm?” His mouth skims over the top of my bra.

“Your job. It was a guess based on your incredible body.”

Long fingers slide under the straps and pull them down off my shoulders. Then he pulls my bra down until my boobs spill out.

“Model?” I ask through a groan as he covers my nipple with his lips.

He laughs. “I am not photogenic, so no.”

“Oh right, the driver’s license. It can’t be that bad.”

He moves to the other nipple then looks up at me with water droplets hanging on his eyelashes. “It’s that bad.”

I wrap my legs around his hips. “It isn’t possible. Your cheekbones and jawline are a photographer’s dream.”

Yeah, I’m not buying it. If I had my camera, I’d prove it to him. Also, not going to lie, I’d love to capture the way his hair spikes up all over, water dripping off his amazing muscles and the glint in his eye that’s playful and hot. And this back yard, and this pool.

“Male stripper?” I unclasp my bra and toss it on the patio.

“If you’d seen me dance, you’d already know the answer to that one.” He captures my mouth again, and there’s more urgency this time. Leo holds me against his chest. His dick is hard underneath me, and the breeze is cool on my wet skin, causing me to shiver.

I’m lost in his kisses and the feel of his hard body pressing into mine, only partially aware he’s walking us out of the pool and toward the hot tub.

“Better?” he asks as we sink into the warm water.

Nodding, I tangle myself around him. My back hits the edge as he pins me against it, hands framing my face as he kisses me hard and deep.

I could kiss this guy for days. His hands span my waist and lift me onto the edge. My panties basically melt off as he hooks his thumbs under the wet material. They’re tossed to the side, and he slides those big palms down my legs, stopping at my knees and pushing them open.

The way he stares at my pussy makes me shiver for an entirely different reason.

“Tell me if you get too cold, okay, gorgeous?”

And then he puts that beautiful mouth on me, and I fall back onto the patio. The way his tongue and lips work me over keeps the chill at bay. His shoulders push my legs farther apart, and he hooks an arm around one, lifting me slightly.

“Porn star?” I ask through a gasp.

A rough chuckle vibrates against my clit. I reach out and grip his forearm as the orgasm builds. He dives back in, kissing and licking, inserting a finger, and then a second. Nothing has ever felt this good. I come hard and go limp underneath him.

Water drops onto my chest and face as he leans over me. I open my eyes. “Porn star, right? I can pay in badly made drinks and horrible life advice.”

He silences my rambling with a kiss and pulls me back into the warm water. My body reacts like I didn’t just have the best orgasm of my life. I need more of him. More of this. I kiss him and grind over his hard length. When we’re both panting, we get out of the hot tub and move to the outdoor couch. The night air nips at my skin, but I’m burning on the inside.

Wow, he’s hot. This is hot, and so not at all how I pictured my night going. Zero complaints here.

He pushes his boxer briefs down, and his long dick points up. I need another word for wow because it’s the only thought floating around in my head and it does not adequately capture this feeling.

His body covers mine, and we go back to making out. Leo doesn’t seem to be in any hurry, even as I arch into him, eliminating every centimeter of space between us.

The dark sky is starting to lighten with the threat of sunrise when he finally runs inside to get condoms. I’ve had hours to reconsider, but I am so all in. I’m going to let hot Leo fuck me back on my feet. That’s a thing, right? Jade didn’t just make it up? I sure hope so.

“You’re stunning.” He twirls a strand of my damp hair around his finger. He’s been so quick to hand out compliments and attention, and I am living for all of it.

I pull him down on top of me and kiss him as he pushes inside. His moan fills my mouth. Several seconds pass where he doesn’t move.

“Everything okay?”

“You’re squeezing me so tight.”

I twist my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. “Maybe you’re just too big.”

He lifts his head from where it rests on my chest, and a cocky smirk graces his lips. That look makes the walls of my pussy squeeze tighter as I clench around him. My head falls back as my body tingles.

His hips move at a slow pace, each thrust going deeper and deeper until he’s buried inside of me. Tears prick behind my eyes. I was only partly kidding about him being too big. The way he fills me so completely is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I cry out. I might even chant his name as my second orgasm takes hold of my sanity and shakes it.

“I could watch you come all day long,” he says as he takes me into his arms and sits with me on his lap. He guides me back onto his cock. The words, I don’t think I can get off again, were on the tip of my tongue, but this new angle has me second-guessing that.

I lean forward and kiss him as he drives into me, hands caressing my back and then squeezing my ass as the third orgasm rips through me. He follows, and I can’t be sure I don’t get off twice more because it goes on so long I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience. I rest my forehead against his while we catch our breath.

His eyes lock on mine, and we stare at one another like neither of us can be sure the other is real.

Best vacation sex ever.


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